Carole Anne Leonard

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Mon Aug 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Carole Anne Leonard

Ex-husband : Chris Nunez
Carole Anne Leonard took the wedding vows with Chris Nunez.

Another one of the personalities whose life changed drastically after getting married to a famous personality is Carole Anne Leonard. She is an American model best known as the former wife of the renowned American tattoo artist and television personality Chris Nunez.

Carole is a famous American lady whose fame rose due to her marriage to a popular public figure. However, she has no career credits that would list her among celebrities.

What Is The Net Worth of Carole Anne Leonard's Ex-Spouse Chris Nunez?

Though there was no news of providing Carole with alimony during her divorce, she has lived a lavish lifestyle with her high net worth. The net worth of the famous ex-wife of Chris Nunez, Carole Anne Leonard, is estimated to be above $200 thousand. 

A portrait of Carole Anne Leonard's ex-spouse Chris Nunez.
A portrait of Carole Anne Leonard's ex-spouse Chris Nunez. Source: Next Luxury

It is quite an impressive sum for an average lady. And she lives in California, one of the world's most beautiful and expensive cities. Moreover, she had a hobby of traveling, so she may be enjoying her life traveling to different corners of the world.

Moreover, her ex-husband Chris Nunez is a famous tattoo artist and a television personality who has been a judge in world-renowned artistic shows. He has a stammering net worth of over $7 billion with over 30 years of history in tattooing. 

Carole Anne Leonard Is An Animal Lover

According to our resources, Carole adores pets and is an animal lover. It is also reported that she likes cats and turtles the most among all kinds of pets. Another celebrity, Inga Cadranel is also a pet lover.

Moreover, she has three cats and a dog. Though she has never shared pictures of her with her pets, she would be a responsible and lovely pet owner.

Social Media Handles

Though Carole may be famous among the public, she has little to no social media presence. Even after checking all the popular social media platforms, verified accounts of Carole are nowhere to be found.

Chris Nunez
Chris Nunez on his Instagram. Source: Instagram@chrisnunezlibertycity

Though she is not available on social media, her ex-husband is on Instagram under the username @chrisnunezlibertycity with over 739k followers. He is also available on Twitter under the username @therealnunezc and has over 153.9k followers.

Carole Anne Leonard: Early Life & Education

In Carole's early days, she participated in school sports like soccer, tennis, and gymnastics. She has also experienced many kinds of extracurricular activities in school. 

As unfortunate as that is, apart from that, not much information regarding Carole's early life is revealed. As Carole has always been quite a private person, she has never been informed about her early life. 

Similarly, there is no available information regarding the education of Carole. However, she has graduated from high school. Most sources claim that Carole worked as a waitress in the United States after she graduated from high school. They also claim that instead of going to school, she searched for a job to pay her bills. And her modeling career is also said to have started in this period.

What About Parents Of Carole?

When Carole was still young, she and her parents moved to the U.S. The father of Carole was a businessman, while her mother was a bank accountant. However, the identities of her parents are not revealed.

Carole is believed to be the daughter in the household. Her parents wanted Carole to pursue a career in journalism though she left her education in the middle.

Marriage With Chris Nunez: Their Wedding Details:

Though the exact date of the marriage of Carole Anne Leonard and Chris Nunez is not revealed, sources claim that the former couple got married in the late 90s. The source also claims that Chris's fans believe that the couple met through a mutual friend at a party while Carole was still in high school.

Before marriage, the former couple is said to have dated for five long years. Throughout their marriage, they were blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter. 

Chris Nunez and Carole Anne Leonard
Chris Nunez and Carole Anne Leonard. Source: MetroBiography

Though little is known about the condition of their relationship when they were together, it is evident that they were not happy together since they divorced after a few years of marriage.

What Caused Their Divorce?

Even though the former couple married after dating for five whole years, they got divorced just a few years after their marriage without any big deal. Moreover, Chris has never openly talked about this topic while Carole has been away from the media to share her part of the story, so there is no one to explain what happened. And the reason for their divorce remains under the covers.

Though Carole has yet to give news about her getting into a relationship, Chris is already together with Marguryta Anthony. Judging by how fast he moved on from his marriage, he had fallen out of love with Carole long before they got divorced.

What Happened To Their Children After Their Divorce?

As mentioned above, Carole shares two children with Chris Nunez; one daughter named Kali and a son named Anthony. 

Carole Anne Leonard and Chris Nunez with their children
Carole Anne Leonard and Chris Nunez with their children. Source: colorfy

After the couple's divorce, it is said that their parental responsibility was shared; her son, Anthony, lives with her in California, while her daughter Kali lives with her dad, Chris.

Who Is Chris Nunez?

Chris Nunez is a famous tattoo artist in America. He is also the former judge of Ink Master, the favorite reality TV show, and owns the Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery, which is based in Lauderdale, Florida.

Carole Anne Leonard's ex-husband Chris Nunez.
Carole Anne Leonard's ex-husband Chris Nunez. Source:biographypost

Chris was born on 11th April 1973, in Miami, Florida. He made his career debut as a graffiti artist when he was 18. Since he was always intrigued by tattooing, he later switched to a tattooing career. 

Though Chris has honed his artistic skills and mastered various styles, he became famous because of his predominant genre of traditional Japanese tattooing. With his talent, he became very popular and sought after in his field.

What Is Carole Anne Leonard Doing Today?

Though Carole Anne Leonard has been able to get fame through her marriage with Chris, she has always remained conserved about her daily life and activities. And since Carole owns no social media, there has been no news of her whereabouts. 

However, the fanbase of Chris Nunez is pretty big. And it is said that many of his fans have spotted Carole to be working as a wedding planner. Though the news is still not verified, we only wish for her happiness in her life.

Height & Weight of Carole Anne Leonard:

Carole is a beautiful dark-haired woman with beautiful brown eyes who stands at 5 ft and 7 inches. That measures around 170 centimeters which is an impressive height for a lady. 

Also, with her size, she weighs around 60 kg.


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