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Sun Oct 15 2023
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Caroline Fentress is an American socialite who is known for being Christopher O'Donnell's wife. When one's husband is a prominent figure in the filmmaking world, they are sure to be dragged into the limelight.

While most enjoy being a public figure, Fentress has never liked it and thus prefers to stay away from media reach. In this article, let's look at the enigmatic life of O'Donnell's spouse and their family dynamics.

Caroline Fentress & Christopher O'Donnell Married For Almost Three Decades

Caroline Fentress has been the wife of Christopher O'Donnell for almost three decades now. Crossing paths for the first time in the 1990s, the love birds, Fentress and O'Donnell started dating soon.

Christopher O'Donnell and Caroline Fentress's wedding.
Christopher O'Donnell and Caroline Fentress's wedding. Source: Pinterest

After being together for some years, Caroline and Christopher sealed their romance with a marriage in April 1997 at St. Patrick's Church in Washington D.C.. The NCIS: Los Angeles actor was only 26 years old when he got married while Fentress was 24 years old.

Christopher said about their first kiss:

"The first time I kissed her, I was like, Wow."

Caroline has a laid-back attitude and a supportive wife. Christopher said Fentress has helped him with parenting and motivating him when he feels down.

Caroline Fentress Is The Mother Of Five

Christopher O'Donnell and his wife Caroline Fentress are proud parents of five children like Hugh Grant. Fentress has two daughters and three sons named Maeve, Lily, Charles, Finley, and Christopher Jr.

Caroline Fentress with her youngest daughter Maeve O'Donnell.
Caroline Fentress with her youngest daughter Maeve O'Donnell. Source: Instagram @chrisodonnell

Fentress and O'Donnell welcomed their first child Lily Anne on September 3, 1999. She also briefly appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles episode in 2010 alongside her father.

Being sisters, Caroline's daughters Lily and Maeve share a special bond. They are often spotted together having fun like swimming as a mermaid and cosplaying as an angel. Like her oldest sister, Maeve who was born in 2007, has appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Christopher O'Donnell and his wife Caroline Fentress with their five kids.
Christopher O'Donnell and his wife Caroline Fentress with their five kids. Source: CountryLiving

Speaking of Caroline three boys often hang out with their father playing golf. Among her son, Finley has been on the NCIS: Los Angeles, while Christopher Jr and Charlie do not seem to have appeared on the screen.

Fentress has a wonderful relationship with her children. Not only she is a good mother but Caroline also helped the American filmmaker to be a good father.

Caroline Fentress Net Worth: Christopher O'Donnell Wife Profession & Earnings

Caroline Fentress is not as rich as her husband Christopher O'Donnell. She is an elementary teacher who shapes up the young mind. Fentress has a net worth of $1 Million.

According to, the average salary of an elementary teacher in the United States is $63,982. So Caroline may earn in a similar range.

Christopher O'Donnell gifted his son Charlie a Lamborgini Aventador.
Christopher O'Donnell gifted his son Charlie a Lamborgini Aventador. Source: Instagram @chrisodonnell

Speaking of Fentress's husband, Christopher has a net worth of $25 Million. He charges an average of $350k per episode. The NCIS: Los Angeles actor gave a Lamborghini as a gift to Charlie on his 8th birthday. 

Despite being rich, Caroline does flaunt her money. She lives a laid-back and private lifestyle. Another elementary teacher Kaynette Williams has a net worth of $1 Million.

Christopher O'Donnell Real Estate Ventures

Caroline Fentress's husband sure has invested some of his fortunes in real estate. In 2002, he sold the house in Lake View, Chicago, for $650,000.

Similarly, in 2008, O'Donnell sold the Pacific Palisades, California properties for $5.395 Million. He had bought the property for $2.95 Million in 2000.

How Old Is Christopher O'Donnell Wife? Know Caroline Fentress Age and Early Life 

Caroline Fentress was born on January 3, 1973, in the United States. Her birth name is Caroline Morton Fentress. She has not said anything about her parents but Fentress does have a brother named Andrew.

Caroline Fentress and her husband when they were young.
Caroline Fentress and her husband when they were young. Source: Pinterest

Christopher when he talked about his first kiss with Caroline said:

"But she was the sister of a good friend, so my next thought was, 'Oh, God—Andrew's going to be really [expletive] off!'"

Fentress is a well-educated personality. She graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, USA. Caroline was in the class of 1995 and in the same graduating class as actor Christopher Fitzgerald and Chris Guokas.

Caroline Fentress's Brief Appearance In The Movie Industry

Did you know? Christopher Fentress's wife has credits for acting on her IMDb profile. Caroline Fentress has been credited for NCIS: Los Angeles and the 2002 TV movie Sunday.

In NCIS: Los Angeles, Caroline portrayed the character of Laura, a special agent who works for NCIS. She appeared in the seventh season of the show in 2015.

Christopher O'Donnell Shares Funny Moments With Wife Caroline Fentress

The NCIS: Los Angeles actor, Christopher O'Donnell remembered his wife Caroline Fentress's antics nearly got him fired. According to the filmmaker, Fentress and her friends were on the show that he was directing and said they wanted to be a part of the scene.

Caroline Fentress has appeared on screen.
Caroline Fentress has appeared on the screen. Source: Pinterest

O'Donnell agreed and let them have a part. The scene was about a guy entering a restaurant and shooting randomly and they need to freak out. But, Caroline and her friends were laughing holding a bottle of Champagne.

Christopher recalled that Dp came over to him and said:

"You know, Chris, they're all laughing."

Does Caroline Fentress Use Social Media Platforms?

Yes, Caroline Fentress uses social media platforms. However, she is not an active user of it. Despite having accounts on them, Caroline never posts.

Fentress's Instagram username is @carolineodonnell which has over 500 followers. He husband on the other hand has over 290k followers on Instagram.



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