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Hog Farming (1939)
Sun Nov 13 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Arnie Bielema

Wife : Marilyn Bielema
Arnie Bielema married to Marilyn Bielema on 1959.

Arnie Bielema is a celebrity father. He is also reported to be a former basketball player. He is the dearest father of great American football coach, Bret Bielema. Bret is an outside line breaker coach and defensive assistant.

Arnie was born in 1939 in Union Grove, Whiteside, Illinois. He is 6 ft and 1 inch (170 cm) tall. Bielema has light brown hair with grey eyes that perfectly match his athletic body type. 

Who is Bielema?

Bielema is an American citizen who is renowned for hog farming in his hometown. He is a very hard-working person who never gives up in any situation. 

Bielema hails from Illinois where he has a huge hog farm. Most of the Illinois natives are familiar with him.

Who Are Arnie's Parents?

Bielema was born to his father Richard Bielema, and his mother Henrietta Bielema. He is very close to his family and often visits them. 

There is no recent news about the professional lives of Bielema's parents. They might be living a retired life. Further, we have not been reported about their demise too.

Bielema's Wife

Bielema is happily married to Marilyn Bielema who was the then honorary co-chair of the 2014 Annual Komen Ozark Race for the Cure. She is also a three-time breast cancer survivor and is a supporter of breast cancer awareness at present.

Arnie Bielema in a black t-shirt with his wife in a red top.
Photo of Arnie Bielema with his wife (Source:

The Bielema couple took vows in the year 1959. It has been over six decades that the pair have been married and are still cherishing their togetherness.

Bielema's Siblings

Arnie does not have any siblings. He is the only child of his parents and was raised alone. Further, he was accompanied by his friends and neighboring kids in his childhood.

Apart from that, his childhood days were very cheerful. He was brought up in a well-to-do family.

Career Outset of Bielema

As mentioned earlier, Bielema is a hog farmer who is widely popular in Illinois. He is the owner of a big hog farm. After completing his academics, Arnie began his career in animal farming at a young age.

Gradually, he researched deeply and found out that ranging piggies would yield more production and benefit him financially. Therefore, he adopted it, and with his techniques and knowledge, Bielema expanded his farming industry soon.

Where Did Bielema Graduate From?

Bielema is a well-educated person. He completed his high school education at a renowned high school in Illinois. Later, he graduated from a state university with some majors.

Even though his university's name and majors are not made public, Bielema has a good knowledge of life skills and hg farming.

Net Worth of Arnie Bielema

As of March 2022, Bielema is the sole owner of $3 million constituting all of his luxuries and incomes. His main source of earning is his farm.

Apart from that, his son Bret has a total net worth of $8 million ensued from his sports and coaching vocation. 

Arnie's Children

Bielema has five children from his wife. Their names are Besty Bielema, Brandi Bielema, Bart Bielema, Barry Bielema, and Bret.

Arnie Bielema in a white shirt with his wife and children.
Photo of Arnie Bielema with his family (Source:

All of his children are engaged in their respective fields. However, he is best known for the deeds of his son Bret.

Arnie Bielema on Social Media

Arnie is not available online. He does not have accounts even on common social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, he is absent on Wikipedia as well.

However, his son Bret has a presence on social media. He is followed by more than 241.2k followers on Twitter.

Bielema's Grandchildren

Briella Nichole Bielema is the granddaughter of Arnie. She was born on 8th July 2017 at 4:44 AM. Nichole was 3.54 kgs (7.8 lbs) at the time of her birth.

She was born to her father Bret and her mother Jennifer Hielsberg.

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