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Sun May 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alessandra Torresani

Husband : Sturgis Adams
Sturgis Adams exchanged wedding vows with Sturgis Adams.

Alessandra Torresani is an American actress and mental health spokesperson, born on May 29, 1987, in Palo Alto, California, US. If you did not know, let us inform you that her real name is Alessandra Olivia Toreson. 

She came into the limelight after portraying the role of Claire in The Big Bang Theory and Stephanie Boggs in American Horror Story.

Who Is Alessandra Torresani Married to?

Husbands actress Torresani is married to Sturgis Adams, an American actor, and producer. They tied the knot in the presence of their family member and close friends. 

However, the exact wedding date is still unknown. 

Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her husband Sturgis Adams
Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her husband Sturgis Adams (Image Source: @alessandratorresani)

Torresani and Adams have been taking full advantage of their status as husband and wife and are often seen enjoying each other company via Instagram.

Moreover, the charming couple lives happily married without any internal conflicts. Also, there is no rumor about their unhappy married life. 

Blessed With A Child 

Torresani and Adams aren't married but are also living parental life. They are now the parents of one beautiful daughter named Lady Francis. She was born on June 20, 2021. 

We can frequently see pictures of Lady Francis on Torresani's social media platforms. Currently, the family of three is living an amazing life. 

In addition, Torresani once shared a picture of her beautiful daughter where Lady wears a bracelet that reads "Lady," and her mother wears the same bracelet but with different reading, i.e., "Lady's Mother." 

Who Are Torresani's Parents? 

Step Sisters actress Torresani is the daughter of James Sylvester Toreson and Marcia Glow

Torresani's father, James, used to run a tech company, whereas her mother was a chief executive officer. 

Childhood Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her mother Marcia Glow
Childhood Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her mother, Marcia Glow (Image Source: @alessandratorresani)

Furthermore, she does not have any siblings as she is the only child of her parents. There are no other personal details of Torresani's parents except for their names and photos, 

Net Worth

Alessandra Torresani has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has earned most of her money through her successful acting career. 

In addition, she has even buckled up some money through her presence on a reality show. Today she lives a millionaire life just like Sheinelle Jones.

Besides this, she has given many popular films and TV series to the American film industry, where she has added some money to her wealth. 

However, she does not have any personal business that helps her generate money.

Physical Appearance: How Tall is the Actress?

American Horror House actress Alessandra Torresani is a good-looking woman with amazing blue eyes and bottle-blonde hair. 

Though she dyes her hair in lighter shades, her natural hair color is dark brown, which we can see via Instagram.

Picture of Alessandra Torresani wearing black dress
Picture of Alessandra Torresani (Image Source: @alessandratorresani)

Furthermore, she has fair skin and a slim body. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches (161cm), weighing around 51 kg (113 lbs). People admire her blue eyes and amazing hair. 

Mental Health Activism: Torresani Hosts A Emotional Support Podcast

Torresani is also a mental health spokesperson besides being an actress. She hosts a funny and revealing podcast about mental health and pregnancy. 

She started to host Emotional Support after she got pregnant and was on a journey of motherhood. She talked about the measures to care during pregnancy and mental health and spent thereby revealing her past life. 

Furthermore, Torresani has also shared her story about the pains and sufferings she went through from Bipolar Disorder after giving birth. She has to take the medication in daily life and could not do so during her pregnancy. 

Huge Pet Lover 

Car Dogs actress Alessandra Torresani is a certified pet lover who loves and cares for her pet and often motivates people to love an animal, just like Elena Kampouris. She is often seen sharing her pictures along with her lovely pets.

Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her pet PeeWee
Picture of Alessandra Torresani and her pet PeeWee (Image Source: @alessandratorresani)

She owns a beautiful black Brussels Griffon dog breed called Pee Wee and a French Bulldog. She has even considered her pets as best friends, and emotional support and loves sharing their pictures. 

However, Pee Wee has an Instagram account with the username of @misterpeeweeherman, where he has more than 19K followers. It seems all of them enjoy spending time with each other.

Did You Know that Alessandra Torresani Was Featured In Celebrity Sleuth?

Let us inform you that Celebrity Sleuth is a magazine that features nude or semi-nude photos of film and TV stars, especially girls. This magazine has featured many celebrities, of which Alessandra Torresani is one.

She was featured on the front page of Celebrity Sleuth magazine in 2011, including her semi-nude photos. In addition, when asked about this, she stated that she loves being naked and is a free spirit. 

Apart from this, in 2010, Acid Girls actress Torresani was featured on the front page of Maxim, an international men's magazine in the limelight for its photographs of actors, singers, and female models.

Has An IMDb Page 

Torresani has an amazing IMDb page with over forty-six acting credits. Her IMDb profile also describes her skills and hobbies.

Screenshot of Alessandra Torresani's IMDb Profile
Screenshot of Alessandra Torresani's IMDb Profile (Image Source: IMDb)

According to her IMDb, she is trained in Taekwondo and debuted at the young age of nine.

Interviewed By Maximo TV 

Maximo TV is an entertainment media outlet covering celebrity red-carpet events for Broadcast TV in Los Angeles. It has more than 1M subscribers on the Youtube channel. 

On October 9, 2013, Maximo TV interviewed Torresani, where she was asked about her nails, her favorite horror movie, the price of the diamond she wore, and many more. 

The interview was two minutes long and was taken by Ryland Adams. Besides this, Maximo TV has interviewed Torresani numerous times, which we can see on their official Youtube channel. 

Movies & TV Series 

As mentioned above, Torresani is a renowned American actress with more than twenty-five years of experience in the acting field. She has been able to portray the role in many films and TV series. 

Torresani's popular movies include Step SistersAmerican Horror HouseGoing to the MatCapricaWomen Is LosersAcid Girls, and Car Dogs.

Besides that, she is also known for appearing in many popular TV series like HusbandsTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Malcolm in the Middle

All of the mentioned TV series have good responses. She is a popular choice for the smart girl next door roles.

Social Media Presence

Like other celebrities, Malcolm in the Middle actress Torresani is engaged in various social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter. She has a very good fan following on her social media platforms. 

Her Instagram account, @alessandratorresani, has about 150K followers, whereas her Twitter account is @ALtorresani, which has gained more than 30K followers. 

Picture of Alessandra Torresani basking in the sun.
Picture of Alessandra Torresani basking in the sun. (Image Source: @alessandratorresani)

In addition, Torresani joined Twitter in March 2009, and her Instagram account is verified. 


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