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Fri May 05 2023
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Casey Beane is famous as the daughter of Billy Beane, a retired baseball player associated with Oakland Athletics as the Executive Vice President. Her father is a legendary figure in baseball, and even non-baseball fans understood his greatness when they saw the film Moneyball based on his life.

The movie Moneyball also had Casey's character, due to which she became a part of a popular rumor. The song her character sang in the film was so loved that some people thought she was a singer in real life. However, she isn't a professional singer as many people assumed or hoped she would be.

Casey Beane Is A Daughter Of Billy Beane And Cathy Sturdivant

Casey Beane is the daughter of Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant. Sturdivant is Billy's first wife. The two had exchanged their wedding vows on February 1, 1986. It's a shame they are no longer together because their love story seemed perfect. 

Cathy Sturdivant has a blonde hair as she is smiling for the camera in this picture.
Casey Beane's mother, Cathy Sturdivant (Source: Yawam)

Sturdivant has known Casey's father, Billy since they were kids. The exact date and age of their seeing each other the first time remain a mystery. But the fact that he stayed loyal to her despite all the money and fame for so many years tells you that Casey's parents genuinely loved and cared for each other.

What Is The Net Worth Of Billy Beane's Daughter?

Billy Beane's daughter Casey Beane has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. She is not a celebrity like her father, and she is also not involved in the job of entertaining people. She works in finance, which is believed to be around investments.

Casey's father, Billy Beane, net worth is $20 million, which he amassed from his successful baseball career. The former Oakland Athletics outfielder is still making loads of money thanks to his position as Executive Vice President at the same club. His annual salary is believed to be $3 Million. He would be much richer had he accepted that famous Red Sox deal of $12.5 Million in 2002.

Billy Beane's Daughter Casey Beane Moneyball Story & Song

Billy Beane's daughter, Casey's song from Moneyball became so popular that some people started to believe that she wrote the song. However, the song in the film wasn't written by her but by an Australian singer called Lenka, and the song wasn't written particularly for the film.

Casey Beane can be seen smiling as she is playing the guitar.
The famous scene from Moneyball where Casey Beane sings the song (Source: Jawad Khan YouTube Channel @jawddd)

In the film Moneyball, which is based on her father's life, there is a scene where in the film where Casey's character plays a song for her father while playing guitar. This beautiful moment touched people's hearts, and they wanted to learn about it.

The Oscar-nominated film Moneyball was based on a novel of the same name written by Michael Lewis. Casey's character was played by Kerris Dorsey, whereas her father, Billy, was played by Shilon Joile-Pitt's father, Brad Pitt.

Casey Beane's Relationship Status

As of now, Casey Beane has no man in her life and is completely focused on making her career. She is also a private woman and stays away from the media, so it's hard to learn about her personal life.

Similarly, Casey's father, Billy, is also away from social media, so the chance of learning a bit about his daughter through it is also gone. She hasn't said anything regarding her single relationship status to the media. 

Billy Beane Rejected The Red Sox's Offer For His Daughter

Yes, the Baseball legend Billy Beane rejected the Red Sox deal for Casey Beane. In what is regarded as one of the most shocking moments in American baseball history, Billy rejected a $12 Million deal from the Sox in 2002. He rejected such a huge offer and chose to stay in Oakland so that he could spend time with his daughter.

Billy Beane is posing with the bat as he is on his Oakland Athletics jersey.
Casey Beane's father, Billy Beane, during his playing days for Oakland Athletics. (Source: The New York Times) 

Billy may have wasted a chance to make a lot of money, but he sure earned the respect of baseball fans for his loyalty and for prioritizing family over money. He talked about it while speaking to NBC Sports and said he has no regrets about this decision. He is still involved with Oakland Athletics long after retiring as the club's Executive Vice President.

Education Qualification

Casey studied at Kenyon College; however, the information on what she studied remains a mystery. She made her career in finance, so we can only assume that her degree may have also been in finance.

Casey could have taken the easy route of her father's fame for her benefit and made a career out of it. But instead, she chose to stand on her own feet, which is commendable. Rejecting the Red Sox deal to be around his daughter surely was the right choice for Billy, as his daughter has been raised well.

Casey Has Siblings From Her Father's Second Marriage

Casey has step-siblings from her father's second marriage to Tara Beane. She was the only child from Billy's first marriage, but he shares twins with his wife, Tara. Casey has a step-brother, Brayden Beane, and a step-sister, Tinsley Beane.

Casey Beane is standing on the right of Billy Bean, and Tara Beane at the left, as they are wearing all black.
Casey Beane with her father, Billy Beane, and her stepmother, Tara Beane, at the Oscars (Source: Gadgetswright)

The twins Brayden and Tinsley were born on January 4, 2008. Billy and Tara took their time before finally deciding to have kids, as the two had walked down the aisle in 1999. Like Casey, her siblings have also stayed away from the limelight, and the parents haven't disclosed much about their kids.

Casey's Grandfather Was In The Military

Casey's grandfather, Bill Beane, was part of the military and served as a lieutenant commander in the Navy. He was a disciplined man and had a huge role in helping his son Billy become the man he is today. Both father and son share the same name, and Bill's father also has the same name.

Casey's father said while speaking to Cohn Zohn for The Press Democrat that he is Bill III, his father II, and his grandfather I. Besides serving the country, he also helped set up computer networks in San Diego.

Casey's grandpa is that he was the one who introduced Billy to baseball. Bill had a huge part in helping his son get into baseball. Casey's father developed a love for the sport because of her grandpa, and the rest is history.

How Did Billy Change Baseball Forever?

Billy is respected for changing baseball forever, and he did so in 2002 by playing for the Oakland Athletics. It is when he left a mark on the sport. They had a weak squad compared to the other teams, and with the limited budget, they were on the way to having an awful season.

That is until Billy introduced a new approach to recruiting players. He used maths and statistics to discover undervalued players. After that, he signed them instead of going after already established big names of the game, who would have cost them a lot.

The result was that Oakland Athletics gave fans one of the most memorable seasons in baseball history. They won 103 games and even made history with 20 straight wins. Even rival fans had nothing but respect for this team.


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