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Celebrity Kid (2000)
Thu Feb 08 2024
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Cameron Kade Hickenbottom has already been gaining attention from the media from a young age. He was born on January 15, 2000. Cameron's celebrity status comes from his father, Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels is a popular name in the wrestling world. With his athleticism, charisma, and in-ring performances, every wrestling fan loves him. Well, he may not be popular among Montreal fans. But, Cameron is one lucky kid with a father loved and adored by many. 

Both Cameron Kade Hickenbottom's Parents Were Wrestlers

Well, which wrestling fan hasn't heard of Shawn Michaels? He is Mr. Wrestlemania himself. People know Cameron Kade Hickenbottom because of him. But what about his mother?

Shawn Michaels's wife Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom.
.Shawn Michaels's wife Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom. 
Source: EssentiallySports

Hickenbottom's mother is none other than Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom. She used to be a professional wrestler like her husband. Wrestling runs in Cameron's genes from his father and his mother. 

Remember WCW? The famous wrestling division back in the day. That's where Cameron's mom, Rebecca, worked. She used to go by the wrestling name of Whisper. The two got hitched in 1999.

Cameron Kade Hickenbottom's Relationship Status

Cameron Kade Hickenbottom, unlike his father, hasn't been vocal regarding his relationship. Shawn has detailed his marriage with Cameron's mother in his autobiography Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar, his son has not shared his relationship status.

Cameron has not talked about his relationship in front of the camera, but some sources suggest that he is currently single. Cameron is still a young man. So, it can be assumed he is preoccupied with education and work.

Net Worth: How Rich Is The Wrestler's Son, Cameron Kade Hickenbottom?

As mentioned above, Cameron Kade Hickenbottom is a private man. He has chosen to live a life outside of wrestling. Only time will tell if he will be more open to the media regarding his life. 

But for now, he hasn't disclosed much about his wealth. However, some sources say Cameron's net worth is around $50 thousand.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is between Shawn Michaels and Cameron Kade Hickenbottom in the picture.
Shawn Michaels and his son Cameron Kade Hickenbottom with Dale Earhhardt Jr. Source: Pinterest

Cameron's father is a wrestling icon. The Heartbreak Kid has one of the best in-ring careers of all time, and his success reflects his wealth. 

As of now, Shawn Michael's estimated net worth is $10 million. Long after retiring, his love for wrestling hasn't gone away. The man is still involved in WWE, which only helped him improve his wealth.

Cameron Kade Hickenbottom Has A Sister

The lovely couple, Shawn and Rebecca, are not the only parents to Cameron Kade Hickenbottom. He has a sister too. Her name is Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom.

Like Cameron, not much is known about her. But we do know that she is younger than Cameron, whose date of birth is August 19, 2004.

Cameron's Father Retired For Him: But Why?

Even though it might not be the sole factor, Shawn Michales saying goodbye to performing in the ring had little to do with his son, Cameron Kade Hickenbottom. The Headliner making the decision was hard for the fans, but if you hear what he had to say, you would be happy for him and support his decision.

Shawn Michaels is wearing a cowboy hat as he looks onto the crowd.
Shawn Michaels bidding farewell to the fans.
Source: YouTube @WWE

Even though the WWE storyline suggests that Kaia Faith Calaway's father retired him at Wrestlemania 26, his injury was one of the main reasons he retired. He had suffered a knee injury forcing him to flee. One of the other main factors behind his retirement was family. 

Shawn wanted to spend quality time with his family. At the time of his retirement, Cameron was around ten years old. The kids, at eighteen, move out of the house. So Shawn realizes his son won't live with him for long and wants to make the best out of the remaining years. He retired on March 28, 2010.

Shawn Was Cut Watching Shady Websites When Cameron Was A Baby

Cameron is blessed to see his parents living a successful married life. Many kids aren't that fortunate with the number of divorces that happen nowadays. However, Shawn and Rebecca's marriage hasn't always been smooth sailing. 

Shawn, who was previously married to Theresa Lynn Wood, has talked about the time his wife caught him watching some shady stuff.

In his autobiography Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar, The Best of the Best revealed Rebecca's finding about his little secret. Cameron was still a baby at the time. 

He said:

When Cameron was a baby, and before my salvation, we bought a computer. As I was learning how to use it, a buddy showed me some websites. Yeah, those kinds. Rebecca asked if I had been looking at p***. 'Nope,' I said. I hadn't learned that it's possible to check the history of websites that have been called up on a computer. Rebecca asked again, and I denied again. She called up the history list, and I had to admit what I had been doing.

A Little Bit Of Information On Cameron's Father Shawn Michaels

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, popularly known as Shawn Michaels, is among the most celebrated wrestlers. The wrestler from Arizona was born on July 22, 1965.

Shawn Michaels ready for some action.
Shawn Michaels is ready for some action.
Source: Biography

Michael is one of the most decorated wrestlers, having won WWF Championships three times. He has also won the World Heavyweight Championship and is a recipient of 15 Slammy Awards. He has also won the Royal Rumble match two times. 

HBK's illustrious career landed him in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Long after retiring, his love for WWE has still not died. He is currently working in the company as a Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

Cameron's Father Is Hated In Canada: But Why? 

Initially, I mentioned that he is not popular among Montreal fans. But why you must be wondering. The hate for Shawn Michaels in Montreal can be understood through the Montreal Screwjob story.

The night of November 9, 1997, for the Survivor Series match is considered by many to be the most controversial match in WWE History. The game was between Shawn Michales and then World Champion Bret Hart.

WWE matches are known to be scripted, and the winners of the game are decided beforehand. But that wasn't the case with this match. The competition occurred in Canada's home country, and Bret would say no to losing against Shawn at home. But the WWE's head, Vince, had other plans.

During the match, Shawn did a submission hold on Bret, and the controversial referee, Earl Hebner, announced Shawn as the winner, except Bret never tapped. Since then, Canada has hated both Shawn and Vince McMahon and has booed them every time they have shown up at a WWE event in Canada.

Shawn feels nothing but sorry for what happened that night. In an interview with, he said:

It's one thing to make the decision to do this. It's a whole 'nother thing to actually have to be the person to make it happen and not have any idea about how you're going to go about doing that. And then, even if you are successful, it's absolutely going to be the worst thing that could ever happen to you. From a professional standpoint, reputation standpoint, even though I wasn't the most lovable guy back then, it was still just an absolute miserable day, very uncomfortable day.


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