Allira Cornell & Richard Pilkington's Married Life

Tue Aug 10 2021
By   Manish

Australian photographer, Allira Cornell is a daughter of late Academy Award-nominated actor, John Cornell, who is best known for his performance in the comedy sitcom, The Paul Hogan Show as Strop. She also gained recognition as a child of soap opera actress, Delvene Delaney.

Allira is a full-time housemaker, who completed her high studies from Macquarie University. She is currently attending Curtin University for her Master's degree since 2019. So, what is happening in Cornell's personal life?

Is Allira Cornell Married? Who is Her Husband?

42-years-old, Allira Cornell is sharing her company with her husband, Richard Pilkington aka Ritchie for many years. They initially tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony, where their close friends, relatives and family members were present.

Allira Cornell and her husband, Richard Pilkington is spending a quality moment with Tim Watts alongside Allira's parents. Do the couple share any children from their marriage?
Allira Cornell and her husband, Richard Pilkington having a small get together with Allira's parents and guest, Tim Watts
Source: Facebook @allira.cornell

The couple is enjoying precious moments of life from several years. Moreover, they stand strong like pillars whenever they are in trouble. They currently reside in Byron Bay, New South Wales, which is Allira's hometown.

Gave Birth to Two Adorable Children!

New South Wales-based photographer, Allira shares two adorable children with her husband, Ritchie. The couple first welcomed a daughter, Ayla Cornell Pilkington in 2008 and then, a baby boy, Aelfie Cornell Pilkington in 2017.

Richard Pilkington's wife, Allira Cornell gave birth to their two children, Ayla and Aelfie Cornell. What does Allira's husband do for a living?
Allira Cornell shares two adorable children, Ayla and Aelfie Cornell with her husband, Richard Pilkington 
Source: Facebook @allira.cornell

The pair's kids are growing up in a healthy environment as Allira taking care of them as a loving mother. Meanwhile, Ritchie struggles for their children's future everyday. But, they always take time to spend some quality family time.

How was Allira's Parents, John & Delvene's Married Life?

Allira's parents, John Cornell and Delvene Delaney stayed married for overall 44 years. The pair had their first encounter on the set of The Paul Hogan Show in the 1970s. They shortly began dating after working as a cast on the comedy show.

The duo then decided to get hitched and became engaged after dating for several years. They walked down the aisle on NYE, 31st December 1977, where they both dressed perfectly.

Allira Cornell's beloved parents, Delvene Delaney and John Cornell stayed married for 44 years until Mr. Cornell's death. Is Allira married or still a single woman?
Allira Cornell's parents, Delvene Delaney and John Cornell on the red carpet of Tour De Cure Snowball 2017
Source: Alamy 

Following the wedlock, the pair became blessed with two beautiful daughters, Allira and Liana Cornell. As of now, Liana is leading her parents' legacy as an actress, director and screenwriter.

Unfortunately, the couple's marriage came to an end after the death of Mr. Cornell at the age of 80 on 23rd July 2021. According to Cornell's medical reports, the cause of his death is from Parkinson's disease resulted in deep brain tissue complications.

Cornell's Dad, John's Past Marital Affair

Prior to Allira's father John's marriage with her mother Delvene, he was in a matrimonial relationship with a mysterious woman. Their marriage produced a daughter, Melissa Cornell in 1970.

Nevertheless, the former couple's love chemistry was not too strong so that they filed for divorce. After finalizing their divorce agreement, John decided to take the custody of their daughter, Melissa. Since then, he raised her as a single father until he met Allira's mother, Delvene.  




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