Arzaylea Rodriguez

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Mon Sep 25 2023
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Arzaylea Rodriguez has caught people's attention for being the lover of late rapper Lil Peep. They are intrigued to know if she left her former partner Luke Hemmings to be with Lil by any chance. 

Rodriguez's personal life has always been the subject of curiosity to her fans. 

Explore Rodriguez's Relationship Status: Who Is Her Boyfriend? 

In recent times, Arzaylea Rodriguez doesn't have a boyfriend and isn't seen sharing a relationship. She has likely kept the details under wrap from the prying eyes of the media and the public. 

Arzaylea Rodriguez with her former boyfriend Lil Peep.
Arzaylea Rodriguez with her former boyfriend Lil Peep. (Source: Youtube)

However, it can't be denied that she previously shared a romantic relationship with late rapper Lil Peep. They first meet each other at one of Lil Peep's show stops in Los Angeles.

Rodriguez and Peep's romance soon blossomed in no time and they started dating in 2017. Her popularity on the digital platforms also skyrocketed as Lil Peep was her boyfriend at that time. 

Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived, and were together for only two months after dating. The reason behind their demise was the untimely demise of the rapper Lil Peep in 2017. 

About Arzaylea's Late Boyfriend, Lil Peep

Gustav Elijah Åhr popular was the stage name Lil Peep was a popular American rapper. Born on November 1, 1996, he tragically passed away on November 15, 2017, leaving fans devastated. 

Lil Peep's music was a unique fusion of hip-hop, emo, and punk. His music was characterized by its raw emotional content. He received his breakthrough from the mixtape Lil Peep Part One.

He solidified his status as a rising star by releasing his debut album Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 in 2017. He openly addressed topics like mental health, drug addiction, and heartbreak in his lyrics which made him unique. 

Unfortunately, his life was cut short by an accidental overdose of fentanyl and generic Xanax. He died on November 15, 2017, on his tour bus before a scheduled performance in Tucson, Arizona.

Peak On Rodriguez's Former Relationship

Arzaylea Rodriguez previously shared a romantic life with Luke Hemmings. Likewise, her former partner Luke is a member of the music band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke Hemmings with his fiance Sierra Deaton.
Luke Hemmings with his fiance Sierra Deaton. (Source: Instagram @ lukehemmings)

Rodriguez and Hemmings broke up in the spring of 2017 after cheating rumors surrounded the two celebrities. Luke's friends stopped following Arzaylea on social media after their split. 

The exact reasons are not unveiled and both haven't officially disclosed the details. Yet, it was rumored that Arzaylea cheated on Luke to share a relationship with the rapper Lil Peep. 

Moving ahead, Hemmings shares a relationship with Sierra Deaton confirmed from J-14. They had their engagement in June 2021 but are tight-lipped if they have broken up or are still together. 

Breaking Down Rodriguez's Net Worth: Her Wealth & Income Assets

Arzaylea Rodriguez is estimated to have a net worth of  $100K as per GH gossip. She is a social media sensation and is probably earning through her social media career like Fiona Palomo.

Arzaylea Rodriguez enjoys a lavish life with a net worth of $100K.
Arzaylea Rodriguez enjoys a lavish life with a net worth of $100K. (Source: Instagram @ arzaylea)

As per Arzaylea's Instagram bio, she is a graphic artist and art director. The lady may also generate some money through sponsored posts and brand advertising on her social handle,

Rodriguez is quite private regarding her personal life including her income sources. The social media star hasn't revealed any details on her real estate properties and other income assets. 

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Lil Peep had a net worth of $300K at the time of his passing. He made this fortune mostly through her successful rapping career in the music industry. 

Explore Arzaylea's Bio/Wiki And Family 

Arzaylea Rodriguez was welcomed by her parents on October 19, 1994, in Austin, Texas. She wasn't the only child who also shared a brother named Azrael and a sister named Aliezah.

Arzaylea hasn't shared the names of her parents peeking through the internet. However, her father is a businessman who owns Tunes Headphones and is involved in the music industry. 

The Internet star Arzaylea spent her spent her childhood with siblings in Austin, Texas. She is of Puerto Rican descent but further details on her early life remain vague for now. 

How Often Does Arzaylea Stay Active On Social Media?

Arzaylea Rodriguez being a social media personality often stays active on social platforms. Through her social page, she connects and interacts with fans on a more personal level. 

The Instagram post was shared by Arzaylea Rodriguez.
The Instagram post was shared by Arzaylea Rodriguez.  (Source: Instagram @ arzaylea)

Moreover, Rodriguez can be found active on the social media sites like Instagram. The lady's Instagram page is available under the username @ arzaylea with over 370K followers. 

On Arzaylea's Social handle, you can get some insight into her personal life and other updates. By being active on social media, she has become a popular figure on the internet.

Rodriguez Physical Appearance

Arzaylea Rodriguez is known for her striking physical appearance captivating the public. She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches similar to the actress Kylie Jefferson.

Arzaylea has colorful and intricate hairstyles with long, flowing hair. She possesses a petite and slender frame that she proudly flaunts in her photos and videos. 

Rodriguez's face is graced with a natural beauty that requires minimal makeup to accentuate. She also has several tattoos inked on her body which can be glanced through her social media.  

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