Was Catherine Hawn Marriage Ended Up In Good Term?

Fri Apr 24 2020
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A hair salon receptionist, Catherine Hawn is known as the American partner. She is the former wife of legendary actor, singer, and comedian, Dean Martin. Born on June 7, 1917, as Dino Paul Crocetti died on December 25, 1995, at the age of 78. 

This former couple Hawn and Martin tied the knot in 1973 but has split their ways in 1976. So, let's take a sneak peek of their divorced life.

Got Divorced After Three Year of Union

Following the Dean's two divorces, Memories Are Made of This' singer re-marries Catherine Hawn on April 25, 1973. And she became the third wife of Dean. But the two have not shared much information on their wedding ceremony on the media.

 Dean adopted a daughter of Catherine, Sasha after Marriage
Image: Catherine Hawn's Kissing her late husband, Dean Martin
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But, due to some complications, this newly wedded couple split their ways after three years of their unity in 1976. While they did not have their own biological children, Dean adopted the daughter of Catherine, Sasha from her previous relationship.

For now, there is no record of any partnership for Catherine after getting divorced. Dean's widow may be enjoying her best single life in the early 1970s.

First Wedlock with Elizabeth Anne McDonald

Well, The Dean Martin Show' host was married three times. His first wife was Elizabeth Anne "Betty" McDonald, whom he got hitched on October 2, 1941. Born on July 14, 1922, she sadly left the world on July 11, 1989, at 67.

Dean Martin with his first wife, Elizabeth Anne McDonald
Photo: Dean Martin with his first wife, Elizabeth Anne McDonald
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The couple had three daughters, and a son from their marriage. On June 29, 1942, they welcomed their first-born son Stephen Martin (Craig), while on March 16, 1944, their second daughter Claudia Martin was born.

Their mid-born Barbara Martin (Gail) was born on April 11, 1945, while the last child Deana Martin (Dina) was born on August 19, 1948. Sadly, their daughter Claudia, an actress departed on February 16, 2001, due to breast cancer.

However, the couple separated in 1949 after being married for eight years, after welcoming their four children.

Second Partner, Jeanne Biegger

 The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast married for the third time to famous model Jeanne Biegger, on September 1, 1949, when Jeanne was 22. The event was held at Herman Hover's home in Beverly Hills, owner of Ciro's popular Hollywood nightclub.

Dean Martin with his second wife, Jeanne Biegger
Picture: Dean Martin with his second wife, Jeanne Biegger
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Similarly, during a New Year's Eve performance in 1949, the lovers fell in love. They had divorced on March 29, 1973, after 24 years of successful married life.

Further, the duo shared three children together from their lengthy nuptials. The kids named are Dean Paul Martin, born on November 17, 1951, Ricci James Martin, born on September 20, 1953, and Gina Caroline, born on December 20, 1956. Unfortunately, the duo lost their two sons, Dean Paul and Ricci. 

Dean Martin and  Jeanne Biegger's one Daughter and Two Sons
Caption: Dean Martin and Jeanne Biegger's one Daughter and Two Sons
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The youngest son Dean died in an Aviation accident and incident on March 21, 1987, at the age of 35, while Ricci died at the age of 62 on August 3, 2016. Even after calling it quits in 1973, Biegger and Martin remained in good health until his death on Christmas Day 1995 from respiratory failure.

Later, a model, Jeanne also dies on August 24, 2016, Wednesday at her Beverly Hills home due to cancer at 89.

Dean Martin, Dies in 1995 From Emphysema

In September 1993, Martin, a heavy smoker, had been diagnosed with lung cancer at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Two years later, he died Christmas Day on December 25, 1995, at the age of 78, due to an acute respiratory failure at his Beverly Hills home.

Martin's body was buried in the Los Angeles cemetery at the Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery. Today, he still considered a legendary television actor and stage artist.

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