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Actor (2007)
Wed Apr 26 2023
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Bodhi Sabongui is one of the rising names in the world of cinema. Bodhi is an American actor known for playing Amon Tomaz in Black Adam. Sabongui comes from a family of actors, as he is the son of Patrick Sabongui and Kyra Zagorsky.

Sabongui stands at the height of 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm). His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Bodhi also has a sister, working in the industry named Ashé Sabongui

Relationship Status: Is Bodhi Sabongui Seeing Anyone?

Bodhi Sabongui is a single man for now. The actor is investing in his career instead of being in a relationship. Sabongui is still a teenager since he was born in 2007, and getting into a relationship is the least of his worries.

Bodhi Sabongui is standing on the ledge of a building showing his biceps.
Bodhi Sabongui at the Warner Bros Studios (Source: Bodhi Sabongui Instagram @bodhisabongui)

Bodhi is very quiet when it comes to his love life. He has kept it away from the eyes of the public. Hence, there are no records of his previous relationships (if any). 

Outside work, Sabongui's time goes on hanging out with his friends and family. Aside from his career, Bodhi shares his love for sports on his Instagram.

Sabongui Parent's Are Actors Too

Sabongui isn't the first one in his family to have stepped foot into the world of cinema. Both his mother and father are actors themselves. His father, Patrick Sabongui, and mother, Kyra Zagorsky, have been involved in show business for quite some time.

About Bodhi Sabongui's Father, Patrick Sabongui

Patrick Sabongui is an actor popularly known for his role as Captain David Singh in the TV series, The Flash. The actor has more than 100 works to his name. His other widespread works are TV shows like Homeland and Stargate: Atlantis and movies like Godzilla and 300.

Patrick Sabongui is taking a selfie in front of his picture from the sets of The Flash.
Bodhi Sabongui's father, Patrick Sabongui (Source: Patrick Sabongui Instagram @patricksabongui)

Marie-Marguerite Sabongui's brother, Patrick, has been active in the industry since 2002! His first work was the flick titled Redeemer. Besides acting in front of cameras, Sabongui works as a stunt performer. Moreover, he has also taken on assistant director roles in the past. 

A Bit on Bodhi's Mother, Kyra Zagorsky

Kyra Zagorsky is an actress mostly known for her television works. Zagorsky is known for her role as Dr. Julia Walker in the TV series Helix. Besides that, she has also appeared in TV series like, The 100, Arrow, Continuum, and Supernatural.

Kyra Zagorsky is wearing a white dress with designs made from small silver metal-like stuff.
Bodhi Sabongui's mother, Kyra Zagorsky (Source: Kyra Zagorsky Instagram @kyrazagorsky)

Apart from acting, Kyra is also involved in writing and directing works. She wrote short films like Chained, An International Girl, and The Prince. Bodhi's mom directed the latter two. Her incredible work has also landed her a nomination for UBCP/ACTRA awards.

Bodhi Sabongui Has A Sister

Bodhi Sabongui has a sister, and her name is Ashé Sabongui. Ashé has lived a quiet life, away from the limelight, unlike her brother. But, since acting runs in the Sabongui family, it's no surprise that she has also tried her hands as an actress.

Patrick Sabongui is taking a selfie as Kyra Zagorsky, Patrick and Ashé Sabongui.
Bodhi Sabongui with his family, Patrick Sabongui, Kyra Zagorsky, and Ashé Sabongui (Source: Patrick Sabongui Instagram @patricksabongui)

Ashé has previously done a TV film called, A Family Thanksgiving in 2010. She played the role of Alli in the movie. Her mother, Zagorsky, had also worked in this film as Meghan.

This isn't the only time Bodhi's sister worked with her mother as she has also acted in Zagorsky's written and directed short film, The Prince. She has also acted in another short film called 20 Minutes to Life, as per her IMDb page.

A Brief On Bodhi's Acting Career

Bodhi Sabongui has already been successful in doing movies at such a young age. Most of his fame arrived after appearing as Amon Tomaz in the DC film Black Adam. And he bagged this role not too long after stepping foot in such a challenging industry.

Bodhi's first work was given to him by his mother, Zagorsky. He appeared in her short film, The Prince. Black Adam made him famous, but he had already appeared on a DC project in the past. His first proper role was in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow, where he appeared in an episode.

The young actor then worked with his sister Ashé in another short film, 20 Minutes to Life, in 2018. This was also the year he bagged a role in A Million Little Things, the first role that got Bodhi noticed in the mainstream media. Between this show and Black Adam, he appeared in The Main Event and The Baby-Sitters Club.

Net Worth Of Bodhi Sabongui

Bodhi Sabongui's net worth has been estimated to be under $1 Million. He makes money by acting in films and TV shows. The state of his wealth might not seem impressive to some, but Bodhi is relatively new in the industry.

Sabongui has not disclosed the salary he has received for all of the work he has done. But, the most commercially successful film he has been involved with is Black Adam. The film had a box office collection of $168.1 Million, as per Rotten Tomatoes. However, the movie was still a flop.

Loves Football

Bodhi Sabongui loves football, be it watching others play or playing himself. His favorite team remains a mystery, but Bodhi has revealed that his favorite player is Jada Clare Barkley's father, Saquon Barkley from the New York Giants and Jamaal Williams from the New Orleans Saints.

Sabongui has also previously attended the football camp organized by the NFL players Christian Covington, Whitney Mercilus, and Emmanuel Ellerbee. Bodhi has posted pictures on Instagram of him competing in small football tournaments.

The Controversy Surrounding Black Adam

Black Adam is the biggest movie Bodhi Sabongui worked on so far. But most people who talked about the flick weren't interested in the film. Everyone was invested in the controversy surrounding the lead actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Johnson was directly involved in a lot of things related to the movie. He was accused of changes in the story that focused more on his character. He was also blamed for trying to take the film away from the Shazam franchise to develop his rivalry with Superman.

This led to a fallout between DC and Johnson and the movie sequel also being canceled. CNBC has reported that the first film didn't succeed at the box office, and it was one of the main reasons the project was canceled.

Bodhi Sabongui Is On TikTok And Other Social Media

Bodhi Sabongui is also a bit of a TikToker since you can find him on the popular social media platform. He doesn't post at the same rate as a professional TikToker. But he posts on the app for his followers. His TikTok account is @bodhisabongui.

Besides TikTok, the Black Adam actor is also present on Instagram. His Insta page is @bodhisabongui. Bodhi hasn't sued his IG much since the actor hardly posts on the platform. Most of the posts on his page are related to his work and haven't revealed much about his personal life.

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