Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia Dating? Know Their Relationship!

Sun Feb 14 2021
By   ruku

Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia Dating? Know Their Relationship!!!

Bad Bunny shared the photos of his new music video. Yes, his new music video is on the way. For the video, he has collaborated with Rosalia. As they have been working together, the dating rumors sparked again. 

However, they are not dating. Yes, you read it right; they are not having an affair with each other. Firstly, the picture convinced everyone that they are in a romantic relationship. But, they are not. However, that does not mean that they are single. 

Who is Bad Bunny Dating? 

Last year in the mid-2020s, Bad Bunny aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio disclosed that he was dating Puerto Rican model Gabriela Berlingeri

Bad Bunny and his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri
Bad Bunny and his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri
Image Source: Press Form

Initially, he revealed that he was dating in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He said, "Yeah, I feel love." While explaining what matters to him in a relationship, he added:

Trust, but the important thing is always to be yourself and be … open and be honest always. You have to be honest from the beginning and yourself... never pretend to please them.

The couple went public about their relationship on 3 April 2020. Bad Bunny shared a video of him kissing his girlfriend being in a drag get-up. 

It was later known that he was dressed up as a drag for his music video "Yo Perreo Sola." 

And, as expected, Bad Bunny's fans were devasted by the news. One of his fans showed their feeling towards him on the very Instagram post. One fan commented: The hardest thing I have ever watched in my life. Several other followers agreed with him. 

Who is Rosalia Dating?  

Rosalia, aka Rosalia Vila Tobella, is currently reported to be single. It is rather correct to say that the Spanish singer-songwriter lives a very private life. FYI, previously, Rosalia dated fellow rapper C. Tangana

Rosalia and her ex-boyfriend C. Tangana
Rosalia and her ex-boyfriend C. Tangana
Image Source: Sound 

They were together for two years, from 2015 to 2017. During their relationship, the ex-couple worked on several profit-making music videos. But sadly we heard the news regarding their breakup which actual reason for their split is still unknown. 

Bad Bunny and Rosalia Dated Previously?

Fans got all hyped up when Bad Bunny and Rosalia posted some pictures hanging out in April 2019 with the caption "creo que me enamoré 💖" (I think I fell in love). Similarly, Rosalia also shared of them hugging

Bad Bunny and Rosalia: The Rumored Couple (photo shared back in April 2019).
Bad Bunny and Rosalia: The Rumored Couple (photo shared back in April 2019). 
Image Source: Instagram @ rosalia.vt 

Soon, the Bad Bunny and Rosalia saga started without them knowing. The rumors were cleared in the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards. When Rosalia was asked about what she thinks of Bad Bunny and the photos that they shared, she said: 

"No, come on! He's a friend. He's a good friend. And it's cool, the picture, right?"

Later, the same month, they re-confirmed that they are just friends in Interview Magazine's Rosalia's Q&A with Bad Bunny

Rosalia asked: "What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about you?". Bad Bunny answered: "That you and I are 'bad bunnies!' They have me p*ssed off with that."

So what do you guys think about Rosalia's relationship status? Either it's confidential or she is just waiting for the prince charming. We hope you enjoyed the article, do follow MarriedCeleb for freshly brewed contents.

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