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Mon Jul 31 2023
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Carl Ellan Kelley is famously known as the sister of American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin. Aretha has provided several hit singles and Respect falls among one of them loved by people. 

Kelley's relationship status will be explored including net worth, personal details, and parents. We have also given some details on her siblings and other interesting topics are analyzed. 

Was Kelley Engaged In Any Romantic Relationship Or Single? 

Carl Ellan Kelley's relationship status was a mystery and is under a tight wrap away from the public and media. The identity of her husband or romantic remains unidentified at the moment.

Kelley was a very private person and this made it difficult to scrap the information on her relationship details. No public domain has placed any information on her married life or romantic life. 

Carl Ellan Kelley's sister Aretha Franklin and her husband Glynn Turman.
Carl Ellan Kelley's sister Aretha Franklin and her husband Glynn Turman. (Source: Twitter)

However, Kelley was probably in a relationship with a mysterious man as she had shared two kids. The names of her children are Herman E. Wheatley III and Charles G. Smith. 

It has remained a puzzle why Kelley kept her romantic affair details hidden from anyone. With no concrete information, there cannot be made random speculations on his romantic partner or husband.

The Parents Of Carl: C.L Franklin And Mildred Jennings

Carl Ellan Kelley is the daughter of C.L Franklin and Mildred Jennings born on November 17, 1940. They only shared a romantic relationship and didn't share a married life. 

Franklin and Mildred had their first introduction while attending the same church in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the pastor of New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis at the time.

The picture of Carl Ellan Kelley's father  C.L Franklin.
The picture of Carl Ellan Kelley's father  C.L Franklin. (Source: Malaco Records)

It was a pretty confusing and controversial relationship between Franklin and Mildred. Jennings was a 12-year-old child when she was pregnant with Carl and was also separated after her birth. 

After the separation from Jennings, Carl was raised under the supervision of her grandmother. Her parents ' relationship was termed a larger pattern of s*xual violence and childhood s*xual abuse in the lives of Black girls and women.

Who Was Carl's Father C.L Franklin? 

C.L. Franklin was born Clarence LaVaughn Franklin on January 22, 1915, in Sunflower County, Mississippi. He was an American Baptist minister and civil rights activist.

C.L. was the pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit from 1946 until he was shot and wounded in 1979. He was known for his powerful preaching style and was often referred to as the man with the million-dollar voice.

Unfortunately, Franklin died on July 27, 1984, at the age of 69, in Detroit's New Light Nursing Home. Overall, he left a lasting impact on both the religious and civil rights spheres of American society.

The Enigma of  Kelley's Net Worth Before Her Passing Away 

Carl Ellan Kelley's net worth details are undiscovered glancing through the Internet platform. No details are uncovered on income-adding sources and professions before her passing away. 

Carl's half-sister Aretha Franklin had an astonishing net worth of $18 million at the time of her death. She accumulated this hefty wealth through her successful fortune in the music industry. 

Aretha was a prominent singer-songwriter who sold over 75 million records globally. Likewise, she must have generated money through her concerts and tours at different locations. 

The singer Aretha has earned money through the royalties of her songs on YouTube and music platforms like Spotify. She has over 13 million monthly listeners with over a billion streams. 

What About The Siblings Of Carl?

Carl Ellan Kelley is the half-sister of Aretha Franklin and five other half-siblings. Rev Cecil Franklin is her half-brother, who was a gospel singer and minister born on December 26, 1989. 

Carl Ellan Kelley's father C.L Franklin with her half-sisters Aretha Franklin and Erma Franklin.
Carl Ellan Kelley's father C.L Franklin with her half-sisters Aretha Franklin and Erma Franklin. (Source: AmoMama)

Likewise, Erma Franklin and Carolyn Frankil are two of Carl's half-sisters. They were also singer-songwriters just like Aretha who delivered amazing songs to the general public. 

The names of Carl's two other siblings are Clark E Turner and Vaughn Franklin respectively. The information regarding their professional and personal life is undiscovered as of now.

Explore Details On Carl Ellan Kelley's Cause of Death

The celebrity daughter Carl Ellan Kelley passed away on January 30, 2019, at the age of seventy-nine. Let's dig into the details regarding her cause of death and make you transparent. 

Kelley's cause of passing away wasn't discovered for a long time and remained a mystery. It was later known that she left well-wishers and family due to heart failure. 

It was reported that the lady struggled with heart problems before her death. It all indicated that she may have had some underlying cardiovascular issues and nothing is found except these details. 

Also, Kelley's obituary can be found on the website of Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery. It mentioned her birth details and is survived by children, grandchildren, and siblings. 

Quick Summary Of Kelley's Sister Aretha's Music Career 

Aretha Franklin is a multi-talented personality who is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Moreover, she is acknowledged by the public and music critics as the Queen of Soul who blended gospel, soul, and R&B into her music. 

By the age of 18, Aretha signed her first recording contract with Columbia Records. However, it was her move to Atlantic Records in 1966 that truly ignited her career with the release of hit singles like Respect, Think, and Natural Women.

Aretha Franklin's picture from one of her concerts.
Aretha Franklin's picture from one of her concerts. (Source: Instagram @ arethafranklin)

In addition, Aretha became the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Her influential performances at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral and President Barack Obama's inauguration solidified her as a cultural icon.

On August 16, 2018, the world mourned the loss of the Queen of Soul when she passed away at the age of 76. The lady's death marked the end of an era, but her music and impact continue to resonate with fans and aspiring artists worldwide

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