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Thu Feb 16 2023
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Carly Haack is an American lady best known as Christina Haack's sister (Christina Hall). Like other people who came to heightened fame after being revealed as relating to famous personalities, Carly also came to the spotlight after Christina revealed Carly as her sister with pictures and videos of her having fun with her sister.

Carly is an American national who hails from Anaheim, California. She is a scuba diver currently residing in Santa Barbara. Before she served as a scuba diver, she was a research assistant in California.

Carly's Book Came Out This Year

Earlier this year, Carly published a book she wrote and illustrated herself. Her book is a children's fantasy book named Taylor, Brayden & Hudson's Search for the Magic Pearl. The book was independently published on August 21, 2022. 

Cover for the book written by Carly Haack
Cover for the book written by Carly Haack. Source: Amazon

The book follows the story of a magical journey of Taylor, Brayden, and Hudson in the sea to find the rainbow clam. It is a lovely children's book that is available on Amazon.

Education Qualifications

Carly is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University's Marine Science Institute. She graduated from the university in 2015.

Upon Carly's graduation, she moved to Australia to continue her higher academic studies. And then she also pursued her master's degree in her respective field. According to, Carly's master's research was focused on aging Cubozoan jellyfish called Copula Sivickisi. And then, she completed her honors project in 2018. 

Social Media 

Carly does not have a social media presence comparable to her sister. So, finding her social media was pretty tricky. However, through a thorough search, we discovered her Instagram. Carly is available on Instagram; however, she does not seem to use other social media platforms.

Carly Haack with her friends on her Instagram.
Carly Haack with her friends on her Instagram. Source: [email protected]

On Instagram, Carly is active under the username @carly.haack and has over 1k followers. She keeps making posts about her profession as a diver and friends. From what it seems, she is significantly loved by her friends.

Parents & Early Life Details 

Unfortunately, the information regarding Carly's parents' identities is unavailable at the moment. Even though Carly is the sister of Christina, she is not well-recognized in the industry. So, she hasn't been able to make her official appearances and statements. 

And thus, apart from the fact that she is from California, information regarding her early life and upbringing is also unavailable. Moreover, her sister, Christina, has also refrained from discussing these topics in the open. 

Net Worth of Carly Haack

Carly has a well-established career in diving. With her job that makes from $20 thousand to $100 thousand, she has been able to make quite a good money. Even from her social media, it can be seen that she has been sure of her profession from the very beginning, even when she was young. So, she has worked exceptionally hard.

A picture of Carly Haack.
A beautiful portrait of Carly Haack. Source: marinemitigation

According to the sources, the net worth of the scuba diver Carly Haack is estimated to be around $2 million, the same as the Australian actress Tara Wraith. Through her passion and hard work that comes for scuba diving, she managed to collect a fortune. Moreover, her sister Christina is a real estate agent with an estimated net worth of $25 million.

A Quick Tour Of Carly's Career Journey:

Carly, who enjoys scuba diving, traveling, writing, and stand-up paddle boarding in her free time, worked as a research diver in California and Moorea before she made a move to Australia for her studies. She also worked as a PADI Scuba Instructor in the US Virgin Islands. 

While doing her honors, she completed her project, which validated daily increments in the statoliths of Copula Sivickisi. She examined the validity of using statolith growth to determine the jellyfish's age. And she also used to be a Reef and Wetland Ecology research associate. Then after Carly completed her honors project in 2018, she moved back to the United States.

Carly Haack & Christina Hall's Bonding

The sisters, Christina and Carly, have a good relationship through social media. Carly also seems to have a good relationship with Christina's family and children. They were seen having a vacation on a beach and having fun with each other. 

Christina also posted a video of Carly looking after Christina's children with the caption #good aunt referring to Carly. Additionally, Christina used to post pictures with her sister, Carly, on her social media frequently. However, she has dropped the frequency to a lower amount

Carly & Christina Have A 10 years Age Gap

According to the sources, the television personality Christina and the scuba diver Carly have an age gap of ten years. While Carly's date of birth is not revealed, Christina was born on July 9, 1983. 

And from this calculation, it seems that Carly was born in 1993. However, this is just a calculation and not the exact information. 

Relationship: Is Carly Haack Dating Someone?

According to sources, Carly is currently single and is not in a relationship. However, this information is unsure, as she has never revealed anything. And we do hope that she updates us on her love life and if she finds herself a loving husband.

A picture of Carly Haack with her dog
A picture of Carly Haack with her dog. Source: [email protected]

Though Carly is active on social media and shares her daily moments, she has never revealed anything about her love life. However, she has been adventurous doing various fun things as a diver, so we suspect she has a partner. However, this also remains just a suspicion.

What Is Carly Haack Doing In 2022?

After she returned to her home country from Australia, she has been in Santa Barbara working as a Scuba Diver. As mentioned above, Carly has published a book this year independently.

She is registered as currently working on the SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station) Mitigation Monitoring Project in the UCSB marine mitigation project. And ultimately, she still chose to pursue her love for marine and aquatic life in her hometown, California.


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