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Wed Mar 29 2023
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Blake Avery Gilmartin is a lucky child to have not one but two celebrity parents. Both her mom and dad are famous. She is the daughter of a political personality Kayleigh McEnany and a baseball player Sean Gilmartin.

Blake celebrates her birthday every year in November. She was born on November 2019. At such a young age, she has gained a fan following and is loved by the couple's fans.

How Did Her Parents Meet?

Blake Gilmartin's parents have known each for a long time. The two first met in 2015 and have been since together. Kayleigh McEnany met her future husband Sean Gilmartin when he was playing for the Mets. 

The two took their relationship to the next level when they officially put a wedding ring on each other's fingers on November 18, 2017. She took to Twitter to announce her marriage to the baseball star she tweeted some pictures of their wedding with the tweet that read:

Married the love of my life @GilmartinSeanon Saturday, and @rodrigorvphotocaptured it beautifully!! What an amazing photographer. Couldn't be happier with how these turned out. Can't wait to see the rest!

They are in the dining hall taking a picture.
Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin at their wedding (Source: Twitter @kayleighmcenany)

Blake Avery Gilmartin's Parents Can Afford To Give Her A Luxurious Life

Blake Gilmartin's parents have made a huge wealth in their respective fields. They might not be as rich and famous as movie actors or musicians, but they have made enough that they can afford to give their daughter a good life.

Her mother, Kayleigh McEnany's estimated net worth is believed to be the same as actress Denise Gordy at $1 million. Her work in politics and the White House and also through the news channel Fox News has helped her to earn a fortune.

Her father, Sean Gilmartin has also made a huge fortune through his Baseball playing career. His net worth is believed to be $3 million. He commanded a huge salary at one point with the player averaging an annual salary of more than $550 thousand.

In the April of 2021, the couple also put their house located in Tampa Bay up for sale. The price they had put for acquiring the property was $1.1 million. They purchased the home in 2017 for $650 thousand. Christina Arangio has a $1.1 million net worth earned from her career as a Reporter.

Who Is Blake Avery Gilmartin Father Sean Gilmartin?

Kayleigh McEnany's husband, Sean Patrick Gilmartin is an American professional baseball player. He hails from Thousand Oaks, California, and was born on May 8, 1990.

Her mom is holding her as she is surrounded by American flags.
Blake Gilmartin with her parents Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin (Source: Instagram @kayleighmcenany)

Sean announced himself to the MLB in 2015. He spent around four years playing in the smaller leagues before that. He has played for Baltimore Orioles, and New York Meets, but people mostly recognize him from his time with Tampa Bay Rays.

He currently is not on the baseball pitch, however, as the man has been a free agent since November 2, 2020. Sean is currently invested in his family and raising the kids.

Blake Is About To Be A Sister

Seems like Blake Gilmartin might have to share the love of her parents with her brother's baby soon. Kayleigh and Sean are about to have a new baby soon.

We aren't providing any inside information here. Everyone knows about the baby. It is because she announced the gender reveal of her baby on television. 

On July 18, 2022, she announced the gender of her baby through Fox News (the news channel she currently works in). She announced that she would be doing a gender reveal through Twitter where she tweeted:

Today’s the big day for our little one’s GENDER REVEAL on @OutnumberedFNC @FoxNews! Tune in as @GilmartinSean, Baby Blake, & I share the big news at the end of the 12 pm ET hour! 

Her Tweet was met with a mixed reception. People were divided (as is the case with almost everything on Twitter). Not to anyone's surprise, the right wingers sided with her whereas the left-wingers attacked her for assuming the baby's gender.

Kayleigh McEnany Is Actively Involved On Politics

Kayleigh McEnany is a popular figure among American Conservatives, particularly the supporters of former US President Donald Trump. She is remembered for her time in the White House.

She served as the White House press secretary for the then President Trump. She joined from April 2020 to January 2021. Although she wasn't the first press secretary in Trump's administration (she was the fourth), she became an instant hit among many people for her amazing debates, talking with facts and figures, and dealing with the press especially when the whole office was attacked by the media during the BLM movement.

She is standing behind the podium addressing the crowd.
Kayleigh McEnany at her first White House briefing (Source: Instagram @kayleighmcenany)

After the impeachment of the 45th President of the United States, she left office and currently has been working at Fox News. She joined the news channel on March 2, 2021. The blonde currently works in the show Outnumbered which she co-hosts alongside Harris Faulkner and Emily Compagno.

She Works In A Controversial Fox News

Kayleigh has been unpopular among many people because of her association with Fox News. Historically, Fox News has been a disliked figure among many liberals. The hate only got fueled by the arrival of Donald Trump in office.

Her joining the news channel didn't do any favors for her. Not just among left-wingers, but even a few right-wingers who had started to grow a bit of distaste with the news channel started to dislike her. She used to be popular among many right-wingers.

You might be wondering why right-wingers hate the news channel. It happened after the way they handled the impeachment of Trump. When even Fox News cut off her addressing the capital riots incident. This is why few were shocked that she said yes to the same news channel that cut her off.

Blake's Mother Wants Her To Grow In Trump's America

Kayleigh has decided on the environment she wants her daughter, Blake Avery Gilmartin to grow up in. She wants her daughter to grow up in Trump's America. She brought this up while talking on the third night of the Republican National Convention. She served in the White House as the Press Secretary then.

She stood in front of the podium, talking about Trump's America. As expected, people were divided over here between Trump supporters and Haters.

Harvard Students Attacked Kayleigh

Blake Avery Gilmartin's mom Kayleigh once found herself dealing with Harvard University students. They asked the University to revoke the degrees of those Harvard graduates who were Trump supporters. Kayleigh has worked as a Press Secretary of Trump and is a Harvard University graduate, was also included in this petition.

The petition was called "Revoke Their Degrees." The list included also included big names like Ted Cruz.

She is seen wearing a pink scarf in the picture.
Kayleigh McEnany talking to Fox Business on Harvard Petition (Source: Fox Business)

Kayleigh, while speaking to Fox Business, addressed the situation. She said that she would take on Harvard if they entertained the petition and implemented it.

Kayleigh graduated from Harvard Law School in 2016. She had announced her graduation through her Facebook with pics of her degree and wrote:

At 12 years old, I visited Harvard Law School and vowed to graduate from this institution. Today, my dream came true!


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