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Musician (1984)
Sun May 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alessandro Venturella

Wife : Lisa Graham
Alessandro Venturella exchange the weeding vows with Lisa Graham.

British musician, Alessandro Venturella is one of the known to all music lovers around the world. He is widely recognized as the bass player of the American heavy metal band, Slipknot. He is also known as Vman and he replaced Paul Gray after his death in 2014.

Alessandro was born on 12th April 1984 in the city of London. He has previously played guitar for the British metal band Krokodil. And has been part of the crew members for bands like Brent Hinds, Architects, and Fightstar as a guitar tech.

Who is Alessandro Venturella married to?

It is a matter of fact that, Alessandro is a married man. He exchanged his wedding vows with his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Graham. However, the exact date of their marriage hasn't been yet disclosed. 

The pair have been together for almost a decade now. And they enjoy one another companionship very much.

Alessandro Venturella Wife
Image: Alessandro Venturella alongside his wife, Lisa Graham spending quality time together. Source: Instagram

Lisa even appeared in many concerts of Alessandro to support him and his band. Furthermore, they are seen vacating different places with their friends at their leisure. 

Both of them are equally active on social media and usually upload pictures to their respective social site account. Alessandro is present on Instagram as @vmanshreds where he has over 300K Followers.

How rich is Slipknot bassist, Alessandro Venturella?

Alessandro's estimated net worth is around $2.5 Million as of 2020. He has gathered all of his fortunes through his outstanding career. He has been touring with his band, Slipknot since, 2014 and has been a major part of the band. 

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Alessandro has an estimated annual income between $300,000 to $500,000 as of 2020. He has played three albums with the band, which are equally massive hits. Also, he has been part of other six albums with other two bands, Cry for Silence and Krodkodil which are all equally successful.

Each and every Slipknot concert are watched by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. The price of every ticket is found from $30 to $85 on average. 

Alessandro Venturella Was Once Rushed to Hospital during a Concert

On 2nd August 2015 during a concert in Hartford, Connecticut, Alessandro was rushed to hospital due to an unknown medical emergency. 

Later it was found that he suffered from dehydration during a show. Two days later, on 4th August, he performed alongside the band in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Alessandro Venturella Slipknot
Image: Alessandro Venturella performing live with Slipknot wearing his famous mask.
 Source: Instagram

The talented musician is widely recognized by almost every musician. The Slipknot band itself is an iconic band of all time that has a massive fan following from around the world. 

The band members include Corey Taylor, Jim Root, Jay Weinberg, Sid Wilson, Mick Thomson, Craig Jones, and Crahan as of 2020. 

About His Tattoos

It is no secret that Alessandro Venturella is a tattooed individual. In fact, his arm tattoos were the reason his identity as the masked bassist was revealed. Slipknot had previously wanted to keep the detail about the new musician private.

 Alessandro Venturella performing live with Slipknot showing his tattoos.
Image: Alessandro Venturella performing live with Slipknot showing his tattoos.
 Source: Instagram

He has massive elaborate tattoos on his arms as well as his neck. 


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