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Ariadna Gil, the partner of Famous American actor, Viggo Mortensen is a star in her own right. She has gained recognition for her notable roles in films such as Belle Époque, Black Tears, and Pan's Labyrinth. She was once married to the talented Spanish filmmaker, David Trueba.

Ariadna is a successful actress who comes from a renowned family of lawyers, artists, and sociologists. She was born Ariadna Gil Giner on 23 January 1969 to her father August Gil Matamala, and her mother Isabel Giner San Julián. As per Spanish name rules, her legal name is Ariadna Gil Giner.

Ariadna's place of birth is in the Catalan region of Spain in the Barcelona district. She has European Ancestry from her parents as they are both Spanish and Catalan. Both sets of her grandparents suffered from the Spanish Civil war and both families were vastly affected by the war which ended in 1939.

Ariadna Gil Has A Rich Ancestry

It is no secret that Ariadna is the daughter of a famous and respected lawyer. But her ancestry is much more vast and interesting and even well-connected. 

Ariadna's maternal grandfather, Ricard Giner Roque was a Spanish citizen who fought in the Spanish Civil war. He once had to cross the Pyrenees and enter France during the end of the unrest. Ricard was a dear friend of the prominent Catalan and Spanish philosopher José Ferrater Mora.

Ariadna Gil with long-term boyfriend, Viggo Mortensen.
Ariadna Gil with long-term boyfriend, Viggo Mortensen. Source: COPE

Ariadna's maternal uncle was the famous European sociologist, Salvador Giner. He was a Catalan citizen who was prominent as an emeritus professor and a distinguished figure in the field of sociology in Spain. He was also a student of the political philosopher and Holocaust survivor, Hannah Arendt.

Ariadna's children are also Spanish Cinema royalty. Their paternal uncle is the famed Oscar Winning director Fernando Trueba and their aunt is the amazing producer Cristina Huete.

Ariadna Gil's Relationship Status: Was There A Love Triangle?

Ariadna is in a long-term committed relationship with actor Viggo Mortensen. Viggo is most known for playing the role of Aragon in the Lord of the Rings trilogy opposite British actor, Sir Ian McKellen. Ariadna and Viggo have been in a relationship since 2009 and appear to be going on strong.

Ariadna has previously married the talented Spanish filmmaker and author David Trueba with whom she shares two children, Violeta and Leo. The ex-pair married in 1993 and split up in 2008. The couple allegedly broke up due to hectic personal schedules.

The Aragon Actor Was The Cause Of The Divorce

Rumors suggest that in 2006, Ariadna Gil was charmed by Viggo Mortensen in Alatriste when she was still married to David Trueba. Viggo is often referred to as the dynamite that imploded Trueba's marriage with the Spanish beauty. Even an author, Javier Cercas has written a novel loosely based on the love triangle.

However, Gil and Trueba have maintained an amicable bond and kept things cordial for their children. Trueba has always taken the high road and refused to badmouth the current couple. In fact, he has once praised the Aragon actor as a good and charming fellow.

About Boyfriend Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is a successful Danish-American actor, author, musician, photographer, and painter. He was born on October 20, 1958, in New York City to a Danish father and an American mother. He grew up in Argentina, Denmark, and the United States, and speaks English, Spanish, Danish, and French fluently.

Mortensen other notable film credits include Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, and Captain Fantastic. In the Spanish historical war film Alatriste, he played the titular role of Captain Diego Alatriste. He is also a talented swordsman and a stuntman. 

Pictures of Ariadna Gil's romantic partner, Viggo Mortensen
Pictures of Ariadna Gil's romantic partner, Viggo Mortensen. Source: IMDb 

Apart from his acting work, Mortensen is also a gifted poet, photographer, and painter. He has authored several books of poetry and exhibited his photography and paintings in galleries worldwide. He even opened the Perceval Press publishing house to engage more writers. 

Mortensen has received numerous accolades for his acting, including nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Additionally, he has earned several awards for his poetry, photography, and paintings.

About Ariadna Gil's Ex-husband David Trueba

Araidna's ex-husband, David Trueba, was born on September 10, 1969, in Madrid, Spain. He has the renowned Spanish film director Fernando Trueba as his brother. He is a Spanish filmmaker and author, known for his compelling works. 

Trueba has earned him a reputation as one of the most significant filmmakers of his generation in Spain. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including accolades for his work in both film and literature.

Ariadna Gil's ex-husband, David Trueba.
Ariadna Gil's ex-husband, David Trueba. Source: WikiData 

Trueba started his career in the 1990s as a film critic and screenwriter and later started directing. He made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed film The Good Life in 1996. His film Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados won six Goya Awards, including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

Trueba is also an accomplished author, having published multiple novels that have won national and international recognition. Some of his most notable works include Four Friends (1999), and Saber Perder (2008), both of which won Awards in Spain. He has written articles and essays for various newspapers and magazines and worked as a television presenter.

