Adelfa Marr

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Writer, Businesswoman (1992)
Thu Mar 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Adelfa Marr

Husband : Manny Montana
Adelfa Marr married to Manny Montana in 2016.

Adelfa Marr is an American woman who is a writer and life coach. She is widely known as the wife of Manny Montana. Montana is an American actor who is well recognized for his role as Rio in NBC's series Good Girls. 

Apart from her husband's name and fame, Marr has written numerous books which are for Thirty,, Covering race, motherhood, Byrdie, Selfcare, and life. She also owns her own website where she educates people about life, self-care and empowers them. Furthermore, she is also a regular user of social media, having over fifty-five thousand followers on her Instagram account.

Exchanged wedding vows with actor, Manny Montana

The beautiful woman, Adelfa is the wife of the TV star, Manny. The pair were known to be dating since high school, however, the exact date of their marriage hasn't been yet revealed due to their nature of private. Despite that, the couple is believed to be together for almost a decade. Being a doer the pair are well known for their classic relationship by supporting and respecting one another's profession. 

Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana Good Girls
Image: Manny Montana and his wife, Adelfa Marr at the set of Good Girls. Source: Instagram

Marr even has played the role of Dylan with her husband in Good Girls. The two shared kissing and hugging scene in the series, the particular scene was loved by every Good Girls fan and has a positive response. Adelfa even shows her gratitude towards fans and wrote. 'Such a beautiful and memorable day with my talented husband'. In response, Manny posted, 'My baby always remembers this beautiful moment.'

Blessed with one son

The loving husband and wife are now together for almost a decade and have such great bonding. During this journey, they are blessed with one beautiful son. However, the name and face of their son haven't been revealed yet. According to the couple they don't want their kid to affect his future from their name and fame. 

Manny Montana and wife, Adelfa Marr
Image: Adelfa Marr and her spouse, Manny Montana. Source: Instagram

The couple often uploads the picture of the boy in their Instagram account but the face is always covered with specific emojis. Despite having a hectic schedule Mr. and Mrs. Montanna still manages time to pamper their son and spends quality time together. 

Net worth in Thousands

 Adelfa has an estimated net worth of $300,000 just like Heidi Grace Engerman. She has gathered all of her fortunes through her career. Talking about her husband's fortune, Manny has a net worth of $2.5 Million. Undoubtedly he is one of the most loved characters in the Good Girls. 

Adelfa Marr
Image: Adelfa Marr spending time with her relatives. Source: Instagram

According to some sources, he is earning over $100,000 per episode as the main role in the Good Girls. Previously he has been part of numerous TV series and films and as an important cast in the respective series, he is paid a good amount of remuneration.

As of now, Mr. and Mrs. Montana are enjoying quality living and are still focusing on their respective career. 

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