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Sun Jan 22 2023
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Bailey Sok is a Korean-American dancer who gained popularity at a very young age. She is only eighteen years old and has already worked with some big artists like Red Velvet, Taeyang, Seulgi, and Jimin from BTS.

Sok's dance first came to people's attention through the reality show America's Got Talent. She arrived at the show as a member of the dance group called Buns & Roses. She has also appeared in World of Dance, another popular reality show.

What Is Sok's Net Worth?

Bailey Sok's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She makes a living doing what she loves. Dancing is her main source of income. She has performed and choreographed with top artists like Seulgi, Taeyang, and Red Velvet. This paid her well and made her more popular, making more people want to work with her.

Bailey also makes money through numerous brand deals. Her biggest deal is with Nike's clothing brand and Sneakers, and she is often seen promoting their products.

The Nike sneaker is in all white as Bailey Sok is dancing in the beach.
Bailey Sok in a promotion for Nike (Source: Bailey Sok Instagram @baileysok)

Besides that, Sok also makes money through social media. Her biggest source of revenue is her YouTube channel. Her youtube channel mainly focuses on dancing, but she has also uploaded vlogs, mukbang, day in my life, and other kinds of videos in the past.

About Bailey Sok's Relationship Status

Bailey Sok is currently single, and it doesn't look like she will get into one anytime soon. It hasn't been long since she turned 18, so the relationship is not her biggest concern. 

For now, Sok is focused on making her career. She already has a lot of dance experience despite being so young. And her career will only go uphill from here. It will be a while before we see her in a relationship with someone.

Sok's Mother Is A Former Miss Korea

Sok's mother is Judie Sok, a former Miss Korea. It remains to be known when Judie was given this title, but she and her mother share a very good relationship. Her father's identity remains to be disclosed. 

Judie Sok can be seen holding a crown on her head in this old picture.
Bailey Sok's mother, Judie Sok (Source: Twitter @Baileysok1)

Even Bailey has hardly ever talked about her father and also hardly has any pictures on her Insta page. She once wished her father's day on her Insta, but the picture she posted was from behind, completely hiding his face. So we are yet to know what her father looks like.

Sok's First Kpop Choreography Was With Red Velvet

Sok's first K-pop choreography was with the Red Velvet. She is known for having worked with numerous top Korean artists today, but it started with the Red Velvet song, Psycho. She was only 15 years old at the time. And she only started teaching dancing to others when she was 14.

Red Velvet is a Korean girl group comprising five members. Their super popular song Psycho was choreographed by Sok and Mina Myoung and is the group's biggest hit. The song has managed to gain over 355 Million views on YouTube alone.

Bailey Has Two Sisters

Bailey Sok has two sisters; they are Brittney Sok and Kylie Sok. She has a good relationship with both of her sisters. Brittney, however, lives a quiet life, and there isn't much of her presence. But Kylie is just the exact opposite.

Bailey, Brittney, and Kylie Sok are posing for the picture with their shades on, and Brittney and Kylie are holding coffee in their hands.
Bailey Sok (middle) with her sisters, Brittney Sok (right), and Kylie Sok (Source: Judie Sok Instagram @judiesok)

Kylie is active on the media and has even made a few appearances on Bailey's YouTube channel. These two have done a Mukbang video on Youtube. It remains to be known what Bailey's two sisters do for a living. But Kylie is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton.

Sok's Career Led Her To Be Homeschooled

Sok's career led her to be homeschooled. In the eighth grade, her parents decided their daughter was homeschooled. They took this decision because The Pulse on Tour led her to miss many school classes.

It's no secret that Sok started dancing at a very young age. This led to a lot of fame and success, but it also meant her work would come in the middle of her education, which it did. Hence, she was homeschooled. Poor Sok missed out on normal childhood, but her career is going great, so it worked out in the end.

A Brief On Bailey's Dancing Career

Bailey fell in love with dancing at a very young age. She started dancing when she was just around three years old. One of her first dancing teachers was Molly Long. She worked with her dance group, Bun and Roses

And this is where Sok first announced herself, with an appearance in America's Got Talent. People loved Bun and Roses, and Sok, in particular, was one of the fan favorites. She is a hip-hop dancer, but she has also trained in Jazz, tap, lyrical, and ballet, as per Little Dancers Fandom

Bailey Sok is wearing a black hat and a white jacket as she is dancing with two male dancers in her background.
Bailey Sok, in her dance choreography of TITANIC by Jackson Wang ft. Rich Brian (Source: Bailey Sok YouTube Channel)

Sok also became a trainer and started teaching other kids at a very young age. Not only has she taught in her home country, but she has worked abroad as well. She has taught in countries like Australia, France, Japan, Portugal, and even her ancestral homeland, Korea.

Sok is still young and has already worked with some of the top music artists today. She has worked with musicians like Janet Jackson, Steve Aoki, Jason Derulo, Marshmello, and KSI. Starting with humble beginnings, she is a living example that hard work does pay off.

Bailey Loves Acting

Without a doubt, Bailey loves acting. Dancing may be her first love, but that doesn't mean she won't try new things. She has also turned herself into an actress and has worked on several projects.

Sok's IMDb page says that she played the role of Sara in The Neighborhood Kiddos. She also featured in two episodes of the show Truth Be Told. However, her biggest work so far is easily her debut work. She played the role of Viv Anderson from the show Zoe Valentine. She was featured in the nine episodes of the show.

Sok Has A YouTube Channel

Sok has a youtube channel @BaileySok. The content of her channel revolves around dancing. Her youtube channel has over 370,000 subscribers as of now. Her choreography of the song Titanic by Jason Wang ft. Rich Brain is her most popular video, having over 2.5 Million Views.

However, Bailey's content is not all dancing. She also has put up nondancing videos on her channel like, Mukbang with her sister, ASMR, A Day In A Life, or sharing some of her major life events with her fans, like driving for the first time.

Social Media Presence

Sok is present in social media. She is on Instagram and Twitter. Her Insta page and Twitter handles are @baileysok and @Baileysok1. Instagram is her go-to platform, as she is more active there than anywhere else on the Internet.

Bailey posts almost every day on her Instagram; however, her Twitter has been inactive for a while. Her Insta content revolves around dancing. She uploads collaborations, her works, or just general fun posts on her Insta page.


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