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Wed Jul 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Antwon Tanner

Wife : Nic Theories
Antwon Tanner is in a material relationship with Nic Theories.

Antwon Tanner is a popular actor known for Coach Carter (2005) and his reoccurring role in the UPN sitcom Moesha, including a drama series, One Tree Hill as Secret.

Tanner is 5 feet 9 inches (179 cm) tall with a body weight of 74kg. He is bald and has black eyes with a blunt nose. Antwon was born on April 14, 1975, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. So, it is obvious that he holds American citizenship.

Does Antwon Tanner Have A Tattoo?

Coach Carter actor Antwon Tanner is an excessive tattoo lover, so he has inked his arms and chest, which looks very good on him. The tattoo on his right arm looks like the cross sign of Christianity and Jesus Christ. 

 Antwon Tanner with his son after work out, where he is showing his tattoo as wel
 Antwon Tanner with his son after a workout, where he is showing his tattoo as well. Source: Instagram @antwontanner

Antwon's tattoo features a long vertical beam with a shorter horizontal beam closer on top. He has also inked a tattoo around his chest that extends to both his shoulders. 

Antwon Tanner Went To Jail: But Why?

One Tree Hill actor Tanner has gone through a great controversy as he was sentenced to jail. In a string operation, he exchanged more than a dozen social security numbers with the private detective.

Antwon Tanner playing golf at the charity event.
Antwon Tanner playing golf at the charity event. Source: Instagram @antwontanner

On top of that, he was also charged $10,00 on April 16, 2009.

Later, he was also sentenced to jail for more than three months and needed to report to prison by April 30, 2010. Except for this, there are no records of his rumors and controversies.

The Early Life Of Antwon Tanner

Tanner was born in the 1970s in Chicago, United States. Although he was born in Chicago, he was raised in Sunnyvale, California, by his aunt, Lisa, and grandmother.

Antwon Tanner's childhood picture with a red coat and a bow tie
 Antwon Tanner's childhood picture with a red coat and a bow tie. Image Source: Instagram @antwontanner

However, he has not talked much about his early life in any media for the time being.

Antwon Tanner: Educational Background

The Parkers actor Tanner completed his basic education in 1993 and joined Rosemead High School to pursue his higher education. 

He was very much into games and sports during childhood, but he stopped playing games after graduation as he grew interested in music.

Furthermore, to give continuity to his music, he joined Corliss and Kings High Schools to harness his musical ability and started learning there.

So How Rich Is Antwon Tanner?

Never Die Alone actor Tanner has been in the acting field for a long time and has collected names, notaries, and good net worth. He enjoys a net worth of $2 million, like actor Damien Dante Wayans.

He has access to such an amount through his successful career as an actor and director. Tanner lives a luxurious lifestyle, but there is no accurate information regarding his car, house, assets, and other luxury items for the time being.

Antwon Tanner's Parents & Relatives

Tanner was born to a mother, Christine Collins, and a father, Jet Tanner. However, details regarding his parent's professions are still behind the curtains.

Antwon Tanner with his mother Christine Collins, grandmother, and stepmother Wanda Faye t
A combined picture of Antwon Tanner's family. Source: Instagram @antwontanner

However, we can see many pictures of his aunt, Lise, on his Instagram handle. It is because he is close to his aunt since he grew up with his aunt. 

Nic Theories: Tanner's Wife

Antwon Tanner is married to his girlfriend Nic Theoriesas per the source on Instagram. Although he has made his relationship public, he kept his wife's name private. 

However, he shared a picture of his wife on her birthday where he quoted:

I would like to wish my other half. My queen. My best friend, my beautiful wife, had a very happy birthday. I hope this day is as special to you as you are to me. I love your boots. Happy birthday.

Antwon Tanner posing with his wife by wearing a red T-shirt.
Antwon Tanner posing with his wife. Image Source: bio gossip

Keeping all these aside, the romantic couples are blessed with four children two daughters and two sons. They are living a very happy life together with their children now.

Antwon Tanner: A Father of Four

Black Jesus actor Tanner and his wife are blessed with four kids. Of four children, two are sons, and two are daughters. 

Shimmery and Hilary are daughters of Tanner, whereas Twon and Jess are their sons. He posts a lot of images of his children on his Instagram account. 

A catch over here is that his social media post proves that his wife and children have a prominent place in his life.

Tanner's Relation With Grandmom

Besides Tanner's parents, he is seen as very attached to his grandmother. He has also shared many photos and videos of her daily activities on his Instagram handle. 

 Tanner with his beloved grandmother and aunt Lisa
  Antwon Tanner with his beloved grandmother and aunt Lisa. Image Source: Instagram @antwontanner

Moreover, he has not shared any personal information regarding her, but it looks like they have a very good bonding with each other. 

Antwon Tanner: Career Outset

Antwon Tanner started his acting career in the movie Sunset Park as Drano, released in 1996. This movie brought a drastic change to Tanner's acting career.

After this movie, he was approached for many films. The movie Moesha was also released, receiving a very positive response from the viewers.

Actor Antwon Tanner's picture from one of his popular movies, One Tree Hil
 Actor Antwon Tanner's picture from one of his popular movies, One Tree Hill. Source: news.amomama

Besides movies, Tanner has also appeared in TV shows, including One Blood, Percentages, Shifting Gears, Who Can Run To, The Carmichael Show, Black Jesus, and Lucifer.

Leisure Activities

 As mentioned earlier, Antwon Tanner was fond of sports during high school. He used to get engaged in playing outdoor games a lot.

However, after graduation, his mindset changed suddenly, and he started getting interested in music and acting.

Antwon Tanner with his basketball in his early schooling.
Antwon Tanner with his basketball in his early schooling. Source: Instagram @antwontanner

Interestingly, Tanner still loves playing basketball during his free time. He also loves traveling as he has shared many photos on Instagram.

Rather than this, he also loves to spend quality time with his wife, children, nephew, and Aunt Lisa.

Antwon Tanner: A Pet Lover

The Wood Movie actor Tanner is a pet lover. On his official Instagram, he has shared many pictures with cats and dogs of different breeds.

Antwon Tanner carrying a baby jaguar
Antwon Tanner carrying a baby jaguar Source: Instagram @antwontanner

He says he loves spending time with animals but has not officially updated about his pet.

Active On Social Media 

Like most celebrities, Tanner is also very active on social media, like Tylen Jacobs Williams

He has his official Instagram account, @Antwon Tanner, with 244k followers. Tanner is super active on his Twitter account @antwon_tanner. He has amassed more than 88.7k followers. 

However, he is not actively present on Facebook and Tiktok.


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