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Makeup Artist
Sun Oct 31 2021
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Carrie Angland is a well-known makeup artist in the industry. She worked as a makeup artist on several films during her career. Angland is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry, especially among directors.

The talented lady's work has been featured in more than 35 films. Many stars and actresses consider her to be their favorite makeup artist. Let's find out more about Carrie's personal life and her career in the section below.

Who Is Carrie Angland's Husband?

Carrie Angland prefers to keep her personal life out of the public view, as she has said. Her marital status is a well-guarded secret among her friends and family.

The makeup artist has not yet shared any of her personal information on any social media platforms where she is active. Carrie does not have a social media account of any kind. She seems to desire to keep as much of her personal life as Angland can hide her from the public eye.

How Much Is Carrie Angland's Net Worth?

Carrie Angland has a long and illustrious career in the field of makeup artistry. She undoubtedly amassed substantial wealth, most of which originated from her professional artistic work. Carrie's estimated net worth is believed to be $200,000. In comparison, American make-up artist Samantha Speno has a net worth of $1 million. 

Carrie Angland is doing the makeup of Rachel Roberts.
Carrie Angland is doing the makeup of Rachel Roberts.
Source: Rachel Roberts's Instagram (@realrachelroberts)

Angland, despite her seeming affluence, wishes to live a quiet life in a rural setting. However, since the facts of her assets and obligations are still being analyzed, estimating her exact net worth is proving to be challenging.

The talented makeup artist worked as a makeupmakeupmakeupmakeup artist on more than 35 films over her career. She worked on various films, including Sully (2006), Last Holiday (2004), The Forgotten (2003), Bad Santa, and others.


Carrie Angland's actual birthdate is unknown. She kept her information secret from the public eye. Angland's mother's name is Aggie Murch, and her father's name is Walter Murch. Angland's father is an American film editor, director, writer, and sound designer. With a career spanning over fifty years dating his early work back in 1969, for many, the 78-year-old is the Godfather of Modern movie sound.

The makeup artist is one of three siblings, consisting of two sisters and a brother. The actress's sister is Beatrice Murch, her brother is director Walter Slater Murch, and her niece is Connie Angland. Walter Tandy Murch and Katharine Murch are the names of her paternal grandparents.

Connie Angland is a puppeteer and costume designer that works behind the scenes in Hollywood. She worked in the seaming and patching department at Cinovation Studios on the Man in Black trilogy, a box office success.

Carrie Angland's sister Connie Angland.
Carrie Angland's sister Connie Angland.

Angland's aunt's name is Louise Tandy Schablein, and she lives in the United Kingdom. Being a daughter of a renowned figure, one can assume that she had a good childhood and received a good education from her parents.

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