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Wed Feb 02 2022
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Angus McRaney is the son of famous American television and film actor, Gerald McRaney who was born on August 19, 1947, in the United States. 

Angus is in the limelight not because of his own talent but because of his renowned father, Gerald who has already gained popularity in the movie industry. Angus's nationality is American. 

Who are Angus McRaney and his family?

Gerald is a famous actor from the American film industry and he is well known for his character in the show 'This is Us'. For more than five decades he has made a significant contribution to the film industry and television for that show. He performed admirably in this show, which is widely regarded as his best to date. He has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards consistently and has even won the award for this show in 2017.

Gerald McRaney wearing black suit with a yellow tie.
Angus McRaney's father Gerald McRaney and his stepmother,  Delta Burke. Photo Source: Close Weekly

Angus on the other hand is just a son of Gerald and became popular from his father's fame. Angus is a very secretive person and he has not disclosed his date of birth and any relevant pictures on social media. Angus has two siblings. One is his sister, Jessica McRaney, and the other is a half-sister, Kate McRaney, from his father’s second marriage.

His father Gerald McRaney dating history

Gerald has married three women in his life but Delta Burke is the only woman in the whole world with whom he is married. For 31 years they have been devoted to married life and that journey started during a guest appearance on his show, Simon & Simon where the romantic couple first met on March 27, 1987. 

Gerald McRaney posing in a suit and a golden tie.
Gerald McRaney posing at a party with his wife. Photo Source: IMDb

Beverly A. Root is the first wife of Gerald where the couple exchanged their vows in the year 1966 and they were blessed with two children, Jessica McRaney who is the daughter and, Angus McRaney who is the son. 

Angus's biological mom is Beverly but he has been staying with his stepmom for over 31 years. In 1981, he became involved with Pat Moran. This relationship lasted eight years, ending in 1989.

Is Angus McRaney married or still Single?

Well, Angus is a very secretive person. So, it is hard to tell about his personal life. Also, he has never disclosed anything about his love life on social media sites. 

It seems that he is living a happy and single life. In the coming days, he will surely involve in the relationship with the girl he wanted to date.

Controversies and Rumors of Angus

Angus has never been through any controversies and rumors until now because he is very sensitive about his personal life and does not want to mix his personal life into his professional life. 

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