All You Need To Know About Alexis Skyy Dating Life, Relationship History and Past Affairs

Tue Feb 16 2021
By   ruku

The American model Alexis Skyy has been creating a lot of hype lately in the google trend section. The star Sky's love life and past relationships have attracted a lot of audiences. But what are the actual facts and fictions about her dating life, let's discuss them together.

Who has Alexis Skyy Dated?

Besides modeling, Alexis has been keeping her name in the reality TV industry as well. The gorgeous TV star has dated more than a dozen of people in the past.

Alexis Skyy with Fetty Wap

Alexis Skyy with Fetty Wap
Image Source: AmoMama

 Most of them fell under celebrities' names. Alexis Skyy had partners like Rob Kardashian, Fetty Wap, Justin Combs, French Montana, Lil Baby, and more. With the relationship with such stars and singers, she has kept her reputation high.

Skyy herself is also a star with great recognition. However, at a time, she was most known as the girlfriend of Fetty Wap. She even shares a daughter with him named Alaiya Grace Maxwell

Alexis with her daughter Grace

Alexis with her daughter Grace
Image Source: BCK Online

Whosdatedwho has mentioned all celebrities with their time period and love life with Alexis Skyy. Among those, Takala W. also has been a curious subject to talk about. It seems the TV star even dated a woman at a time.

Alexis Skyy and King Lil G Dating

Coming to her recent relationship status, she is not single. She has been involved with King Lil G for more than a year. The couple is doing great and having a good time together.

Alexis new boyfriend King Lil G

Alexis new boyfriend King Lil G
Image Source: XXL Mag

 The 26-year-old star has never had a stable relationship besides a couple of partners. However, we can hope her relation with Lil G goes well. Visit her Instagram for more relationship updates and her personal life.

Coming to Dating Celebs, has focused on her relationship with Justin Combs. She dated the star for about seven months until they separated.

 Many people also misjudge a person from their dating life but besides that point, Alexis seems a celebrity trying to be happy as she can with everyone.

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