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Mon Jun 26 2023
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Cari Velardo is famously known among people for being the daughter of the late Tug McGraw. In the world of baseball, McGraw has done a great job being a relief pitcher. 

In addition to being a relief pitcher, McGraw was also a long-time Major League Baseball player. He played for New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies during his professional baseball career. 

Is Velardo Single? Disclosing The Truth Behind Her Relationship Status

Cari Velardo might be single and isn't seem to share a loving relationship with anyone. She must be concerned about her relationship details sharing almost nothing regarding it. 

There is no trace of information or any clues on Velardo's past relationship. The lady being private is making it difficult to scrap some details about her romantic partner.

Regardless, Cari's change in her surname from McGraw to Vilardo might be a hint that she shares a married life. The name and any other details of her secretive partner are not revealed yet.

Velardo seems to enjoy her private romantic life without any unnecessary attention from the media. With no concrete evidence, it is difficult to speculate about her husband to partner. 

About The Parents Of Verlardo: Tug McGraw And Phyllis Kline

As noted earlier, Cari Vilardo is the daughter of Tug McGraw and Phyllis Kline. Her parents McGraw and Kline shared their life for two decades before parting ways with each other. 

The ex-couple McGraw and Kline exchanged marriage vows completing their marriage in June 1968. It was an intimate wedding ceremony witnessed by their family and friends. 

The picture of Cari Vilardo's parents Tug McGraw And Phyllis Kline.
The picture of Cari Vilardo's parents Tug McGraw And Phyllis Kline. (Source: Pinterest)

McGraw and Kline made even numbers and gave Cari a sibling by welcoming a son named Mark McGraw. He wasn't enrolled in sports instead is professionally a firefighter. 

Both McGraw and Kline shocked the world with their split news finalizing a divorce in 1988. The reason for their divorce is publicly undisclosed while surfing the Internet. 

Did Cari's Parents Marry After Divorce?

It is not known whether  Phyllis Kline found another partner sharing married life. She has always stayed behind the shadows of media outlets and unnecessary attention.

Regardless, McGraw move on and shared his marital journey with Diane Hovenkamp. They had their marriage ceremony walking down the aisle together on November 25, 1995

McGraw and Kline's married life didn't work as aspected and they divorced after sharing eight years. Both parties have remained silent and haven't said anything about their divorce reasons. 

Explore The Information On Cari's Siblings

The celebrity daughter Vilardo has shared three siblings and two of them from her father's previous relationship. She has shared a biological sibling Mark McGraw who is a firefighter.  

The picture of Cari Velardo's brother Mark McGraw.
The picture of Cari Velardo's brother Mark McGraw. (Source: WireImage)

Also, Cari has shared a half-sibling named Matthew McGraw born to Diane Hovenkamp and Tug McGraw. No details could be found on the professional life of Mattew. 

Tim McGraw is another half-brother of Cari born from Tug's relationship with Betty D'Agostino. He is a prominent American country singer and actor active in the entertainment world. 

Learn About Vilardo's Brother Tim McGraw 

Tim McGraw is famously known for being an American country singer. He is active in the music industry for over two decades delivering amazing songs and albums.  

Tim's ten studio albums reached number one on the Top Country Albums charts among sixteen. People will never forget his breakthrough album Not a Moment Too Soon released in 1994. 

Tim McGraw during one of his music concerts.
Tim McGraw during one of his music concerts. (Source: Instagram @ thetimmcgraw)

The prominent singer Tim has an official music channel on Youtube under the username @timmcgraw. He releases his songs there and has a community of 1.23 million subscribers. 

In addition to music, Tim is also involved in the acting field in the showbiz world. Some of his notable acting credits include The Blind Sights, Flicka, and Tomorrowland: A World Beyond.

Is Vilardo A Millionaire: What Is Her Net Worth?

Cari Viilardo might have made a decent net worth but its exact figure is not disclosed yet. The details of her professional career and other income-generating sources are unidentified right now. 

Viilardo's father Tug McGraw had an estimated net worth of $400 thousand before his death. He made this wealth through his baseball career and appearances in television shows. 

On the other hand, Cari's half-sibling Tim McGraw has an admirable net worth of $200 million similar to Jared Pobre. He has made this massive fortune through his successful singing and acting career. 

Tim also earns through his acting career in the entertainment industry. He will be seen acting in the upcoming project Rhinestone Cowboy which is in its pre-production. 

Does Cari Have Any Social Media Platforms? 

Tim McGraw's sister Cari is not a social media person and loves to keep things private. She would prefer to stay away from the spotlight of people through her absence on social sites. 

People search for Cari's social accounts like Twitter but she is not active there. Nonetheless, she has an Instagram handle under the username @ carivmcg kept in private mode. 

On the contrary, Cari's brother Tim is an avid user of social media and uses it effectively being an entertainer. You can find him on Instagram with the username @ thetimmcgraw.

A Brief On Cari's Father's Baseball Career 

Tug McGraw is an American baseball player who started his major league baseball career in 1965. He has played major league baseball for New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. 

Throughout McGraw's career, he pitched in 824 games, had a win-loss record of 96-92, an ERA of 3.14, and 180 saves. He won All-Star games and World Series Championship two times. 

Tug Mcgraw pitched for the baseball team Philadelphia Phillies.
Tug Mcgraw pitched for the baseball team Philadelphia Phillies. (Source: Pinterest) 

The last time people saw McGraw play was for the Philadelphia Phillies on September 25, 1984. After the 1984 season, he retired at the age of 40 thanking all of the Philadelphia fans. 

After retirement, Tug worked tirelessly throughout his career on behalf of many community and charitable organizations. He established the Tug McGraw Foundation with a motive to enhance the quality of life of children and adults with brain tumors.

Velardo's Father Tug Cause Of Death

Tug McGraw born on August 30, 1944, is no more with us but has left being an inspiring person. He sadly departed from this world passing away on January 5, 2004.

McGraw was the victim of a glioblastoma brain tumor diagnosed in 2003 and this health condition was the reason for his death. He fought the battle but unfortunately had an untimely demise at the age of 59. 

Tug's surgery initially seemed successful saying his chances for recovery were "excellent" and he would live "a long time". However, the tumor was not excised by the surgery, and the malignancy returned in an inoperable form causing his death.

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