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Wed Apr 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Bowen Belfort

Girlfriend : Amanda Sadis
Bowen Belfort is in a relationship with Amanda Sadis.

Bowen Boullianne aka Bowen Belfort is the stepson of Jordan Belfort (an American Author and motivational speaker) and the biological son of Anne Koppe. 

Boullianne has two siblings from his stepfather's ex-wife Nadine Caridi: Carter Belfort and Chandler Belfort. 

Career Outset of The Business Aspirant

Growing up under his businessman father's shadow, the surfing devotee was inspired to indulge in the corporate world since his early hood. 

This was the main reason why Boullianne picked Business Marketing as his major.

Bowen Belfort posing in a black cap, leather jacket and a brown pant.
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The 18 years old is working both hard and smart in Australia to create a successful business career leaving his family in Los Angeles.

Net Worth of The Motivational Speaker's Son

Even though the teenager is still studying, he also works as an operation manager at Global Motivation Inc and as a business development manager at Face to Face Training Services.

This way, Bowen Belfort has $500,000 net worth from his business and moving towards a booming enterprise which is similar to Tonya Glanz.

About The Stepfather of Boullianne

Jordan Ross Belfort is a former stockbroker back in 1989. Belfort's trickery behavior knocked him to jail for four years in 2003. The Wolf of Wall Street was published in 2008, describing his prison life.

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street was Belfort's sequel to his first book with the details of his after-jail life.


The interactive media optimizer completed his high school at Mira Coast High School in Los Angeles.

Bowen Belfort smiling in a green cap with his mother Anne Koppe.
Photo of Bowen Belfort with his mother Anne Koppe (Source: Facebook@annekoppe)

The former stockbroker's half-son is pursuing his Bachelor's degree at Bond University, Australia. His majors are Business, Management, Marketing, and Support Services.

Facts About Bowen

Some of the facts about sophomore Boullianne are:

  1. Marketing fanatic Boullianne is fond of volleyball Waterpolo and surfing.
  2. He speaks Spanish fluently.
  3. Belfort is proficient in Business Development, Project Management, and Interactive Media.

Relationships Status

Bowen Belfort is currently dating Amanda Sadis. However, the couple has not revealed anything about their wedding plan.

Sadis is probably a classmate of Belfort. But, she has not exposed anything about her life publicly.

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