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Mon Sep 18 2023
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Aniela Gumbs is the real name of the actress who plays the role of Zola Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy. With her amazing character portrayal, she has become one of the most well-known American child artists.

Gumbs's popularity as Zola is also evident by her large fan following on her Instagram, i.e. more than 192k. How is the young child artist handling such fame, let's know about it as we explore her life details.

Is Aniela Gumbs Dating? 

Well, Aniela Gumbs does not seem to be dating at the moment She is too young to be involved in a romantic relationship for now. Yes, the Grey's Anatomy actress is in her early teenage days and thus prefers to spend time with her friends and family rather than seeking any relationship. 

Aniela Gumbs parents wedding picture.
Aniela Gumbs's parent's wedding picture. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Speaking of Aniela's parents' intimate bond, their connection has been strong since day one of the wedding. The American child artist, Gumbs, wished her father and mother a lovely marriage anniversary on July 28, 2020. She captioned it;

"7/23 Happy Belated Anniversary to my awesome parents"

Insight Aniela Gumbs Bio/Wiki

Born on February 14, 2009, in the United States, Aniela Gumbs is currently in her early teenage days in terms of age. Gumbs celebrates her birthday every year on Valentine's Day in the presence of friends and family. She is the daughter of TV Producer Richard Gumbs and his wife Gena Sexton Gumbs.

Aniela Gumbs in her pre-school graduate outfit.
Aniela Gumbs in her pre-school graduate outfit. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Being the daughter of a TV producer, Gumbs got an early ticket to appear on the screen. At the age of 4, Aniela first appeared in Grey's Anatomy as Zola and since then she has loved acting so far.

The American child artist has balanced her professional life and education. Although she has not disclosed the school, Aniela has shared an image of studying on the set via her Instagram. Gumbs has got all A's in her middle class and is proud of her academic excellence.

Gumbs graduated from pre-school in May 2015 and started as a first grader in the same year. As of 2023, she might be in the eighth grade.

Look At Aniela Gumbs Family Ties & Bonds

Aniela Gumbs's family consists of her parents and two siblings. As aforementioned, she is the daughter of TV producer Richard Gumbs who is credited for Partner in Rhymes, Family Time, Ghetto Soldiers: Ghetto Life, and many more.

Aniela Gumbs family picture.
Aniela Gumbs family picture. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Speaking of Aniela's mom, Gena Sexton Gumbs, has been a member of Stage 32 since June 2015. It is an online platform for connecting talented entertainment industry personalities. In Stage 32, Gena works as a writer and a manager.

With the looks of it, one can say the Gumbs family is one of the busiest families out there. Nevertheless, they do find time to spend some family bonding time. The Grey's Anatomy actress has posted a family picture with the caption; Nothing like a family!

Are Aniela Gumbs Siblings Into Acting Too?

Aniela Gumbs is the youngest child of Richard and Gena She has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. Aniela's older brother Khamani Gumbs is into acting but sister Dani Gumbs has not shown any interest in acting since her appearance in TV Series M.A.S.H in 2012.

Aniela Gumbs's brother Khamani Gumbs was also in Grey's Anatomy.
Aniela Gumbs's brother Khamani Gumbs was also in Grey's Anatomy. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Khamani Gumbs was born on August 1, 1998, in Oakland, CA. He made his acting debut in the 2003 movie Daddy Day Care. Additionally, Aniela's brother has credits for All Of Us and Are We There Yet?

Actually, Khamani himself has appeared in Grey's Anatomy. Do you recall the tragic loss of the 10-year-old patient from Wallace, Arizona in Season 6? It turns out, that was none other than Gumbs' brother, Khamani.

Aniela Gumbs's Bonding With Siblings

Like most siblings, Aniela Gumbs shares a close bond with her brother and sister just like Dustin McCurdy. It is evident in her picture with Khamani and Dani Gumbs on Instagram with sweet captions.

Aniela Gumbs big brother Devon Flounroy's graduation day.
Aniela Gumbs's big brother Devon Flounroy's graduation day. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Aniela is closer to her older sister. On July 5, 2023, Gumbs wished Dani a heart-touching happy birthday. Similarly, the American child artist shared a pic of getting carried by Dani after she was tired.

Did you know that besides Khamani, Aniela has another older brother? Yes, his name is Devon Flournoy. It appears Devon is a half-brother of Gumbs and can be seen in the family picture. Flournoy graduated from college on May 15, 2015.

Aniela Gumbs's Reel Family: Zola Shepherd Parents

Introduced in the Seventh season of Grey's Anatomy, Aniela Gumbs plays the role of Zola Shepherd. She was born Zola Limbani and was adopted by Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. They are two of the main characters of the show.

Emily Pompeo, who plays the role of Zola's mother in the series has been very supportive of Aniela. The Child artist revealed that Emily gave her acting advice and how to present herself which has been very helpful throughout the series.

Aniela Gumbs and Emily Pompeon hugging each other.
Aniela Gumbs and Emily Pompeo hugging each other. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

Shepherd is often seen interacting with other characters, including her adoptive siblings Ellis Shepherd and Bailey Shepherd. Throughout the series, Zola's character provides an opportunity to explore various themes related to adoption and family dynamics.

In the case of Zola's siblings, Bailey and Ellis, both of them are portrayed by twin actors. Ryder and Brody Goodstadt take on the role of Bailey, Zola's younger brother, while Ella and Grace Faris bring Ellis, the youngest of the Grey Shepherd children, to life on screen.

Aniela Gumbs Net Worth: Millionaire At A Young Age

At such a young age, Aniela Gumbs is already a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. Another Grey's Anatomy actor Gaius Charles has a net worth of $500k. Thanks to her exceptional acting skills and recurring character Zola Shepherd in one of the top TV Series Grey's Anatomy, for her enormous fortune.

Starting from 2013, Aniela has appeared in almost 60 episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Likewise, she reprised her role as Zola in TV Series Station 19 in 2023. Besides this, Gumbs does not have any other acting credits; not even for Barbie which many people mistakenly thought she was associated with.

Likewise, Gumbs's father Richard is a TV producer and her mother Gena being a writer and manager makes a good amount of money. So, Aniela is living a comfortable life with her parents in the United States.

What Are Aniela Gumbs Hobbies? 

Most of the time, Aneila Gumbs is busy balancing her professional life and studies. However, when she gets a little free time she loves spending it with her family. Besides this, Gumbs has shown interest in dancing.

Aniela Gumbs serves the community on Thanksgiving alongside her siblings.
Aniela Gumbs serves the community on Thanksgiving alongside her siblings. Source: Instagram @aneilagumbs

Yes, the Grey's Anatomy actress, Aniela, has expressed her love for dance and takes Zumba classes alongside her mother. Looks like the mother-daughter duo both have things for dancing.

Gumbs also utilizes her free time doing community service with her family. Aniela shared an image of Thanksgiving serving the community on November 26, 2016.

Some Lesser Known Facts Of Aniela Gumbs

Question     Answer
saved weather locations on your phone     North Hollywood, Hawaii, San      Francisco, and Virginia
Favorite overused movie quote?     “With great power comes great responsibility.” - Spider-Man
What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?     Tom and Jerry
Celeb idol     Debbie Allen
If you had to be on a reality TV show, what would it be?     Kids Baking Championship
Signed First Autograph on      2015

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