Anne Hathaway's Husband and Children: Hathaway's Married LIfe!

Thu Jul 27 2023
By   Prajwol

The entertainment world is full of lovey-dovey couples and one such interesting love birds are Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman.

Hathaway's husband has been an inspiring figure in the actress's life. Anne never gets tired of gushing about her lovely husband. So, how is their married life going? Let's find out.

Adam Shulman & Anne Hathaway Met In 2008

Anne Hathaway met her spouse in April 2008. Both of them were at the Palm Springs Film Festival. 

Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman met in 2008.
Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman met in 2008. Source: Instagram

During the time, the Devil Wears Prada actress was coping with her recent breakup. Meeting Shulman, Anne found solace in his arms. Soon, the couple started dating each other which led to their marriage.

Remembering their first meeting, Anne said:

"I knew from the second I met him that he was the love of my life."

Adam Shulman Became Hathaway's Husband In 2012

She came to me actress Anne Hathaway walked down the aisle with Adam Shulman as a husband-wife duo in 2012. The intimate wedding ceremony in Big Sur, California marked the beginning of their special marital journey.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman married in 2012.
Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman married in 2012. Source: Pinterest

Was there any notable guest on Hathaway and Shulman's marriage? Well, the romantic couple exchanged wedding rings in a low-key wedding. Only close friends and families became witnesses to Adam and Anne's important moments.

More than 150 guests were invited to the wedding. It also had a rehearsal dinner at the Ventana Inn and Spa. Anne was looking stunning in the custom-designed wedding gown by Valentino.

How Is Anne Hathaway's Married Life Going With Spouse Adam Shulman?

Since 2012, Shulman and Hathaway are tied in the holy marital bond. It has been nearly a decade and the couple does not have any rumors of extramarital affairs and divorce.

So, based on this, it can be said that the married life of the Devil Wears Prada actress is going strong with her spouse Shulman. While Anne and Adam are quite romantic, they tend to keep their love life a secret.

Devil Wears Prada actress often talks about her dating life in interviews. She feels lucky to have Adam as per husband. As per Anne: 

“I’m so delighted by [Adam]. He’s all the things you want a partner to be. I so find joy in his presence.”

Anne Hathaway's Husband Is A Great Father Too!

From their nuptials more than a decade, the American actress Anne Hathaway is the mother of two kids. Both of Hathawy's kids are sons named Jonathan Rosebanks and Jack Shulman.

Jonathan Roseline Bank, born in March 2016, was named after her grandmother Roseline. Not only that it also pays homage to Adam’s mother’s maiden name. Likewise, Anne and Adam welcomed their youngest son in December 2019.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman taking their kid on a walk.
Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman take their kid on a walk. Source: Hello Magazine

Being a mother is a great joy to Eileen actress. Hathaway even said she want to welcome as many babies as she can afford. Looks like, Anne and Adam are not stopping at Jonathan and Jack.

Well, Hathaway's husband has been a great father to their child. He is always inspiring them as well as taking care of them. Adam enjoys every aspect of fatherhood even if it is changing the dirty diapers.

Hathaway's Husband Helped Her To Overcome Trust Issues

Anne Hathaway was in a relationship with Italian property developer Raffaello Follieri. However, it came crashing to an end in the summer of 2008. The former couple met in 2004 at a dinner via a mutual friend like Paris Bell.

Things were going all good until Follieri got caught up in the huge legal mess. He was accused of being a fraud and doing money laundering. Hathaway's trust was broken after finding this. 

Raffaello and Anne broke up 10 days before he was sentenced to prison. Following her split, the American actress had thought of remaining single for some time but she met Shulman and rest is the history.


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