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Mon Feb 06 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Brittani Kline

Husband : Erik Fetter
Brittani Kline married Erik Fetter in 2019.

Brittani Rose Kline is a famous model from America who was born on May 19, 1991, in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania. She first came into the limelight in 2011 after winning cycle 16 of the hit American reality television series America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). 

The well-known common trope among reality TV show winners is that they don't make it anywhere in their respective fields and soon fade into irrelevancy. This, however, is not the case with Brittani Rose. Instead, she left a significant mark on her short modeling career.

Who Is The Life Partner of Brittani?

Brittani Kline finally married her long-time boyfriend, Erik Fetter, in 2019. Both have known each other since 2014. Although they married in 2019, they lived together for a while.

She announced her marriage to the world through an Instagram post where she expressed: 

“Weeding season was good to us. So lucky to have a fun date, supportive life partner, and awesome father to our son.” 

Brittani Klein is wearing a peach colored dress
Brittani Klein posing with her husband Erik Fetter (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

As of now, the family of three is living a happy life in the United States of America. 

Brittani Became A Mother In 2017

Yes, you heard it right Brittani being a mother. Rowan Hayes Fetter is her son. She and her husband, Erik welcomed their baby on August 25, 2017. You will find her posting pictures of her son now and then.

Brittani Kline is holding a fishing rod in her hand.
Brittani Kline with her son Rowan Hayes Fetter (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

Education: Holds A Degree In Arts 

Brittani completed her education with a Bachelor of Arts as she majored in English and Spanish writing at Lock Haven University. She was also associated with an honor society called Sigma Tau Delta for those who did brilliantly in their English class.

The fancy looking book is pink in color
Brittani Klein posing with the book (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

Her sole focus was graduating from the University at the time. She informed her agency IMG regarding this and took temporary retirement from modeling. She went on and completed her education in 2015.

Who Are The Parents of Brittani?

Bobbie Pletcher Miller is the name of a woman who brought Brittani to this world. Apart from this, very little is known about her family. Her father’s name is not known as she wants to keep the information private. 

Though, it can be said her parents have been quite supportive of her since she was young as she was taken to runway lessons at the age of eight to fulfill her modeling desire.

Physical Appearance: Height & Wight 

The most distinct feature of Brittani's body is her eyes. Just like Laneya Grace, her green eyes, without a doubt, are the most distinctive feature of her body. Only two percent of the world's population has been blessed with the green eye, per the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

Brittani Klein is wearing a black dress
Brittani Klein at New York Fashion Week (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

Now, coming into her body measurements, the slim-built model stands at 5 feet 11 inches (180.5 cm) and is accompanied by a weight of 58 kg (128 lbs).

Social Media Presence:

ANTM 2011 winner Brittani is not a frequent user but is active on social media. Her fans can connect to her through Instagram and Twitter. She makes sure social media doesn't hugely influence her life primarily due to the responsibility of her child.

She uses her Instagram to let everyone know about the recent developments and events in her life. In contrast, her Twitter account mainly acts as a platform to voice her political views.

Net Worth & Earnings Of Brittani:

A now retired Brittani Kline has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her income comprises magazine photoshoots, runways, and company contracts from her modeling days.

The picture is a colorless portrait.
Brittani Klein during a photoshoot with Rodrigo Carmuega (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

Her most significant mark on the modeling world was winning cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model, for which she received a $100 thousnad modeling contract.

She also has her website, but there are no concrete findings on how much she makes. Apart from this, she also generates extra revenue through social media.

The Immediate Impact on ANTM:

Brittani entered America's Next Top Model in 2011 alongside 13 other contestants who welcomed Sheena Sakai's return for the All-Stars cycle. Joining as an underdog into the show with just some runways and commercials to her name, Brittani had a lot to prove. And boy, she made an impact within the first three episodes. 

She announced herself in the show with her impressive profile. Brittani was touted as an early favorite for the competition by all judges and instantly became a favorite among television audiences.

Redeeming Herself At The Show:

Brittani's glory days didn't last long, as her performance in the fourth episode left the judges craving more. Her results for the performance in a commercial for Fierce Roast Coffee didn’t go as she would have wanted. 

Some started doubting if she had what it took to become a model. They questioned if she is mere aesthetic over substance. They claimed she didn't have what it takes to go all the way.

However, Brittani quickly shut down all the doubters with her next-round performance, which impressed the judges as she showed she was here to stay.

Her Controversies At The Show:

Brittani Kline's time at the show wasn't all about her performances. She's had her fair share of controversies too. She made some remarks that didn't sit well with the judges and her fellow contestants.

She once called her fellow contestant Alexandria fake in front of the judges and clients. This was not taken well by anyone, as expected. The panel proceeded to place her in the bottom two in episode seven. A decision that did not surprise anyone.

It’s not only the contestants that were safe from her. She also claimed Judge Nigel's choice in the challenge round was wrong, leading to a tense environment between her and the whole panel.

Brittani was unpopular with Judge Tyra Banks. It was not a secret to anyone. She voted to eliminate Brittani from the show. Fortunately for her, she was outvoted by her fellow panelists, which kept Brittani at the front. 

Interestingly, she later apologized to Alexandria and Tyra with a sincere apology. Her apology was accepted.

Became A Winner After Making A Mistake:

A slip-up in the finale almost shattered Brittani's dream of pursuing modeling. Going through the runway, she slipped on the rose petals, crashing herself to the wall. But as they said “The show must go on,” she showed professionalism by not making the pain visible on her face.

Her CoverGirl and print ad commercial was also praised along with the runway. Eventually, most of the panel sided with Brittani, and she was declared the winner.


Brittani has garnered a lot of accolades during her short modeling career. With the success of the ANTM, she received multiple modeling contracts from CoverGirl Cosmetics, IMG Models, and fashion spreads with Vogue.

She has also worked with top fashion designers like Prabal Gurung, for whom she walked for New York Fashion Week. She has also walked for Premier Model, Silent Models, Dion Lee, and many more.

Brittani Klein wearing a red dress from Dion Lee.
Brittani Klein at New York Fashion Week (Source: Instagram @official_brittkline)

In addition, Brittani has also appeared on the cover of numerous top fashion magazines like Vogue Italia, Vogue Mexico, and Elle Vietnam.

Retiring from Modeling:

Brittani Kline retired from modeling in 2017. The news came as a shock as her model stint was going well long after winning the ANTM, a rare occurrence among reality TV show winners. She broke the news not too long after having the baby. 

She announced her retirement through a heartfelt Instagram post in which she wrote:

“Modeling has been my passion since the young age of 6, and at 25, I am finally ready to say goodbye”.

She added that the toxic work culture was responsible for her quitting. She expressed: 

"I have been told to lose weight, to dye my hair, to cut my hair, to buy certain clothes, to not get too much sun, to lie about who I am, to lie about my age, to work for free... I am honestly tired".


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