Aleksandr Abdulov

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Actor (1953)
Mon Nov 14 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Aleksandr Abdulov

Ex-wife : Julia lgnatenko
Aleksandr Abdulov married to Julia lgnatenko on 2006 and divorce on 2008.
Ex-wife : Irina Alfyorova
Aleksandr Abdulov and Irina Alfyorova on 1976 and divorce on 1993.

Aleksandr Abdulov was a famous Russian actor and artist of the Russian Soviet  Federative Socialist Republic who had risen his fame through the movies like Carnival, Premonition of Love, The Lost Expedition, The Christmas Miracle, etc.

He is also famous for being the ex-husband of Russian actress Irina Alfyorova who has starred in movies and television series like Vodovorot, Corporal, etc.

Childhood of Abdulov

The actor of the Carnival was born in the year 1953 on May 29 in the Tobolsk of Russia. He grew up with his parents in his own hometown.

He was fond of art from his childhood. He was not only fond of acting but of dancing, writing, etc.

Aleksandr Abdulov before his death
Aleksandr Abdulov was captured right before his demise. Source: Wikipedia


The actor of The Christmas Miracle is the son of Gavril Abdulov and Ludmila Abdulov. He has not shared any information regarding his sibling yet.

Personal life of Abdulov

The actor of Premonition of Love had always been a hard-working and dedicated personality from an early age towards his career.

He was such a legend in the Russian Movie industry as was titled the artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which is given to the artist who has contributed a lot to the industry.

Hobbies & Interest of Abdulov

The actor Abdulov used to love dancing, singing, writing, listen to music in his free time apart from acting.

He also loved to travel to different new places and explore new different things and spend time with his family and loved ones in his vacation days.

Married to Irina Alfyorova 

The actor Abdulov got married to Irina Alfyorova in the year 1976 after dating her for a couple of years.

Aleksandr Abdulov and Irina Alfyorova ready for shoot
Aleksandr Abdulov with his ex-wife Irina Alfyorova at their young age. Photo  Source: Uofa. or

The lovely couple could not make their relationship and decided to got depart in the year 1993. Though they have not shared a valid reason for their depart in any of the media.

The second wife of Abdulov

The ex-husband of actress Irina Alfyorova got married to Julia lgnatenko after he got divorced from his first wife Irina Alfyorova.

He got married to Julia lgnatenko in the year 2006. The lovely couple carried their married life happy till his death.

Children of Abdulov

The actor Aleksandr and his first wife Irina Alfyorova had one stepdaughter Ksenia Alfarova.

Abdulov and his second wife had given birth to a daughter Eugenia Abdulov who is their biological daughter.

Rumor and controversies

The actor Abdulov is a rumor-free actor. He had not been involved in any of the rumors and controversies yet.

He had won the heart of millions through his actions rather than involving in any negativities and rumors.

Why and when did Aleksandr die?

The actor of The Lost Expedition died in the year 2008 on January 3 in Moscow of Russia. 

The reason for his death was due to the cancer of the lungs which was caused by smoking from a young age. His death shocked his family and his fans.


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