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Mon Jul 03 2023
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Alex Aniston came to fame as Jennifer Aniston sibling. However, they are half-siblings by blood as they share different mothers. It might be the reason why Alex does not prefer recognizing him as Jennifer's half-brother.

Besides that, Alex is also popular among the fans of the late soap opera actor, John Aniston. It is because John is his father. While his father was alive he worked with him by involving in Hollywood life. After his father's demise, he concluded that it was not his lifestyle and stayed away from his Hollywood life.

Being the half-sibling of one of the most celebrated American actresses, Jennifer Aniston it is just typical for individuals to be eager to know more about the life of Alex. So, through this article, let's discuss the mystery boy Alex.  

Alex Aniston Was Dating Kiri Peita: Are They Still Together? 

As of now, Alex Aniston is dating Kiri Peita who is a veterinary technician by profession. This lovely couple is not only dating each other but also working together. His girlfriend is originally from Australia but grew up in Georgia, U.S. 

Alex Aniston started his love life with Kiri Peita in the year 2017.
Alex Aniston and his girlfriend, Kiri Peita, were captured on camera. (Image Source: GH Base)

Alex started dating Kiri in 2017 and in the same year, they were photographed by a paparazzi. As per the reports, they started living together in Aniston's Los Angeles apartment in 2017. 

Unfortunately, Alex is very private about his personal life and hasn't revealed much about his relationship with Kiri. So, there is not any assurance that this lovely couple Kiri and Alex are still together. 

Alex Aniston's Relationship Timeline With His Ex-Girlfriend, Adriane Hallek

Before dating Kiri Peita, Alex dated Adriane Hallek, a makeup artist and tattoo model. The ex-couple got attached and were seen together in 2014.

Alex Aniston with his two kids, Ryan and Kira.
Alex Aniston with his two kids, Ryan and Kira. (Image Source: Famous Soul)

At the time of Alex and Adriane's romance, they welcome two kids together. Soon after giving birth to two children, their relationship started getting worse. Unfortunately, being in an affair for two years, they separated in 2016.

More updates on Alex and Adriane's relationship are not disclosed yet. Also, being very private about their personal life, the ex-duo never speaks briefly about their courtship.

Who Are Alex Aniston's Kids?

As mentioned above, Alex Aniston and Adriane Hallek had two kids through their relationship. They had their first child, Ryat in 2014 which is the same year they dated each other. 

 Alex Aniston and Adriane Hallek started dating in 2014.
Adriane Hallek carrying her two babies, Ryan And Kira. (Image Source: Buzz South Africa)

In July 2016, the ex-couple Alex and Hallek welcomed their second child Kira. As per Buzz South Africa, they separated from each other soon after the birth of their second child. 

Things between Alex and Adriane did not finish after the separation because the end was coming near. After the split, Alex never looked after his kids. He did not support them physically and financially which a father should have done. 

Is Alex Aniston a Responsible Father?

Being a father, every human being has some responsibilities over their kids. However, Alex left his kids when they needed him the most. Because of Alex's irresponsibilities towards his kids, his late father John Aniston took care of them. 

John helped Adriane financially so that he can give a good life to his grandchild. Not only John but also his daughter Jennifer is always furious about this careless thing done by her brother Alex. 

There are also rumors that Jennifer is jealous of Alex because she has zero kids at fifty-three. However, many say that she just wants her brother Alex to concentrate more on his kids Ryan And Kira after the death of her father, John. 

Alex Aniston & His Family Net Worth

As of now, Jennifer Aniston's brother Alex Aniston has a net worth of $100 thousand. Unfortunately, he has not revealed his profession in any media. It is reported that he got a handsome amount of money after his father's demise. 

On the other hand, Alex's late father John Aniston's had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his demise. He amassed that sum from his successful career as an actor just like Peter Morgan. After his death, his assets and money might have been divided and transferred to his children. 

Alex Aniston and his half-sister Jennifer Aniston in an event.
Alex Aniston and his half-sister Jennifer Aniston in an event. (Image Source: Surprise Sports)

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Alex's sister Jennifer has a net worth of $320 million. As of now, she earns $1.25 Million per episode. She consistently earns more than $20 million per year from acting and endorsements.

Alex's sister, Jennifer Aniston also has another half-brother, John T. Melick who has no relation to Alex. John was born from the relationship of Jen's mother, Nancy with Jack Melic in 1959. As of now, there is not much information about him on the internet. John Melick prefers a private life.

Know More About Alex Aniston: Life Details

Well, if you have read this article till this point then you already know that Alex Aniston is the celebrity son and brother. But did you know that his full name is Alexander John Aniston? Jennifer Aniston's brother Alex celebrates his birthday on May 2. 

Alex was born on May 2, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, USA. John Aniston and Sherry Rooney are his parents. His father was an actor whereas his mother is a housewife. Alex and his half-sister Jennifer have a nearly twenty-four years of age gap.

How Is His Relation With Famous Sis Jen?

Alex and Jennifer Aniston share one parent in common their father, John. Jennifer is the daughter of the late American actress Nancy Dow. Despite being siblings, they never had a good bonding nor spent any quality time. 

This may be because of their age gap. Last time they were captured together on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie 2004 Along Came Polly.

Alex's Dad John Aniston Has Passed Away

Shockingly, Alex and his famous father have never been photographed together publicly. Now it is not possible as John Aniston sadly took his last breath on November 11, 2022. John Aniston was married twice in his lifetime just like Eva Birthistle

Alex Aniston Is A College Dropout

Jennifer Aniston's half-brother Alex is a celebrity kid whose education qualification is still under wraps. However, many sources suggest that he is a college dropout. He may have attended a university in Santa Cruz.

According to sources, Alex used to work as a vendor. Also was involved in the film industry but later left showbiz and now sells animal skulls. 


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