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Thu Feb 29 2024
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Anna Hillinger is an American author who wrote Learning Not to Drown in 2014. Hillinger rose to fame after her marriage to Linkin Park's current leader, Mike Shinoda.

Hillinger is a faithful and supportive wife who helps her spouse at every step of life. Insight Anna's love life with Linkin Park Leader and her net worth as we delve into the life of Shinoda's wife.

Married Life: Who Is Anna Hillinger Husband?

Anna Hillinger is married to an American rapper and musician, Mike Shinoda. Mike is the co-founder of rock band Linkin Park. Hillinger has been Shinoda's wife for more than two decades now. 

Mike Shinoda and his wife Anna Hillinger.
Mike Shinoda and his wife Anna Hillinger. Source: Pinterest

Mike and Anna tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony on May 10, 2003. Like most celebrities, Hillinger has chosen to keep her married life away from the media.

Anna has, however, kept a picture of her with Mike on Instagram. There are also no rumors regarding divorce and extramarital affairs.

Mike Shinoda & Anna Hillinger Kids

From their nuptials of two decades, Mike Shinoda and Anna Hillinger are parents of a son. Anna's first-born child is Otis Akio Shinoda, who was born in 2006.

Anna Hillinger is now a mother.
Anna Hillinger is now a mother. Source: Pinterest

Like their married life, Mike and Anna have been very secretive of their children. Some internet tabloids say Shinoda has twin children too.

Anna Hillinger Net Worth: Know Mike Shinoda's Wife Riches

What is Anna Hillinger's Net Worth? Well, Mike Shinoda's wife has a net worth of $500 thousand, which is similar to celebrity husband, Andrew Lococo. In addition to this, she also enjoys a massive fortune worth $65 Million. 

Mike Shinoda's former Beverly Hill house.
Mike Shinoda's former Beverly Hill house. Source: Velvet Ropes

Hillinger primary source of income is her writing works. She is an author who writes on Young Adult topics. Likewise, Anna has published several books under her name, which earned royalties for her. 

Anna has not talked about her real estate ventures and investments. Shinoda, on the other hand, $7.95 million on a newly-built mansion in Encino, California, in 2019. He also owned a $7.4 million mansion in Sherman Oaks, California.

Anna Hillinger Books

As aforementioned, Anna Hillinger is an author. She writes about young adult topics. People noticed her work first in the 2014 novel Learning Not to Drown.

Anna Hillinger and Mike Shinoda holding her book.
Anna Hillinger and Mike Shinoda holding her book. Source: Instagram @annashinoda

The 2014 Learning Not to Drown is a tale that follows a young girl's battle to maintain her identity within a turbulent and dysfunctional family. People gave positive reviews on her work and has ratings of 4.8.

The book is being sold on many online platforms. Amazon sells the book for $8.99 for Kindle, $17.99 for Hardcover, and $11.99 for paperback.

Discover Anna Hillinger Age, Parental Background, and Early Life Insights.

How old is Anna Hillinger? Well, Mike Shinoda's wife was born on November 7, 1977, in Los Angeles, California. Anna is the daughter of Zita Marie Hillinger (mother) and William Robert Hillinger (father). Mike Shinoda is the son of Donna Shinoda.

Anna Hillinger in an angel dress with her brother. Source: Instagram @annashinoda

Hillinger has a brother who was in and out of prison. Shinoda's wife was a bookworm ever since she was a child. Anna used to climb high into the tree branches to read and dream stories.

Such a learning enthusiast must be well-educated, right? Yes, Shinoda's wife graduated from Long Beach State with a Bachelor's in communication studies.

Anna Hillinger Charity Works & Music For Relief

After marrying Linkin Park leader, Anna Hillinger has helped to manage the band's non-profit Music for Relief both within and out of the United States. Via Music for Relief, many people have received help in need.

In addition to this, Hillinger also serves as a senior advisor to The Campaign to Change Direction. Anna is a mental health advocate and has helped people to be aware of mental health.

Anna Hillinger Shared A Heartbreaking To Chester Bennington

On July 20, 2017, Linkin Park band member Chester Bennington died by hanging himself. It was a tragic moment for all the members. Anna Hillinger also shared a tribute to Bennington via her Instagram.

Hillinger, who is a close friend of Bennington's wife, Talinda, also said that Chester was a man with a good heart. She wrote

You thought with your heart; Passion guided every step, movement, decision, moment.

"A heart that big couldn't help but to love so fiercely, hurt so fiercely.

"You were love and magic and joy."

Anna Hillinger and Chester Bennington's wife Talinda.
Anna Hillinger and Chester Bennington's wife Talinda. Source: Instagram @annashinoda

In an interview, Mike Shinoda said that his initial reaction was anger when he got the news of Bennington's death. He also added that no one knew about his mental health issues of Chester. One day he would be happy and the other day would be angry.

Anna Hillinger Is A Pet Lover

Like Alan Ritchson, Anna Hillinger is a pet lover and has affection for them, especially for dogs. Her husband, Mike Shinoda, also shares similar feelings for it.

Anna Hillinger is a dog lover.
Anna Hillinger is a dog lover. Source: Instagram @annashinoda

Anna has three dogs named Ralph, Jasper, and Misty. She thinks of them as her own children as well as her close companions. Hillinger celebrates their birthdays on September 18 every year.

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