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Sun Sep 15 2019
By   Bibek

Alex Holley is widely famous for her work as a journalist on Komu-TV and Fox 29 news team. She started her career in the late 90s and with Fox Network in 2000.

Did you know, apart from hurricanes and tropical storms, Holley also covered the 2012 Republican Presidential debates. If you want to know more of her interesting facts, then read along as we discuss five facts about Alex Holley.

Alex Holley's natural talent helped her reach the height of success!

After graduating with a degree in journalism, Holley began her career by working as an anchor and reporter for local networks. Before joining Fox Network, she worked at WMBF-TV in the late 90s.

During her time there, she managed to cover stories of natural disasters, presidential elections, and other serious topics. Due to her natural talent and charming personality on TV, her popularity among the viewers grew large.

Alex Holley (right) with her co-host Mike (left)
Image: Alex Holley (right) with her co-host Mike (left) 

Finally, with much-needed focus and dedication, she landed a job at Fox Network in 2000. At Fox, she worked as a fill-in news anchor and reporter and gradually climbed the success ladder. In 2014, she associated herself with the Fox 29 team and is now co-hosting the show Good Morning Philadelphia.

In Fox 29, she works alongside the likes of Kathy Orr, Monica Malpass, Jim Gardner, and Tamala Edwards, to name a few.

Is she Married? Who is the Husband?

Holley shies away from any questions regarding her relationship and marriage. Going through her posts on social media, she never talked about the special man in her life.

As of now, she is still single, but in 2018, her followers were excited and stunned to know about her finding the perfect man. She posted on her X (formerly known as Twitter)

"I've found the perfect man. #andtheysaidhedidn'texist #MyValentine #JustinTime".

Alex Holley mentioning about her perfect man on Valentines Day
Picture: Alex Holley mentioning about her perfect man on Valentine's Day

Many were stunned by that statement, but it turned out she was talking about a headless mannequin. 

She is a Million Dollar Baby!

With her long career of more than a decade, she is now worth millions of dollars. Being very experienced in the field, she earns more than an average journalist which accumulates in her total wealth.

Alex Holley enjoying her holiday in Old San Juan P.R.
Photo: Alex Holley enjoying her holiday in Old San Juan P.R.

As per glassdoor.com, the average salary of a journalist in the USA is at $40,000 per annum. Holley earns more than the median wage, helping her to live a comfortable lifestyle.

As per some reports, her net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million

Her love for Animals...

Going through her Instagram profile, we discovered that Alex is very fond of pets. Talking about pets, you might be thinking about cats and dogs, right?

Well, yes, she loves them too, but in a recent picture, she is seen showcasing her love for cows and goats. In one of the episodes, she is seen holding a snake in her hands as well. 

The cow is not very amused to see Alex Holley
Photo: The cow is not very amused to see Alex Holley

As much as she loves animals, she does not seem to own a pet. In any of her pictures, we could find her with her pet animal.  

Alex Holley shares love and Gratitude towards her parents...

Born on May 4, 1985, to her parents Robert Gustafson and Diane Gustafson, Holley shares a deep connection with her parents. Her father worked as a doctor, and her mother worked as a nurse.

Alex Holley (in the middle) with her parents Robert Gustafson (right) and Diane Gustafson (left)
Image: Alex Holley (in the middle) with her parents Robert Gustafson (right) and Diane Gustafson (left)

Despite Holley's parents' profession, she chose a completely different career path. And she did well for herself as well. The Afro-American journalist keeps her personal life away from the limelight, but she talks about one thing over and over again.

That is her love for her parents. In many of the interviews, she disclosed the love and gratitude she has towards her parent for everything they did. There is so much to learn from this lady as a journalist, but this is also one thing that many should learn.

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