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Thu Mar 09 2023
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Not all of them can achieve enough fame right after their birth unless you are a celebrity kid. Angel Iris Murphy Brown is one of them who came to prominence because of her celebrity parents.

Born in California, Iris, Angel is the daughter of famous American singer Melanie Brown a.k.a Mel B. and biological father Eddie Murphy, a renowned comedian. 

Angel Murphy's Personal life

Murphy is just 12 years old and focused on her studies. She gained all the limelight because of her parent's popularity. More to that, she is one of the favorite star kid of paparazzi who loved to capture her.


Besides, Angel shares a good bonding with her half-siblings, three brothers: Miles Mitchell Murphy, and Christian Murphy, and Eric Murphy, and four sisters, Bria Murphy, Zola Ivy Murphy, Bella Zahra Murphy and Shayne Audra Murphy and often spends quality time with them. As of now, she is living with her mother Mel B and her second husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Angel's Parents' Marital Affairs

The celebrity kid like Ronan Anthony Villency parents are well-known figures worldwide. Her mother Mel B is an American singer, who is also recognized as the former member of Girl band Spice Girls, and her father Eddie Murphy is a comedian, producer, and actor. 

Angel Brown's father Eddie Murphy and mother Melanie Brown
Angel's biological father and mother

Eddie and Melaine first started dating in 2006. However, Brown's father and mother decided to split before she was born. By the time Angel was born, Melaine was living a married life with her second partner Stephen Belafonte in 2007. 

Mel B, however, could not last her relation with Stephen for more than a decade.


Mel B's daughter became a part of a debate when she claimed that Eddie is the biological father of the little Brown. However, Eddie denied the statements given by Melanie. 

As the pair were divorced in 2006, December, Eddie said the journalist of the Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard that the unborn child will not be proven as his child until her paternity test.

On 22nd June 2007, the DNA test revealed that Eddie is the biological father of Angel, and he had to pay $35 thousand per month as child support until her 18th birthday.

Additionally, Mel B also mentioned that Murphy is doing great as a father of Angel. Eddie shows his love and cares for his youngest daughter.

Ex-Father Demands Visitation Rights over Angel Brown

Stephen made an issue to meet his step-daughter, Angel Brown. He also cited Mel B avoiding him to make contact with Angel. 

Angel with her sister, mother and step-father Stephen Belafonte
Melanie with her second partner Stephen and her children
source: Zimbo

He also added that Eddie is the biological father, but he did not give much attention to Angel like Stephen, where he has played the role of a father holding the responsibility. Eddie, moreover, supported his ex-wife Mel B to avoid Stephen to meet Angel. 

Later, Melaine allowed, Stephen, to visit Madison, but she did not let Stepehen tp meet with his step-daughter.

The Net worth of Angel Murphy Brown's parents

Angel's parents are very wealthy when it comes to their earnings and wealth. Brown's father Eddie has huge assets of $120 million and her mother Mel B has a total fortune of $33 million. 

It is more than another celebrity child Olivia Lou Sykes' parents Wanda Sykes and Alex Niedbalski, with a total net worth of $6 million and $3 million respectively.

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