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Former Lawyer (1958)
Sat Jan 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alex Murdaugh

Husband : Marget Kennedy Branstetter
Alex Murdaugh married Marget Kennedy Branstetter in 1993.

Alex Murdaugh is a criminal and murderer who got recognization after extinguishing his family (wife and son). He is currently in lockup for killing his wife and son. Before being a criminal, he used to be a lawyer.

He was born on 17 June 1958 in Hampton, South Carolina, USA. His zodiac sign is Gemini, and he holds American citizenship.

On top of that, Murdaugh's birth name is Richard Alexander Murdaugh.

Murdaugh: Holds Two University Degrees

Talking about Murdaugh's educational background, he completed his schooling at Wade Hampton High School. After completing high school, he went to Wofford College for further studies.

At Wofford College, he studied for four years and did graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Furthermore, he has a Juris Doctorate Degree.

Not only this, but Murdaugh also went to the University of South Carolina, where he studied to become a lawyer.

Who Are The Parents Of Murdaugh?

Murdaugh is the son of Randolph Murdaugh III and Elizabeth “Libby” Alexander. His mother, Libby, is a distinguished business executive.

Picture of Alex Murdaugh's father Randolph Murdaugh III
Picture of Alex Murdaugh's father Randolph Murdaugh III (Image Source: Google Walterboro Live)

Similarly, his father, Randolph, used to be a Circuit Solicitor. Unfortunately, he died on 10 June 2021 in his home at the age of 81.

Siblings of Murdaugh

Besides lovely parents, Murdaugh has two wonderful siblings (one brother and one sister). He spent his childhood with his siblings happily.

Murdaugh's brother is Randolph “Randy” Murdaugh IV, who is currently practicing law, whereas his sister is Lynn Murdaugh (Lynn Goettel), a solicitor's office.

Married to Margaret Kennedy Branstetter

Alex Murdaugh married gorgeous woman Marget Kennedy Branstetter (Maggie Murdaugh). They exchanged their vows in the presence of close family members and close friends. 

However, the wedding place is still behind the curtains.

Picture of Alex Murdaugh with his wife Maggie Murdaugh and his sons Buster Murdaugh Jr and Paul Terry Murdaugh
Picture of Alex Murdaugh with his wife, Maggie Murdaugh and his sons Buster Murdaugh Jr and Paul Terry Murdaugh (Image Source: Google CBS News)

Before marriage, the wonderful couple dated each other for a few years. After that, they decided to get married, which they did on 14 August 1993.

Unfortunately, the stunning woman Maggie got killed by his husband, Murdaugh. Before that incident, the lovely couple enjoyed each other's company and lived happily married lives.

Murdaugh: Was A Father To Two 

Murdaugh and Maggie were blessed with two beautiful children. They were living a parental life full of happiness before the incident happened.

The former couple welcomed Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh Jr as their first child in 1996. In contrast, their second child, Paul Terry Murdaugh, took birth three years after Buster's conception, i.e., on 14 April 1999.

But Paul Terry was assassinated like her mother, Maggie, by his father, Murdaugh. Fortunately, Buster is alive and the only living child of Murdaugh.

Why Is Murdaugh So Popular In The US?

Formal Lawyer, just like Michael Mosberg, Murdaugh was a normal person with a wonderful family. He used to have an amazing life where his only job was to give punishment to corrupted people in court and come back to his home.

However, Murdaugh got the limelight and recognition worldwide, especially among the US audience, after murdering his wife and son on 14 July 2022, shocking the US people.

In addition to that, it is sad to hear that Murdaugh, who used to protect the law, broke the rules and regulations himself. Still, the reasons behind the assassination are a mystery.

Murdaugh: Hired Assassin To Kill Him

If you are having queries about who tried to kill Murdaugh? Isn't Murdaugh killed his own family? Then let us inform you that someone once attacked him after he got fired from the law firm, i.e., after the murder of his family.

Murdaugh went to the police station and reported that he had been shot in the head. Fortunately, he was alive in that incident. However, after some time, he admitted that he had hired his former client to kill him.

According to Murdaugh, he did that because he wanted to leave his elder son with his $10 million insurance policy. And this was the reason why he hired an assassin to kill himself.

Other Crimes Of Murdaugh

Besides murdering his own family, Alex Murdaugh was arrested for fraud in Insurance which he did on 16 September 2021. He is also accused of other charges, including missing millions of funds, just like Cristina Federica's husband Inaki Urdangarin.

Till now, Murdaugh has eighty-three court charges, including murder, fraud, and many more, where the murder of his own family was confirmed by the jury on 14 July 2022.

Why Did Murdaugh Kill His Wife And Son?

This is the most asked question about Alex Murdaugh: What happened to him? So Why does he force himself to kill his family? So let us inform you that there is no proper evidence about the reasons behind the murder.

However, there is a rumor that he killed his family for claiming the insurance money, which seems fake due to a lack of evidence. We will update you soon if we get any information about this incident.

Did Alex Murdaugh Resign From A Law Firm Or Get Fired?

After the murder of Murdaugh's wife and son, he stated in the press that he was in deep pain and shared that he would resign from his law firm. He even apologizes to his family members and friends if he has hurt them.

After someday, it got revealed that he was fired from the law firm because he misused the money as millions of funds were missing, due to which he wasn't allowed to enter the firm again.

During that press statement, no one was aware of Murdaugh's family murder which was done by himself. He secretly killed his own family.

Is Former Lawyer And Criminal Alex Murdaugh A Millionaire?

Alex Murdaugh, who used to be a lawyer, has a net worth of $1 million, making her probably one of the richest lawyers in America. His only source of income was his career as a Lawyer, from which he made his own house and owned many cars.

Aerial view of Alex Murdaugh's property
Aerial view of Alex Murdaugh's property (Image Source: Google WRDW)

Additionally, he was also involved in many frauds and other cases through which he may have collected a good sum of money apart from his career.

Physical Appearance

Alex Murdaugh stands at the height of 182 cm (6 feet), weighing around 95 kg.

Apart from this, Murdaugh has amazing brown eyes with light brown hair. His shoe size is 10 US. On top of that, we can always see him with a clean shave. 

Is Murdaugh Available On Social Media?

Murdaugh isn't available on any social media sites. He doesn't use Instagram, Twitter, or other social media. From the very beginning, he wasn't fond of social media. 

However, we can find many accounts with Murdaugh's photos on both Instagram and Twitter, but it seems fake or created by one of his fans or haters.


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