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Tue Apr 25 2023
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Barney Harris is an English actor known for the role of Mat Cauthon in The Wheel of Time, although he is no longer part of the show's cast. He was replaced by actor, Dónal Finn. Some of his other recognizable works include Starboy, Clique, and The Hollow Crown.

Harris stands at a height of 6 Feet (183 cm) and has a body weight of 171 lbs (78 kg). The reason behind his quitting The Wheel of Time remains a mystery at this point. Let's learn a bit more about him.

Relationship Status: Barney Harris Is Single

Barney Harris is enjoying his life as a single man at the point of this writing. Same height as Torrance Coombs, The 6 feet tall actor is fully focused on his career, friends, and family at the moment. 

Barney Harris is on a hoodie, wearing a headphone and speaking in the mic.
Barney Harris in an interview with The Dusty Wheel (Source: The Dusty Wheel YouTube Channel)

Harris is a private man when it comes to relationships. That's why he hasn't revealed information about his love life as the details of his previous relationships have also been kept under wraps. 

Plus, the actor has deleted all of his social media accounts which makes it even more difficult to learn about him.

Net Worth Of Former Wheel Of Time Actor

Barney Harris has an estimated net worth of $500,000, which isn't a lot but it should be taken into account that he is relatively new in the film industry. Acting is his main source of income and The Wheel of Time has been the biggest project he has landed in his career so far.

Harris was part of The Wheel of Time for the first season. The money he was paid for the show is not known yet but the show's budget was around $80 Million with each episode costing around $10 Million to make.

Body Measurements

Harris keeps himself in good shape as evidenced by his body measurements of 43-32-36 Inches. The actor can also be called tall for a Hollywood standard as he has the same height as an actor, Jonathan Daviss, i.e., 6 Feet (183 cm). His height is complimented by his slim body which weighs 171 lbs (78 kg).

Barney Harris is holding mugs as he is walking.
Barney Harris in The Wheel of Time (Source: YouTube)

Billionaire Boys Club actor, Harris wears a shoe size of 7(US). One more distinct feature of his body is his face. And that is his blue eyes, something that you don't find commonly in people. Being involved in the showbiz industry you have to take good care of yourself, which he surely does.

Has Done A Bit Of A Writing

Barney Harris is known for his acting, but he also has a writing talent. He has previously written a short film as mentioned on his IMDb page. He has previously co-written a short film called Melodie Saviour. It was a 2019 musical film, directed by Harry Bowley.

Harris co-wrote this film with Maxim Baldry, who also acted in this short film with five minutes of run time. Baldry played the role of Melodie Saviour. Although the film might be short, it did help us to learn that the actor possessed writing skills too.

Why Barney Harris Left The Wheel of Time?

Harris left the show, The Wheel of Time following the end of the first season. It was a shock to the fans of the show to learn that he was leaving despite getting good receptions from the fans and critics alike. The reason behind his leaving remains a mystery as the actor has chosen to not disclose it.

Barney Harris has his hands on his chin as he is reading the paper.
Barney Harris in The Wheel of Time Roundtable (Source: YouTube)

The news of The Hollow Crown actor, Harris leaving was a shock because of how random the whole thing was. He left despite the first season doing well as mentioned above. Also, the actor deleted all of his social media accounts and even the show's makers and his castmates never talked about it.

Some speculate that something must have happened on the show which led to him quitting. While others believe the reason probably isn't that complicated. Either way, we will only find out once Harris himself opens up about his decision. Dónal Finn was brought in as his replacement to play Mat Cauthon.

What Inspired Harris To Get Into Acting?

Barney Harris didn't develop a love for acting as a kid like many top actors. It happened much later in his school, thanks to a play called Jerusalem. He was cast in the play by the school and that was when he decided to make a career as an actor.

Screendaily has mentioned in their article what Starboy actor, Harris said about his acting journey. The article mentioned him saying that the feeling he felt while doing the scenes on the stage like he was the character is what made him fall in love with acting.

A Brief On Harris's Acting Career

Harris is relatively new in the film industry as the English actor is trying to make a name for himself. He has been active in the industry since, 2015, with the film, All Road Leads To Rome. The movie starred Sarah Jessica Parker. He played the role of Tyler in the film.

Harris's next role happened in, The Hollow Crown, the show that also included actors like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. He was featured in two episodes of the show as Ned. He continued his acting career with films and shows like A Brixton Tale, Brighton Beach, Clique, and Billionaire Boys Club.

But, the biggest role of Harris's career happened in 2021 with Amazon's series, The Wheel of Time. The show starred Solo Uniacke's mother, Rosamund Pike. His performance as Mat Cauthon was widely appreciated. 

Is Harris Present On Social Media?

Harris is not present on any social media platform but, he used to be active on the internet. Brighton Beach actor left quietly without announcing to anyone that he was leaving. So, it means that the reason why he left remains a mystery to this day.

WhatCulture has mentioned in their article that Harris deleted all of his social media accounts near the end of 2020. He used to have a presence on Instagram and Twitter. His fans have also speculated that he probably never wanted to use the platform and forced himself to do it as he used to constantly delete his posts.


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