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Tue Jun 13 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Andrew Santino

Wife : Danielle Brooks
Andrew Santino is in a material relationship with Danielle Brooks.

Andrew Santino is a famous comedian, podcaster, and actor from the United States. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2006 and has gotten millions of fans worldwide. Being involved in numerous fields, Santino is widely popular among his audiences.

The stand-up comic has gathered his fan following through his roles in TV series and films like Sin City Saints, and The Disaster Artist, among others. Despite the fame, Andrew keeps his personal life hidden. As such, Santino's marriage with his wife went under the radar.

Santino Was Raised By A Single Mother 

The Disaster Artist actor Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, US. He was raised in River North, Chicago, by a single mother. 

Andrew Santino tour poster image
Andrew Santino tour poster image.
(Image Source: Ticketmaster)

Unfortunately, Andrew has not revealed any information regarding his parents. What's known is his father's name which is Michael S. Santino.

Education Details Of Andrew

Andrew went to Naperville North High School in Illinois to complete his high school education. Like him, Chris Brown, Kevin Barnett, and Paul Brittain graduated from this same high school.

Andrew Santino And Bobby Lee share a long-standing friendship.
Andrew Santino And Bobby Lee share a long-standing friendship. 
(Image Source: Instagram)

After graduating from high school, Andrew went to study for further education at Arizona State University. It is located in Tempe, Arizona, and is one of the oldest universities in the US, being founded on March 12, 1885. However, he has not revealed his majors. 

Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? 

Andrew Santino revealed he has a wife! In his podcast on April 2019 with Whitney Cummings, Andrew stated he has been married for over four years. So, Andrew would have tied the knot with his wife in the mid-2010s.

Santino did not reveal many details about his marriage. However, he explained that he and his wife still enjoy a healthy relationship even when after years of their marriage.

Andrew Santino with Sarah Tiana
Andrew Santino with a lady, Sarah Tiana.
(Image Source: Twitter)

Considering that the marriage wasn't in the headlines, it must be a private ceremony to which only close friends and family members were invited. According to Andrew, he had a successful wedding.

On the other hand, many sources claim that Andrew is married to Danielle Brooks. Likewise, Sarah Bolger's name is also on the list. It has also been reported that Andrew and his wife are parenting a child named Miles, born in 2020.

Why Andrew Santino & His Wife Didn't Want To Get Married At First?

Andrew Santino told in his podcast that neither he nor his wife had any intentions of getting married. Since they were focused on their career. As such, Santino and his spouse had no thought of creating a family together.

Andrew Santino and a fellow comic Beth Stelling shared a drink from the same glass.
Andrew Santino and a fellow comic Beth Stelling shared a drink from the same glass.
(Photo Source: Instagram)

After Andrew and his wife joked about not liking their therapist's vibe, they bonded. Over the course of time, Andrew would joke about things, and his wife would understand his sense of humor. 

Andrew's wife understood his humor, and that alone became one of many reasons he put a ring in Danielle Brooks' hand. This led to them connecting over time, eventually leading to their marriage.

Is Andrew Santino Gay?

Due to Santino's part in I'm Dying Up Here, where he is homosexual, many people have started wondering about his sexuality. Adding to this fuel was the tweet of himself with Chris D'Elia with the caption 'going away to be married,' which started rumors that he might be gay.

Andrew Santino kissing Brent Morin in Midnight show
Andrew Santino kissing Brent Morin in the Midnight show.
(Image Source: Twitter)

Since then, Andrew and Chris have played along with the joke while also making fun of the situation. Andrew said in the Joe Rogan podcast that his favorite myth was about him being homosexual.

This seems to be only a rumor and nothing more. Andrew is already married to a woman, so there's barely any possibility of him being gay. However, he can be bisexual as well; no one knows.

Social Media Presence

Andrew is a very popular comedian with over 540k followers on his verified Instagram @cheetosantino. He is a frequent uploader on his Instagram account, and most of his popular posts are videos of himself doing a comedy skit or pictures of him enjoying things.

Santino also has a verified Twitter account, @CheetoSantino, with over 166k followers. He is also very active on the platform and is often seen tweeting about various things.

Andrew also has a website of his own where he posts info about his tour. He also has a podcast section where you can listen to his previous podcasts. Moreover, he has a merch of his own on Represent.

Andrew Santino Owns Millions As His Net Worth

Santino is a popular actor/ comedian and is considered one of the richest ones at that. Many sources estimate his net worth to be in the millions. As of now, Andrew Santino has a net worth of $1.5 million

Additionally, Andrew has a monetized Youtube Channel estimated to generate over $50k a year. On the higher end, it might even cross $100k a year. Brand deals, sponsors, affiliates, sales, and gigs also add to his net worth, which gives him even more income than ads.

Career As A Comedian

Andrew is a talented comedian who has made people laugh since a young age. He wanted to be a professional in the field, so he started by performing in small Chicago clubs, gradually sharpening his skills.

Santino moved out of Chicago to pursue his journey to become a comedian and finally got a chance to be featured in Conan on TBS as a comedian in 2010. He made his breakthrough in 2012 when he got a role in MTV's Punk'd, a prank show.

Andrew Santino with another famous comedian, Bobby Lee
Andrew Santino with another famous comedian, Bobby Lee.
(Image Source: Twitter)

After Andrew's work in Punk'd, he got more offers and worked in many comedy shows. It includes one of the most popular TV series of all time, The Office.

Career As A Podcaster

Andrew is a producer and host of a podcast known as Whiskey Ginger. In the podcast, he interviews his friends that he made in the entertainment industry while drinking Whiskey. He has had many notable guests on his podcast, like Bobby Lee and Lil Dicky. Bobby Lee is also the husband of podcast host Khalyla Kuhn.

Santino's podcast Whiskey Ginger can be watched on his verified Youtube channel @AndrewSantinoWhiskeyGinger. His channel has crossed over 298k subscribers. In addition, his podcast is available on Apple podcast and Spotify.

Andrew is also the co-host of another podcast, Bad Friends, available on similar platforms. He hosts the podcast with his close friend Bobby Lee and has over 565k subscribers on Youtube.


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