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actress, producer, emcee, and blogger (1981)
Thu Sep 16 2021
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Caroline Renfro is an actress, producer, emcee, and blogger best known for her appearances in Homeland, Sanctuary, Quite a Conundrum, Infliction, and Sanguine Addiction, but best remembered as Billy Fuccillo's charming promotional sidekick in many Kia dealership ads. 

The lady is most known for her long stint acting in Kia car commercials but she resigned from her work but made a comeback in 2019. Let's know more about the talented Caroline. 

Is Caroline Renfro Is Married? Or Dating?

Caroline Renfro prefers to keep her private life away from the general public's gaze. Her relationship status is a mystery to all. 

Caroline Renfro taking a mirror selfies.
Caroline Renfro taking mirror selfies.
Source: Caroline Renfro's Instagram (@to_and_froowa

To this day, she has not shared any of her personal information on any social media platforms. Renfro has set her Instagram account to public, but she only posts things related to her work on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. It seems she likes to keep her personal life as quiet as possible.

Caroline Renfro's Net Worth

Caroline Renfro has worked as a stage, film, and television actor, emcee, radio presenter, talent coach, producer, director, sound engineer, and blogger. Her outstanding career has allowed her to amass a net worth of more than $1 million.

Caroline Renfro taking mirror selfies with her makeup products.
Caroline Renfro taking mirror selfies with her makeup products. 
Source: Caroline Renfro's Instagram (@to_and_frohow

However, her net worth seems to be in the millions due to her devotion and hard work towards her job. As of 2021, The cute actress is enjoying a wealthy life, as shown by her frequent postings in beautiful settings. Because the celebrity is still active in the field, her net worth will rise shortly. Paige Howard has a net worth of over $17.1 million. She also earns a hefty salary from her many years of acting job.  

Caroline Renfro's Career

Caroline Renfro has amassed an outstanding CV that covers a variety of positions. She began her theatrical career by performing in many productions at CPCC Summer Theater, Children's Theatre of Charlotte, Charlotte's Off-Broadway, CAST, and Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

She worked as a courtside personality for the New York Knicks, and Charlotte Bobcats renamed the Charlotte Hornets and acting before becoming a talent coach for the latter. She then got a position at Radio Disney's AM 1480 station, where she worked as a producer and radio personality. 

Aside from that, the beautiful actress traveled the United States as a talent teacher, emcee, tour manager, and sound engineer for StarQuest International Dance Competitions. When she directed numerous plays for Hopewell High School, Appalachian Creative Theatre, and Piedmont Middle School, she added the title of director to her résumé. In 2015, the hardworking actress founded her own production business, FroShow Productions, with her friend Kim Ballard's, and a year later, she began writing her travel blog, To & FroShow. Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is one of the hard-working holly wood actresses.

Where Is Caroline Renfro Now?  How Time in Fuccillo Kia

Caroline Renfro rose to prominence in the United States after starring in local television advertisements for the Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral dealership. Billy Fuccillo, the dealership's owner, and actress Caroline Renfro became household names, particularly in Southwest Florida, due to their eight-year promotion of the Kia dealership. 

As a result, it's no surprise that fans have been wondering about Renfro since the talented actress started to less appear in new advertisements. When questioned about Caroline's absence, Fuccillo first claimed that she was on vacation; nevertheless, he subsequently admitted that Renfro quit without specifying why and searched for a new promotional sidekick. Renfro has lately shifted her attention to her travel blog, To & Fro Show.

Acting and Collaboration With Billy Fuccillo

Caroline Renfro's first television appearance came in 2008 when she was featured in the NEWP Sketch Comedy Show. She has appeared in several television shows and films shot in and around her hometown throughout the years. She has been in ABC's Secrets & Lies, Showtime's Homeland, and HBO's Infliction. On the other hand, Caroline is most known to the general public for her long-term connection with Billy Fuccillo's auto dealerships.

Caroline Renfro with Billy Fuccillo.
Caroline Renfro with Billy Fuccillo.
Source: Caroline Renfro's Instagram (@to_and_frohow

Billy Fuccillo, the owner of several car dealerships in New York and Florida, hired Renfro to appear in one of his commercials, but what was supposed to be a one-time engagement turned into an eight-year partnership in which the two appeared in hundreds of television commercials, as well as banners, billboards, and online ads. Renfro resigned in 2017 and her position was later taken up by McKinzie Roth.

Wiki- bio

Caroline Renfro was born in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1981. Her father's name is Taylor Renfro, and her mother's name is Diana Renfro. She spent her youth in a Dilworth home. Clara Renfro, her sister, is also a blessing. The hard-working is a former criminology student in college with a background in law enforcement. 

The beautiful actress dropped out of college before graduating. She became interested in performing throughout her adolescence and began working in the entertainment business after graduating from college. She donated to the Charlotte Children's Theater. She then worked for Radio Disney and was ultimately selected as the company's promotions manager. In 2009, she began her acting career by appearing in Kia automobile ads. The talented actress continued her path of appearing in commercials and advertising campaigns. She is also a well-known sound engineer/designer.

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