Calvin Ernest Jaeger

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Fri Jun 24 2022
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Calvin Ernest Jaeger is the celebrity child who is growing up under the shadow of his widely famous parents. Currently, he is pursuing his education at the primary level. Want to more about his personal life?

He was born on 26 June 2016 in Los Angeles to father Sam Jaeger and mother Amber Jaeger. Sam is an Actor, Director, and Writer credited for series Why Women Kill, The Politician, and many more. Additionally, Calvin's mother is also a Hollywood actress who featured in the 2011 film Take Me Home.

Marital Details Of Calvin's Parents

Calvin is the son of successful screenwriter Sam Jeager who is married to long-time girlfriend Amber Jaeger. Earnest parents are having a blissful married life. In August 2007 the pair exchanged wedding vows but in secrecy. 

Picture: Calvin Ernest Jaeger Parents Amber Jaeger Sam Jaeger
Picture: Calvin Ernest Jaeger Parents Amber Jaeger Sam Jaeger
Source: Pinterest

It seems as Calvin's parents wish to keep their personal life a secret. Furthermore, their union has been 12 successful years. The lovely couple enjoys a great bond without any speculation and disputes over the divorce. Keep scrolling to know Earnest's parent's story of love.

How did His Parents Fell In Love?

His father and mother have spent several years as boyfriend and girlfriend before walking down the aisle. Sam Jaeger and Amber first encounter one another when they were college sophomores.

As they were studying at Otterbein College, his father Sam dated his mother Amber. At that time they were both the Fine Arts student. Moreover, they currently reside in Los Angeles.

Calvin Ernest's Siblings 

It seems like his parents Amber and Jaeger loving their parenthood. It was 2009 when his father publicly announced his mother's pregnancy in media. Afterward on August in 2010, his elder brother was born who is 10-years-old as of now.

Calvin Ernest Jaeger With His Parents Amber Jaeger Sam Jaeger
Picture: Calvin Ernest Jaeger With His Parents Amber Jaeger Sam Jaeger
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In addition, his another brother Redford was born on 2014. Besides his two elder siblings, Ernest Jaeger also has a sister. Keep scrolling to know about her.

Step Sister Aubrey

Calvin's mother was married before tying up in a marital bond with Sam. However, there is no information regarding Amber's first marriage and spouse. But we do know that his mother Amber got a child from her first marriage.

Calvin's stepsister is Aubrey Jaeger, she grew up with the Jaeger family. His half-sister is currently 24-years-old but there are no details about her personal life. She might be following her mother's footsteps in film or choose completely different profession. 

Accumulated Wealth of Calvin's Parents

Calvin Jaeger great amount of fortune came from his father and mother. His mother is an American actress whose salary is around $80,000 annually. Therefore, being an actress she receives a earnings of more than $100,000 per year. 

Calvin Ernest Jaeger Father Sam Jaeger And His Ride
Picture: Calvin Ernest Jaeger Father Sam Jaeger And His Ride 
Source: Superhub

Similarly, being a famous actor direct and writer, Calvin's father Sam perhaps earned around $200,000 to $300,000 per year just like Connor Joseph.


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