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Fri Feb 24 2023
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Aimee Preston is known for being in a relationship with the legendary vocalist from Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. People often talk about Preston's relationship with Tyler for the massive age gap between them. The age gap between this couple is of 39 years which is more than Preston's age.

Despite criticism and Aerosmith's frontman history with various women, Preston seems not bothered by it. Both are madly in love, which is evident in how they have presented their love in the media. 

Steven Tyler's Girlfriend: What Is Aimee Preston's Age? 

Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler are still together and in love with each other, but they have not walked down the aisle yet. So, this makes them girlfriend and boyfriend. It remains to be known if any of the two have made plans regarding the marriage or if they have preferred to take things slow. As mentioned above, Preston is 39 years younger than Tyler. 

Steven Tyler is sitting with his legs folded while Aimee Preston is leaning into him.
Steven Tyler with his girlfriend, Aimee Preston. (Source: Instagram @theaimeeann)

The story of Preston and Tyler relationship only came into the public eye in February 2016, but they first met each other in 2012. If you are wondering how they crossed paths, it happened when Aimee started working as an assistant for Tyler. 

Aimee Preston And Steven Tyler's Net Worth

Aimee Preston has an estimated net worth of $300,000, and her wealth can be credited to her job as a personal assistant. Not only because she is Tyler's husband, but even before working for her boyfriend, she has previously worked as an assistant for Victoria Beckham and Donald Trump.

On the other hand, Preston's boyfriend, Steven Tyler's net worth is $150 Million which is no surprise considering how insanely huge the Aerosmith's vocalist is. Music remains his most significant source of income, with the album Get a Grip selling over 15 Million copies.

Has Four Siblings

Preston has a lot of family members, including Luke Schachter, Katie Schachter, Claire Kopper, and Evan Todd, her siblings. She has a good relationship with all of them and posts about them now and then on her Instagram.

Aimee Preston is wearing a cowboy hat while Evan Todd, Claire Klopper, and Katie Schachter are smiling for the camera.
Aimee Preston with Claire Klopper, Evan Todd, and Katie Schachter (Source: Aimee Preston's Instagram - @theaimeeann)

It remains to be known if they are Preston's biological siblings or not. But all of these four have graduated, and she also made time for them to attend their graduation to watch them get their degrees.

Has A Degree In Musical Theatre

1987-Born Preston is a student of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and the Denver School of the Arts. She has a degree in musical theatre from AMDA. It remains to be discovered about her time at the Denver School of the Arts.

She first studied at her native Denver as she joined the Denver School of the Arts. After here, she moved to AMDA to get a musical theatre degree. Preston was part of the AMDA for two years, from 2005 to 2007

Relationship Of Preston With Steven Tyler Kids

Preston may not be a biological parent, but her boyfriend, Tyler, is. He has a total of four kids from all of his previous relationships. They are Mia Tyler, Liv Tyler, Chelsea Tyler, and Taj Monroe Tallarico.

Chelsea Tyler is wearing a green dress as Liv Tyler, Mia Tyler, and Aimee Preston are surrounding her for a selfie.
Aimee Preston at Chelsea Tyler's baby shower with Liv and Mia Tyler (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

All Tyler's kids are involved in the entertainment industry. His only son Tallarico is an actor. His daughter Mia and Liv are actresses, whereas Chelsea is a singer. Preston has a good relationship with with Tyler kids and was even invited to Chelsea's baby shower, as reported by Yahoo! finance.

Steven Tyler's Girlfriend Charity Works

Aimee Preston is also involved in charity work through her boyfriend, Steven Tyler. The charity is Janie's fund, which works to help abused women. The I Don't Want to Miss a Thing singer has talked about his charity and its motivation. He said:

I need your help to take care of abused and neglected girls and spread the word about Janie’s Fund. In addition to donating, I’m asking you to become a fundraiser for these young people who need even more voices of support.

Aimee has joined hands with her boyfriend for this initiative. They don't just ask people to donate to the cause but do it themselves. The Hole in my Soul singer also sells his signatures and uses that money for Janie's Fund.

Did Steven Tyler Sexually Abuse A Minor?

Steven Tyler found himself in hot water when Juila Holcom Misley accused him of sexually abusing her. The accuser said that she and the Fly Away From Here singer had a sexual relationship when she was an underage girl. Misley was 16 years old at the time.

Aerosmith's lead vocalist Tyler has not denied the news of the sexual relationships. He had revealed it a long time back in his memoir Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? The story is terrible; some would probably get creeped out by it.

The Guardian has mentioned what has been written in the memoir. The incident happened in 1973 after one of his performances and that's not the worst part. He asked Misley's parents for her legal custody so that he would survive jail time while going out of state.

Who Is Preston's Ex-Husband? 

Aimee Preston previously married Scott Shachter, a talent agent. Her boyfriend, Tyler, isn't the only one with a relationship history. However, Preston has kept this story private as the details of her marriage to Scott is still a mystery.

The same can be said about her ex-husband Scott Shachter, who has remained private. Their marriage and divorce dates, the story of how they met, everything has been kept under wraps. The only thing that is known about Shachter is that he works as a talent agent.

Preston Has Lost Her Sister

Preston is unfortunate that she had to see her sister pass away. It is yet to be known what her sister's name is, but some speculate her name is Renee. The reason for her death also remains a mystery. 

Preston wrote a heartfelt message for her deceased sister, which she shared on her Instagram. Her message for her sister was:

So yes...the almighty Doctor Man served it straight up...neat...on ice. This particular morning...He wore a suit. Pocket square, cuff links, epic kicks...straight up aces (which I really respected...Doc Man...he keeps it real) I listened. Hard. Watched her listen...watched him listen. I know to be wiser than how I would really like to feel...and so I can accept most of what was listened to. 

The picture shows a woman is a tears in her eye and representing tree as her brain.
The picture Aimee Preston posted as her sister tribute (Source:  Instagram - @theaimeean)

Social Media Presence

Aerosmith front man girlfriend Preston is active on Instagram with her Insta page @theaimeeann. However, she isn't much of a social media user as she doesn't frequently post like many other celebrities. But you can learn a bit about her life there.

A lot of posts has a lot of lengthy and beautiful messages. Preston knows her way with words. Most of the posts on her page are about Tyler. Her other posts are about herself and also her two dogs.


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