Berry William Borope Robinson

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Wed Mar 06 2024
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Berry William Borope Robinson is widely known for being a celebrity child. He is the firstborn and most awaited kid of the Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Claudette Roger. Moreover, Robinson was a blessing to the couple.

Besides being a celebrity kid, Berry is an actor and producer. However, he has maintained a low-key profile and stayed out of the spotlight. In this article, get to know Robinson as we explore his life details.

Who Is Berry William Borope Robinson Wife?

Berry William Borope's wife is a media-shy personality just like him. She has not revealed her identity to the public. In addition to this, the Big Time actor has not introduced his better half himself.

Smokey Robinson with his firstborn child, Berry William Borope Robinson.
Smokey Robinson with his firstborn child, Berry William Borope Robinson.
Source: Closer Weekly

Moreover, Berry's private social media account has added a layer of enigma around his romantic life. In contrast to this, his father, Smokey Robinson, has a well-documented married life and dating history.

Yes, Smokey married twice in his lifetime. Currently, he is in a blissful nuptials with Frances Gladney. Similarly, Robinson had dated several individuals, including Diana Ross and Kandi.

Berry William Borope Robinson Has Twins Children

While Berry's marital life is not public knowledge, it is known that he is a father of twins. He has a son named Thomas and a sister named Alexis Robinson. The children are the vivid image of their father.

Berry William Borope Robinson with his twin kids and parents.
Berry William Borope Robinson with his twin kids and parents.
Source: Pinterest

Smokey Robinson was spotted spending time with his twin's grandchildren during a May 2013 soccer game. Berry is proud of her kids.

Alexis played lacrosse in her high school. Meanwhile, there is no information about Thomas, just like his mother.

Robinson's Parents' Married Life

Smokey Robinson and Claudette Rogers first met in 1957 while working together in the music group The Miracle. The relationship blossomed between the pair, leading to marriage in 1959.

Ex-couple Smokey Robinson and Claudia Robinson photographed together.
Ex-couple Smokey Robinson and Claudia Robinson photographed together.
Source: Pinterest

Berry William Borope Robinson's parents were head over heels for each other. The two decided to increase their family. However, despite several attempts, Claudette could not conceive children.

In fact, Berry's mother had seven miscarriages. Their married life later came to an end in 1986 after the songwriter's infidelity. While married to Claudette, Smokey began dating Diana Ross.

After the separation from Rogers, Robinson got engaged with Ross briefly. Later, he fell in love with Frances Gladney and married her.

Berry William Borope Robinson Is A Blessing To Motown Legends

Born in 1968, Berry is in his mid-50s in terms of age. He is the firstborn child of Motown legends, Smokey Robinson and Claudette Rogers. Moreover, he was a blessing to the then-married couple.

Smokey and Claudette were planning to expand their family. However, the first lady of Motown was having a problem conceiving a child. In addition to this, the Being With You singer revealed that his then-wife suffered from seven miscarriages.

Tamla Claudette Robinson's childhood picture alongside brother, Berry Robinson, and their parents.
Berry William Borope Robinson's childhood picture alongside his sister, Tamla Robinson, and their parents.
Source: Instagram @indigobloo

Born a miracle to the ex-pair, Robinson received lots of love from his parents. He was named after the original Motown record label’s creator, Berry Gordy.

Gordy is also his godfather. Some articles found on the internet suggest that the Motown legends' firstborn was born through surrogacy. However, there is no official confirmation from Smokey and Claudette.

A Look At Berry William Borope Robinson Net Worth

Berry William Borope Robinson has not disclosed her official net worth. However, based on her lifestyle and profession, she may have a fortune worth $100k. Nonetheless, He was born into a rich family.

Robinson's father, Smokey Robinson, boasts a net worth of $150 Million. Besides a successful music career, he has invested in the wine and skincare business. Similarly, Claudette Roger has a $1.2 Million net worth.

Smokey's firstborn has decided to make a fortune on a separate path from their parents. He is into acting and producing movies rather than involving in the music industry like his parents.

Robinson's Showbiz Career

As aforementioned, Berry Robinson has briefly set his foot in the showbiz industry. He is a producer and an actor with a credit for each in his IMDb profile. Robinson is the associate producer of the documentary The First Lady of Motown: The Claudette Robinson Story

Similarly, Berry graced the screen with his appearance in the 1977 movie Big Time. He played the role of a Ring Bearer in the movie. 

Berry William Borope Robinson Siblings

While Berry is the firstborn, he is not the only child of the Motown legends. He has a sister named Tamla Claudette Robinson and a half-brother named Trey.

Tamla is the only sister of Berry. She is the princess of her brothers, who love her very much. She was born in 1971, i.e. three years after Robinson.

Tamla Claudette Robinson and her brother, Berry Robison, share a frame together.
Tamla Claudette Robinson and her brother, Berry Robison, share a frame together.
Source: Instagram @indigobloo

Similarly, Trey was born from Smokey's extramarital affair with Kandi. Due to his illegitimacy, he does not appear much in the public. However, he has a good relationship with Berry and Tamla.

Berry receives wishes from her sister, Tamla, on his birthday every year. She refers to him as a cool and crazy person.

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