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Sun Aug 06 2023
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Aeko Catori Brown is the son of the American music star Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris. He is the only son of Under The Influence singer.

The resemblance between Aeko and his father Chris is uncanny. Let's look at the life of Brown's look-alike son, Aeko Catori.

Aeko Catori Brown Age, Birthday & Name Meaning

The celebrity child, Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019. His aunt, Lytrell Bundy was quite happy with his arrival. Despite rumors of Ammika being pregnant with Brown's child, the couple kept the birth of their child for a month. 

Aeko Catori Brown with his mother Ammika Harris.
Aeko Catori Brown with his mother Ammika Harris. Source: Instagram @ammikaa

It was in December 2019 when the American singer shared the picture of his second child. In the post, Chris revealed his newborn child's full name. 

Speaking of names, Ammika's first-born child's name is of Japanese and Native American origin. Aeko means "rare" and Catori means "spirit". Chris Brown said that his son's name is pronounced "echo".

Aeko Catori Brown's Parents Love Life

Aeko Catori Brown's parents, Chris Brown and Ammika Harris are not married yet. Yes, the celebrity child was born out of wedlock. Brown met his girlfriend in 2014.

The American musician, Chris, and model, Ammika, reported started dating in 2015. Since the beginning, they had a rocky relationship and dated on & off.

Aeko Catori Brown are no longer together now.
Aeko Catori Brown is no longer together now. Source: Pinterest

Things started to look serious when the rumors of Harris getting pregnant with Brown's kid spread like afire. People thought by the birth of Aeko, their relationship will be strengthened. But, it didn't happen as Chris and Ammika broke up before their child's birth.

Despite being apart, the former flame has proved to be friendly exes. Yes, Brown and Harris are still spotted together in public. Moreover, they are co-parenting Aeko.

Chris Brown Was Apart From Son Aeko Catori Brown 

Yes, the American singer Chris Brown could not meet his son following Aeko Catori Brown's birth. Ammika took his newborn baby boy to Germany to meet with his grandmother in January.

Two months after birth, Aeko flew overseas to meet his lovely grandmother unknowing he will be staying apart from his father for a while. Yes, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all the flights were restricted.

Aeko Catori Brown with his father Chris Brown
Aeko Catori Brown with his father Chris Brown. Source: Instagram @ammikaa

Neither Harris nor Brown could travel to each other. It was quite difficult for the American singer to stay away from his newborn baby. But, Ammika helped Chris through this process. 

The Supermodel constantly shared pictures of Aeko with Brown. Not only this, Harris and Chris also did video chat. 

Aeko Catori Harris Has Two Half-Siblings

While Aeko Catori Brown is the only child of his parents together, he has two half-sisters from his father's other relationship. Yes, Chris Brown is the father of three.

Aeko's two half-sisters are Royalty Brown and Lovely Symphani Brown. The three siblings share a beautiful bond with each other.

Aeko Catori Brown's Older Half-sister: Royalty Brown

Aeko's big half-sister is Royalty Brown who was born on May 27, 2014, to Brown and Nia Guzman. She is five years older than Aeko. At such a young age, Royalty is already an entrepreneur.

Aeko Catori Brown's big half-sister, Royalty Brown, on her 9th birthday.
Aeko Catori Brown's big half-sister, Royalty Brown, on her 9th birthday. Source: Instagram @missroyaltybrown

Royalty is walking in the footsteps of her mother. Did you know Aeko's big sister is a Nova Kids Ambassador? Well, she might become a successful model like her mother one day. Brown's first child, Royalty has amassed more than 650k followers on Instagram.

Aeko Catori Became Big Half-brother In 2022

Yes on January 7, 2022, Chris Brown welcomed his third child Lovely Symphani Brown. With this Aeko Catori now became a big-half brother.

Lovely Symphani Brown's photoshoot when she is nine months old.
Lovely Symphani Brown's photoshoot when she is nine months old. Source: Instagram @lovelysymphanibrown

Lovely Symphani's mother, Diamond Brown, is a model and influencer just like Chris's other baby mama. Lovely's parents sparked dating rumors in 2019 when Ammika was pregnant with Aeko. 

Diamond was even at Chris's 30th birthday. The American singer only revealed that he is the father of Lovely in April 2022.

Aeko Catori Brown Enjoys Parent's Net Worth

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Aeko Catori Brown lives a rich lifestyle. Like Lou Sulola Samuels, he enjoys his parent's fortunes which are worth millions. Chris Brown is estimated with a net worth of $50 Million.

Everyone knows Brown is a successful music star who has made huge money from his top music. But only a few know his other ventures. Chris stated that he owns 14 Burger King restaurants.

Not only this, the American singer launched his own clothing line Black Pyramid in 2012. Chris even started his own Cereal called Breezy's Cosmic Crunch in 2021. Well, Aeko Catori's father is one business-minded guy.

Similarly, Aeko's mom, Ammika Harris, has a net worth of $400 thousand. She is a model and social media influencer who has amassed more than a million followers on Instagram.

Real Estates & Properties Of Aeko Catori Brown's Father, Chris Brown

Renowned artist Chris Brown certainly boasts an exquisite real estate that he amassed from his massive fortune. Brown resides in a stunning 4-bedroom hilltop estate in Tarzana, California. This property is worth $4.35 million and spans an area of 8,000 square feet. 

Chris Brown has a cool collection of cars.
Chris Brown has a cool collection of cars. Source: Facebook Chris Brown

Speaking of cars and automobiles, Aeko Catori Brown's father is in possession of a $350,000 Rezvani Tank and a sleek Chevy Impala valued at $37,000. Similarly, he also has a series of Lamborghinis.

Aeko Catori Brown Is Chris Brown's  Look-Alike

Aeko is growing at lightning speed, and guess what? He has an uncanny resemblance to none other than Chris Brown himself during his baby days. It is also confirmed by Brown as he spills the tea with a side-by-side snapshot of baby Aeko and a young Chris. 

The American singer has captioned, "He just stole my whole face... AEKO on the left, BREEZY on the right." Looks like Aeko is taking after his famous dad in more ways than one.




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