Alan Price (Musician)

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Musician; Actor (1942)
Sun Mar 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alan Price (Musician)

Wife : Alison Thomas
Alan Price Married To Alison Thomas In 1990.

You might remember Alan Price as one of the original members of the legendary rock band the Animals. In addition to this, he is also known for his solo work. He is one of the best keyboardists in music history. 

Price’s contribution to The Animals’ music was one of the most important factors in the group’s worldwide success. As a matter of fact, his playing was one of the key reasons why the group's biggest hits, including ‘House of the Rising Sun’, has such legendary status. 

Alan Price’s Marriages And Past Relationships

Tabloids do not have much information regarding Price’s marriages but according to some verified sources, he has been married twice. He got married to his current wife, Alison Thomas in 1990 and has been together since then.

Alan with his first daughter Elizabeth
Alan Price with his first daughter Elizabeth
Image Source: Famous People

Alan is living in England with his wife Alison and 2 daughters. Before getting married to her, Alan was married to Maureen Elizabeth Donneky. The pair tied the knot in a ceremony at Fulham, together he and Maureen had one child together. They named their daughter Elizabeth

Alan's married Alison Thomas in 1990
Alan Price's wife Alison Thomas
Image Source: TFP

Further, he used to be a Rockstar but in comparison to most superstars, he had a pretty quiet personal life in the past. Rather than the rock and roll life he spent most of his youth focused on his career. 

Price’s Career In The Animals

Alan started his music career back in 1961, he has been active in the industry for more than 6 decades. In that time, he has worked both as a solo musician and part of ensembles. The biggest act of his career was when he became part of The Animals. 

Alan Price with his band, 'The Animals'
Image Source: BLT

The band is famous for its legendary hit, ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Alan was integral in giving the song its eerie and psychedelic feel. Similarly, the star keyboardist was part of the group during various periods of the band’s existence. 

While he is not a current member of the band in 2021, he has some solo projects which are pretty popular. 

What Is Alan Price’s Net Worth?

The keyboardist has a net worth of $4 million according to CelebrityNetWorth. He made most of his fortune from his musical career. 

From his more than 6 decades in show business, he has been associated with various legendary acts. In addition to this, he has also had several chart-topping hits during his 60 years. 

He is also charitable and is involved with the 'Foundation of Light' charitable organization. he has donated huge chunks of his wealth to various causes. 

Alan Price’s Early Life & Age

Price was born on 19 April 1942 in Fatfield, Washington, Tyne and Wear England. He went to Jarrow Grammar School, he was interested in music and art right from an early age, but he does not have any formal music training.

As a matter of fact, Alan is a self-taught musician, which is hard to believe because of his almost inhuman talent. After getting his education, he did not pursue a traditional career, rather he opted to become a musician.  Similar to him, Finlay Munro Kemp is also a musician.

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