Ariadna Is A Mother To Two Kids

The celebrity wife Ariadna is a proud parent to her two children, Violeta Rodriguez Gil and Leo Rodriguez Gil. Despite their split, Ariadna and Trueba have an amicable co-parenting relationship.

A 2018 picture of Adriana Gil's daughter, Violeta Rodriguez.
A 2018 picture of Adriana Gil's daughter, Violeta Rodriguez. Source: Vanity Fair

The children often spend time with their extended families and have a lot of artistic influence. Violeta is an upcoming actress and dancer who has written screenplays. She goes by her screen name, Violeta Rodriguez.

Ariadna's current partner, Viggo is also a parent. From his former marriage to actress and musician, Exene Cervenka he has a son named Henry Mortensen who is also an actor,

Net Worth - How Rich Is Ariadna Gil?

Ariadna Gil has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Her family background is affluent due to her parents' success and connections. She also works as an actress and has made a name for herself and continues to excel.

Ariadna's famous boyfriend, Viggo Mortensen is also very wealthy. He has a fortune of $40 million, which he made from his strong and ongoing acting career. He also owns a publishing company and was in many high-profile commercials.

Also, Ariadna's ex-husband, David Treuba was also quite well off and had a fortune of $5 million similar to the 13 Reasons Why Australian Actress, Katherine Langford. He has a reputation as one of the most significant filmmakers of his generation in Spain.

About Ariadna's Famous Father 

Ariadna Gil's father, August Gil Matamala, is a prominent Spanish human rights lawyer and activist. He was born on September 19, 1934, in Barcelona, Spain, and he studied at the School of Fine Arts in his hometown.

Gil is known for his lifelong commitment to political activism. He is a member of PSUC (Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia) and later focused on left-wing independence. While studying law at the University of Barcelona, he was involved in the student movements and founded the first university cell of PSUC in 1956.

Ariadna Gil with her father, August Gil Matamala.
Ariadna Gil with her father, August Gil Matamala. Source: Public

Gil's father was actually a councilor of the Sallent City Council for the UGT and culture commissioner during the war as an affiliate of the PSUC. Sadly, due to the war, many families were split and he had to take shelter in France.

In fact, Gil Matamala's father's own brother Ramon was one of the militants of the Africanist army who came to occupy Barcelona. This happened days after his birth in 1934 and Ramon had met Gil Matamala just days earlier.

Activism And Highlights Of Ariadna's Father's Career

In the 60s, Gil Matamala brought his ideas to practice and became one of the most prestigious labor lawyers in Barcelona.  He worked to support political and trade union causes and fought against human rights violations. 

During the Franco regime, Gil became even more famous for defending people who were being treated unfairly, such as workers and politicians from different groups. The defendants included militants of the PSUC, members of the Workers' Commissions, and various autonomous groups.

Later, Gil left the PSUC and worked toward the freedom of the Catalan area into an autonomous governing state. He and his family, including Ariadna, firmly supported The 2017 Catalan Independence Referendum.

Gil Matamala is currently part of the Barcelona City Council's Evaluation Commission for people who were retaliated against by the late Franco regime. The fall of the Franco Regime was something he deeply wanted. 

Who Are Ariadna's Brothers?

Ariadna has two brothers named Ricardo "Ricky" Gil and Alberto Gil. The three children were raised mostly by their mother Isabel Giner as their father was a very hard worker. He was often busy with his law career and activism.

The kids have chosen to not follow in their family's footsteps and instead choose to pursue entertainment as a career. Ariadna is a successful actor while her brothers are musicians.

Ariadna Gil's two brothers, Ricardo "Ricky" Gil (left) and Alberto Gil.
Ariadna Gil's two brothers, Ricardo "Ricky" Gil (left) and Alberto Gil. Source: Facebook

Actually, Ariadna started out as a singer with her brothers Ricky and Albert Gil in their band, Matamala. She later went to acting while her brother continued as musicians and even opened their own record label Al·leluia Records

Ariadna's brothers are currently members of the band Brighton 64 and actually celebrated their forty years as a band.

Career Highlights

Ariadna was trained in theatre, film, and violin and went to the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. When she was seventeen years of age, she was featured on the cover of an innovative magazine from Catalonia. 

Ariadna later worked with regional theater groups. She was on local TV channels in Catalonia and taught Catalan language classes on Catalan TV.

Ariadna on the other hand started out as an actress in the 1980s. She gained recognition in the 1990s with roles in critically acclaimed films such as Lágrimas Negras. She has collaborated with renowned Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, starring in his movies All About My Mother and Talk to Her.

Gil has also made appearances in various television series, including Gran Hotel and Pulsaciones. Her talent has earned her several nominations for Goya Awards, of which she has won three, for her roles in Belle Epoque, Lágrimas Negras, and Soldados de Salamina.

Appearance - How Tall Is Ariadna Gil?

Ariadna is an attractive brunette with a height of 5 ft 8 in. She has kept her hair long and often shows off her European bone structure. Her weight is estimated to be about 65 kg.

She has brown eyes along with a pale complexion which stands out from her dark hair. She has an elegant demeanor with a slim body shape.


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