Ashley Thompson - Peyton Manning's wife

Sun Sep 15 2019
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Peyton Manning, the former footballer is connecting with his fans after the retirement through TV commercials. Sports fans take a great deal of pride for their team and player they support. They always want to sneak peek into the players' personal life.

He married his college sweetheart and it's been years the couple is sharing this amazing bond with each other. But who is his wife?

Peyton's wife Ashley Thompson is his college lover!

When you are destined to be together, it happens regardless of anything. In this case, Ashley found the man of her life because of her next-door neighbor.

Ashley Thompson (left) and Peyton Manning (right)

Yes, the neighbor introduced Peyton Manning to Ashley Thompson and they felt an instant connection. Peyton was still a blue-chip recruit and had not made it big yet. The couple, however, went on a few dates and soon they knew they were made for each other.

Their Intimate Wedding Ceremony

On March 17, 2001, Manning arrived at the venue in a tuxedo to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend Ashley. Ashley Thompson walked down the aisle in a white wedding gown to marry her lover.

Peyton Manning (right) and Ashley Thompson (left) at their wedding 

Prior to that, the couple did not announce their engagement to the fans because of the ongoing football season. So, the wedding pretty much came as a surprise for the fans. According to Peyton's father,

"Peyton didn't want it to be a story during football season, so they kind of keep it quiet".

He further added,

"It's a pretty big wedding, probably 600 people or so".

Ashley Thompson (in the middle) with the guests at the wedding ceremony

Though it was a big ceremony with so many guests, they managed to keep it pretty intimate. Peyton's teammates accompanied him at the nuptials with their family. Even after eighteen years to the matrimony, love between the couple is still intact.

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Ashley Thompson is the mother of two children!

By giving birth to two children, Thompson added more delight to the Mannings family. She gave birth to twins. 

Yes, the couple was blessed with two children, one in the form of their daughter and one as a son. Mosley Thompson Manning and Marshall Williams Manning completed the family.

Peyton Manning carrying his two children 

The children have a pretty normal life and unlike other star kids as they are rarely in the spotlight. Ashley and Peyton keep their children away from any media exposure because they believe in their children having a normal childhood.

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Ashley Thompson's Golden Heart!

Right from her childhood, Thompson was very passionate about charity and giving back to the community. During her high school, she volunteered for a program called Service over Self

Through the program, she helped renovate the homes for less fortunate people. Ashley has not left this habit of doing the good deed even today. Together with her hubby, she started a foundation called Peyback Foundation.

Ashley Thompson at a charity event

Through this, the couple helps and supports children at risk by helping them to gain leadership skills and providing growth opportunities. Not just that, the woman with a golden heart is also involved in raising funds for breast cancer research program.

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