Akshata Murthy and Rishi Sunak Married Life 2009

Wed May 06 2020
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Billionaire Bride Akshata Murthy and her husband, Rishi Sunak's marriage, was the talk of the town in 2009. The wedding ceremony took place over two days on the auspicious day of August 29.

The daughter of Indian Billionaire Narayana Murthy tied the knot with her Stanford Business School classmate Rishi in Bangalore. Moreover, the lavish reception of the bridal ceremony also took place in Leela Palace.

Was it a Big Fat Wedding for Akshata?

When we hear the big day of any Billionaire, many of us imagine it to be very fancy and lavish. But in the ceremony of Narayana Murthy's daughter, the bride and groom exchanged wedding vows in a simple South Indian style.

Akshata Murthy and her husband Rishi Sunak with Murthy couple at their wedding
Image: (From left to right) Narayana Murthy, Sudha Murthy, Akshata Murthy, and Rishi Sunak 
Source: Wedding Sutra

Vasudeva Adiga, founder of the famous Adiga's Chain catering service, quoted that Mr. Murthy refused the silver plates and spoons for the foodservice of the guests. Instead, the Billionaire and his wife wanted plantain leaves.

Besides this, the wedding ceremony is quite simple in a South Indian style. For lunch, the guests were fed purely vegetarian dishes with no garlic and onion. Around 600 guests attended the big day with several close relatives and friends.

Not so Fancy Attire to Walk the Aisle

The simple lifestyle of Murthy Couple also reflected during the big ceremony. And the simple lifestyle reflected on the bride's attire as well. The Bride Akshata, instead of focusing on expensive decor and celebrations, chose to focus on the traditions and rituals of her community.

How expensive was Akshata's wedding dress? This is also very interesting as both mother and daughter wore a dress with no dripping diamonds and other costly accessories. The Bride wore a beautiful pink saree for the Pre-wedding and orange lehenga choli for the reception.

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Raising Two Children

Rishi Sunak is currently a chancellor in the Boris Johnson government in the UK. The married couple is raising two daughters, Krishna Sunak and Anoushka Sunak, in a $8,660,645 mansion in Kensington.

Rishi Sunak with his wife and two daughters at his home
Frame: Akshata Murthy and her Spouse Rishi Sunak with their daughters 
Source: Telegraph

The fashion designer, Akshata, and her spouse, furthermore, own at least four more properties. More details about their children are not made public but looking at the pictures, we can assume they might be around the age of 8-11 years old.  

'There's a Story behind every Garment,' Murthy

Murthy previously worked in Finance and Marketing. Her father is one of the richest men in India, and Akshata worked as a director in the venture capital formed by Narayana Murthy in 2010.

She gradually progressed to fashion, and her designs incorporate artists living in isolated villages in India. During an interview with Vogue India, she said,

"I'm about the story behind a particular garment, its authenticity, craftsmanship, and protecting a rich heritage."

In the same interview, she, moreover, quoted that people today live in a materialistic society. This quote of her also describes her simple upbringing, which she is now reflecting on her kids.


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