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Football player (1992)
Sun May 29 2022
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American football player, Bradley Roby is well known for playing as the cornerback for the Houston Texans in the National Football League (NFL). During his career, he became the Super Bowl champion, All-American with Houston Texans, and received two All-Big Ten titles with Denver Broncos.

Roby was born on 1st May 1992, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States, and hails from African-American heritage. He is the son of Betty Roby (mother) and James Roby (father). Find more about Roby's personal life in the below.

Roby's Current Relationship Status: Single

Houston Texans cornerback, Roby is currently single and keeps his personal life close to himself. Being a star player, he focuses a lot on his career rather than trying to find the perfect partner for himself. But his fans are curious to know if he is in a relationship or not.

Roby is currently focusing on his upcoming football games and chasing his dreams of becoming a successful football player in America's history. He is so passionate and hardworking because of that he doesn't have time for dating or getting married yet.

Bradley Roby and on his right side, Sade Bagnerise
Photo: Former Denver Bronco football player, Bradley Roby rumored to date Atlanta Falcons' dancer, Sade Bagnerise. 
Source: VLAD TV

As per rumors, Roby was romantically linked with an Atlanta based Stripper, Sade Bagnerise. The footballer booked a VIP seat for Sade and flew her out from Atlanta for the game. Many guessed her to be his girlfriend, but Roby cleared the air by proclaiming to be single.

Bradley Roby sitting with a women at the 32nd Annual Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular
Photo: NFL cornerback, Bradley Roby's dating a woman rumors spread widely after attending the Los Angeles, California program on 3rd April 2017 in Los Angeles, California. 
Source: Zimbio

Once again, Bradley was seen with a woman at the 32nd annual Cedars-Sinai sports spectacular program on 3rd April 2017. However, the Houston Texans star player denied the dating rumors and reported to be single until and unless he gets his perfect life partner.

Legal Issues with Addictions

On 24th July 2013, the Bloomington Police arrested NFL cornerback, Roby for misdemeanor activity after an overdose of alcohol. The incident took place at the Dunkirk Bar at 2:40 AM when private security detained him after a conflict with a customer.

Roby later went out of the bar but started to enter back where the security guards stopped him. He started pushing the guards and tried to enter the bar. The police arrived at the scene and took control of the situation.

Bradley pleaded guilty in the court for misbehaving and conflict conduct. On 16th August 2014, the police released him after completing a pre-trial diversion program.

Houston Texans star player, Bradley Roby drinking champagne at the 59th Grammy Awards
Picture: Houston Texans cornerback, Bradley Roby in Los Angeles, California on 9th February 2017. 
Source: Getty Images

Similarly, On April 22, 2014, Roby found himself in the police custody in drink and drive case. At that time, he was in a Dodge Charger and nearly had an accident with school-going kids on the sidewalk.

The officers found him with robust pervasive alcohol and drugs when they opened the car's door. Bradley, furthermore, conducted a sobriety test, which he failed to pass. Shortly after that, the cops took him into custody. 

The Franklin County court found Roby guilty and took action against him. The team suspended him from a couple of games until the time he was in jail for 180 days. Soon after that, he attended a three-day driving intervention program and bailed at $375 or more.

Net Worth - $28 Million

Bradley has a net value of $28 Million as of 2019. Most of the contribution in his fortune came from his playing remuneration. He received an enormous salary of $25,482,995 throughout his career. Similarly, there are some of his career earnings, including all-cap hit and seasonal signing with top teams, in the following table:

Play-Off SeasonFootball teamTotal Earnings
2014Denver Broncos$3,796,384
2015Denver Broncos$736,024
2016Denver Broncos$1,052,048
2017Denver Broncos$1,368,072
2018Denver Broncos$8,561,717
2019Houston Texans$9,968,750

During his contract with Denver Broncos, he earned $6,952,528, including signing bonus ($3,376,384), and guarantees ($5,584,456) from 2014 to 2018. Currently, he receives $31,250, which consists of 15 LTBE ($500,000). He is also in a $10 million contract with Houston Texans for a year. 

Professionally Playing in the NFL

The footballer started his career in 2014 after getting drafted by Denver Broncos. Broncos selected him in the first round from the overall 31 rounds. He spent his five years playing alongside DeMarcus Ware, Drew Lock, and Von Miller, among others.

Take a look at Bradley Roby's Play-Off Highlights with Denver Broncos

Roby later began a new journey with Houston Texans on 14th March 2019. There he joined an exciting new coach, Matt LaFleur and his team. He made his debut against the New Orleans Saints where he scored nine tackles in the 30-28 loss. 

As of now, he's played 108‬ games and maintains 475‬ tackles, 31‬ fumbles, and 196.3‬ interceptions. Not just that, in his footballing career so far, he recorded a total of 236 tackles, three sacks, seven forced fumbles, 60 pass deflections, seven interceptions, and two defensive touchdowns.

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