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Mon May 22 2023
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Numerous people get fame in the digital world, and Carly Sarah is no exception. She is a social media personality, famous on platforms like Instagram and Youtube. 

Sarah is also a Youtube content creator who uploads videos in different genres. She is seen creating makeup, reactions, vlogging, and other content on her Youtube. 

Is Carly Sarah in a Relationship? 

Nope, Carly Sarah isn't in a romantic relationship with anyone. Sarah's leading a single's life. Moreover, her posts on IG indicate that she isn't dating a boyfriend publicly yet. 

Carly Sarah enjoying her time at Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.
Carly Sarah was enjoying her time at 
Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. (Source: Instagram @ rly.cxrlyyy)

Sarah shared the Instagram reel with Cario Santana on March 12, 2023. However, she didn't caption anything that could point to or hint that he is her romantic partner. 

The Internet personality Sarah may be focusing on her social media career. Carly may share officially on her social handle once she finds her perfect match to share a romantic affair. 

The Previous Relationship Details Of Carly Sarah

The Instagram star Carly Sarah previously had a romantic relationship with Kofi. They maintained secrecy in their relationship, but those two started dating in 2020. 

It was a short-lived relationship between Sarah and Kofi. The reason behind their breakup remains a mystery. But Carly and her ex-boyfriend had their separation in 2021. 

Before sharing a romantic relationship with Kofi, she was engaged to Fiji in 2019. But things with Fiji didn't grow since Carly started dating Kofi in 2020. Moreover, the details of when they separated and the reason behind the split stay behind closed doors. 

The Net Worth Details Of Sarah: An Summary 

Carly Sarah has an approximate net worth of $500,000, similar to Violet McGraw. Sarah has made her wealth as a social media star and various other works. 

Sarah earned a massive sum of money through her Youtube career. Carly has uploaded 273 videos on her Youtube channel collecting over 18 million views. 

Carly Sarah wearing and promoting the clothing brand Fashion Nova.
Carly Sarah was wearing and promoting the clothing brand Fashion Nova. (Source: Instagram @ rly.cxrlyyy)

Also, the lady generates money through her Instagram handle for brand sponsorships. She has promoted different brands, including the skincare line Peace Out Skincare. 

Furthermore, Sarah earns through her content on the Tikotk Platform promoting brands like Mac Cosmetics. Unfortunately, there are no details on her business ventures.

Sarah's Social Media Platforms

Carly Sarah is active on almost all social media sites, given her trade as an influencer. She does the interaction with thousand of her fans through the use of her social sites. 

Sarah is available on Instagram with the username @rly.cxrlyyy. She shares glimpses into her personal life with over 91 thousand followers on her Instagram. 

The social star Sarah has massive fans on her Tiktok platform. You can search for her Tiktok with the handle @rly.cxrly, having 1.7 million followers with over 85 million likes. 

Has Sarah Inked Any Tattoos? 

The Tiktok personality Carly Sarah seems like a tattoo lover and has inked several tattoos on her. Carly inked her first tattoo at age thirteen and has at least 17 tattoos. 

Sarah has inked tattoos on the shoulder and both arms with different patterns. Likewise, Carly may be fond of roses as the rose pattern tattoo can be seen on both hands. 

The Rose Pattern tattoo on Sarah's left hand is dedicated to her mother. People may not notice she has an Unchained Melody tattoo on her left rib, a song favorite by her dad.

Sarah has not inked the tattoo for style. Each of Carly's tatt got a deeper meaning to it. You can see her explaining almost all of her tattoo's meaning through her Youtube video. 

Know About The Early Life And Family Of Carly 

Carly Sarah was born to her parents on November 13, 2001, and is in her early 20s now. She is the only child of her parents, who was raised in Toronto, Canada, and loves her birthplace. 

Although Carly's parents remain anonymous, they belong to the Filipino descent. Sarah often used to describe them in some of her videos and her admiration towards them. 

The picture of Carly Sarah celebrating her birthday.
The picture of Carly Sarah celebrating her birthday. (Source: Instagram @ rly.cxrlyyy)

Carly used to work in her family-owned food truck at an early age. She was a hardworking girl from a young age. Sarah helped her family and cherished her experience working in the food truck.

The lady wishes to keep the privacy of her family. As such, she respects their wishes by not sharing much about them on her social platforms. Furthermore, Carly successfully hid the details about her family. 

Do You About The Liking Of Sarah?

The Youtuber Carly Sarah likes chocolate and loves to eat Kitkat & Snikers. Sarah loves food garnished with cheese. Moreover, her favorite flavored Pizza is pineapple-topped pizzas.

Sarah is fond of music and loves to hear the songs of the famous singer Justin Bieber. She is not only a huge fan of Bieber, but also he was her first celebrity crush. 

While searching through, the celebrity personality Sarah is a car lover. Her favorite brand of car is Mercedes Benz. And she looks forward to buying it through her social media career. 

An Introduction To Sarah's Professional Career

Carly Sarah started her social media career by posting different makeup videos on her Instagram. She quickly gained fame as they were informative and engaging content. 

Sarah later transitioned to TikTok with Instagram. She is more loved on the Tiktok platform than on Instagram for her makeup, lip sync, and other content. 

The Instagram picture of Carly Sarah while traveling in Miami, Florida.
The Instagram picture of Carly Sarah while traveling in Miami, Florida. (Source: Instagram @ rly.cxrlyyy)

Carly created her official Youtube channel on May 31, 2017. She gained over 340k subscribers with over 18 million views. Hundreds of thousands of fans love Sarah's Youtube videos. 

Sarah continues her social media career by uploading on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. She strives to flourish in her social media career and gain more fanbases.  

Carly's Physical Appearance

Carly Sarah has fetched many audiences, but her beauty is also one of her attractive features. She weighs around 56 kg and stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 5 inches. 

Carly has black hair complemented by her striking dark brown eyes. She has a pear-shaped body with body measurements of 32-25-35 inches.

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