A Look Back at Mick Jagger's Romantic History

Sun Jun 18 2023
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Mick Jagger's many lovers and one wife over the years: Complete story here!  

Mick Jagger boasts a legendary romantic past. The English singer-songwriter, 79, loved globally for his myriad of hits, and more famously, for fronting the rock band Rolling Stones for five decades, has had one wild ride in his personal life; his many high-profile relationships, eight children with multiple women, and only, one marriage is enough to attest.  

Sir Michael Philip Jagger, born on July 26, 1943, in Dartford, England, is one of the greatest living legends. Mick's long stint with the Rolling Stones catapulted him to become a name synonymous with classic rock. While Mick's professional feats and groundbreaking career is a tale as long as time, so is the singer's dating history. Learn more ahead.  

Mick Jagger's Lovers Through the Years!   

Mick's reputation as the ladies' man sprung way before the singer made it as an A-list crooner. The Rolling Stone fame's first public love is known to be actress Chrissie Shrimpton. Jagger was a student and an aspiring singer when he started dating Shrimpton.   

Mick Jagger is a singer-songwriter.
Mick Jagger is best known for fronting Rolling Stones for over five decades. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo is even believed to have been engaged at a point before calling it quit after three years, in 1966. Mick's relatively long romance with Shrimpton may have gotten under the radar but the singer's next relationship assuaged the gap. The Let It Bleed hitmaker famously dated Marianne Faithfull, from 1966 to 1970.  

The duo's relationship had started as an affair when Mick was dating Shrimpton, and call it karmic retribution or not, but the same illicit habit sired a constant discord between the two. During their four-year-long romance, Jagger kept up his wandering behaviors and had an affair with the German model, Anita Pallenberg.   

Mick Jagger has eight children with five women.
Jagger's long dating history includes many infidelities. Photo Source: Instagram

Marianne, for a payback, slept with Mick's Rolling Stone member, Keith Richards, right before their breakup. It's no wonder that the overlapped romance went down in the history of rock as one of the most scandalous. Jagger had a string of affairs while he was with Marianne but the most notorious of them was with singer Marsha Hunt. 

The duo's liaison resulted in the birth of Mick's first kid, Karis Jagger. Hunt had to fight a contentious battle to get Mick to financially support their daughter. Shortly after his split from Marianne and the birth of his daughter, the Brown Sugar crooner was contemplating marriage and starting a family with Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, a political student at the time.  

Mick Jagger welcomed his first child with Marsha Hunt.
Mick's affair with Marsha Hunt resulted in the birth of his first child. Photo Source: Instagram

 And to fans' surprise, the two walked down the aisle after a year of meeting, in May 1971. But Mick's unfaithful nature eventually infested their marriage. Bianca later shared how she realized that the nuptial was a mistake on the day of the ceremony.  

The duo's divorce was finalized in 1979 after the birth of their daughter, Jade, in 1971. Jagger's relationship with supermodel Jerry Hall was one of the main factors behind his divorce from Bianca. The two had started dating in 1977 and during their two decades of romance, the couple welcomed four kids, Elizabeth, James, Georgia, and Gabriel. 

Mick Jagger welcomed four kids with Jerry Hall.
Mick's girlfriend of many years, L’Wren Scott, died of suicide, in 2014. Photo Source: Instagram

The promising relationship ended after Mick fathered his sixth child, Lucas, with model Luciana Gimenez. The Rolling Stone frontman romanced fashion designer L’Wren Scott, from 2004 to 2014. Scott took her own life in March 2014 while Jagger was away for a tour.  

Who is Mick Jagger Dating?  

At 79, the rock musician is an unmarried father of eight. Jagger is, however, far from being single. The Rolling Stone alum didn't take long to mourn Scott's death in 2014. He started dating his next flame, former ballerina Melanie Hamrick, shortly after Scott's tragic passing.  

Mick Jagger is dating Melanie Hamrick.
Jagger started dating Melanie Hamrick in 2014. Photo Source: Instagram

"I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way," the infamous lover had said at the time of his girlfriend's death. Mick and Hamrick, who he is still dating in 2023, were first spotted together in June 2014.  

The duo reportedly met in Japan when Mick was touring with his bandmates in Tokyo. Two years after their dating bliss, Melanie gave birth to Mick's eighth kid, Deveraux, in December 2016. The rock icon has kept his relationship with Melanie on the private side, so, it is not known if the singer still suffers from wandering eyes, or has decided on Hamrick for good.   

The singer shares his youngest son, Deveraux, with Hamrick! 

Mick's girlfriend, Melanie, who is 43 years younger than the rock singer, was a member of the American Ballet Theatre for fifteen years. The former ballerina collaborated with her aging beau on the ballet Porte Rouge. In a recent interview with The Times, Melanie revealed that her family of three wants to live "full nomad."   

While detailing her family's travel adventures in the magazine, Hamrick says, "We want to travel as long as we can until school gets us." She adds, "London is my favorite city, so hopefully one day in the future we'll end up based here." 

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