Benjamin Zephaniah's Relationship and Married Life With Amina Zephaniah

Tue Feb 08 2022
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Benjamin Zephaniah and Amina Zephaniah were the talk of the town when they get married. The famous writer and Dub poet Zephaniah were on the top of The Times list of Britain's top 50 post-war writers in 2008.

Amina Zephaniah was the theatre administrator by profession and used to look after the theatre and its administrative work.

When did Zephaniah and Amina got married? 

The famous writer Benjamin Zephaniah and Amina Zephaniah tied the knot in the year 1990 in March 70 after dating each other for a couple of years.

The lovely couple hit the headlines when they got married. The Dub poet's personality was quite unmatchable for the love and romance due to which the fans and well-wishers were amazed to hear the news of his marriage.

Benjamin Zephaniah wearing black coat, pant and  white shirt and hat
Benjamin Zephaniah was captured wearing a black coat pants and hat and cross locket. Photo source: Birmingham Live

How did Zephaniah and Amina meet each other?

The famous poet of Britain Zephaniah and Amina met each other at the theatre. Zephaniah was there for his plays and Amina was the staff of the theatre.

The lovely couple sees each other and falls in love after their first meeting and finally tied the knot.

Did Zephaniah and Amina have any Children?

The lovely couple Zephaniah and Amina did not give birth to any of the children biologically with their togetherness.

Their plan about the adoption and surrogacy to have children also did not come to any of the media.

Is Benjamin and Amina got Divorced?

The participant of Britain's top 50 post-war writers Zephaniah got divorced from his wife in the year 2001.

 The lovely couple got divorced after eleven years of their togetherness as a husband-wife.

Benjamin Zephaniah and his ex wife Amina Zephaniah posing for a photoshoot.
Benjamin Zephaniah with his ex-wife Amina Zephaniah posing for a photoshoot. Photo source: Married celeb  

What was the reason for Benjamin's and Amina's divorce?

The lovely couple could not make their relationship after a few years of marriage too and finally got separated. 

They got separated due to the violent nature of Zephaniah. He never had a loving nature in his love life. He blamed his rearing and the mindset he was raised for with his behavior.

He admitted that he hit and abuse her in his interview with the BBC news media. He added in the media that he was growing up in a family where he learned to be violent as his father used to abuse her mother.

Is Zephaniah single these days?

Benjamin Zephaniah is single these days. He become single after he got divorced from Amina.

He has finally moved on after his divorced and so his ex ex-wife then got involved in his own poetry and plays.

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