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Sat Aug 05 2023
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Ceci Balagot is an upcoming and rising actor from the United States. He is popularly known for the role of Smackie in Girl Meets World. 

Besides acting, Balagot is an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community. He is seen marching and speaking for their rights and freedoms. Ceci who plays the non-binary character Frankie Stein in Monster High is non-binary in real life too.

Ceci Balagot Gender: Know 'Girl Meets World' actor Pronoun

Despite being assigned the female gender to Ceci at birth, Balagot continuously struggled with gender identity throughout childhood. Girls Meet World actors always knew he was a boy from her young days.

Ceci Balagot:

“I’ve probably known that I was trans since I was a really little kid and even though I didn’t have the words or the concept for it, I knew"

Ceci Balagot wearing Sweatshirt designe by his little brother.
Ceci Balagot wearing Sweatshirt designed by his little brother. Source: Instagram @cecibalagot

Balagot would google agender celebrities and transmasculine celebrities but he didn't find much about them. People were not open about LGBTQ+ back then. So, Ceci has now thought of becoming someone to look up to as she didn't have a role model while growing up.

Later, on March 18, 2021, Ceci took a brave turn and identified himself as transmasculine and non-binary. Now, Ceci Balagot uses the pronoun he/they. The use of "he/they" pronouns signifies that the person identifies with both masculinity and non-binary gender identities.

Balagot via his Instagram:

congrats! it’s a he/they! 🎉👼🏻🏳️‍⚧️

i finally love being trans and can see a future for myself. it’s just time :))

Ceci Balagot Is An Activist

Since a young age, Ceci Balagot has been part of marching and raising awareness on social topics. He is an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community and fights to speak for their rights like Lux Pascal.

Ceci Balagot is an activist for social problems.
Ceci Balagot is an activist for social problems. Source: Instagram @cecibalagot

Most of Balagot's social media posts are related to it. For instance, on March 9, 2018, he shared of Kathy on International Women's Day.

"Happy international women’s Day!! here’s a picture of Kathy Kozachenko who was the first openly gay candidate to successfully run for political office in the U.S."

Ceci has also explained that taking the role of Frankie in Monster High: The Movie was important for her. He hopes that as people see Frankie, they might understand that being non-binary is not a bad thing. 

Is Ceci Balagot Dating Now? Know His Relationship

Ceci Balagot's relationship status is single. Yes, he is not dating at the moment and definitely not married. Balagot has been focusing on his professional life lately and has no time to think about his romantic life.

Ceci Balagot with her friend.
Ceci Balagot with her friend. Source: Instagram @cecibalagot

Looks like Girl Meets World actor Ceci has not found someone to share his feelings yet. But, this has not bothered him. Balagot is seen rocking his single life. The rising star goes to many entertaining places and has fun till his heart is content.

How Old Is Ceci Balagot? Age, Parents & Early Life

The upcoming acting star, Ceci Balagot was born Cecilia Balagot on April 2, 2001, in Long Beach, California. Ceci shares his birthplace with Sara Calaway. As of now, he is currently in his early 20s terms of age.

Ceci belongs to a normal Christian family. His parents Ed Balagot and Carolyn Balagot are very supportive of the decision the American actor has taken about his gender. Speaking of parents, Balagot's father is Filipino and his mother is American.

Ceci Balagot's family picture including his parents and siblings.
Ceci Balagot's family picture including his parents and siblings. Source: Instagram @cecibalagot

Balagot had the dream of becoming a part of the showbiz industry from a very young age. Since a toddler, Ceci had started singing and dancing. And, the fact that the non-binary actor guest-starred in an episode of ER in 2008 shows his desire to be in the entertainment world.

Ceci graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in 2019 having studied at the Musical Theatre Conservatory. Following his graduation, Balagot is a full-time actor now.

Balagot Has Two Brothers

Yes, the Monster High: The movie actor, Ceci is not the only child of Ed and Carolyn Balagot. He has two siblings; brothers to be specific.

Ceci Balagot's brothers are Zac and Brendan Balagot. Are they transmasculine and non-binary like him? Probably not, the American actor has not talked much about her family life.

But one thing about Balagot's little brother is he is skilled at designing clothes. The American actor flaunted the sweatshirt which was designed by his little brother.

Ceci Balagot's Net Worth: Income, Real Estate & Properties

As the American actor Balagot is in the industry for more than a decade, how much did he earn? Well, Ceci Balagot's wealth is worth at least a million dollars.

Ceci Balagot in a stunning outfit.
Ceci Balagot in a stunning outfit. Source: Instagram @cecibalagot

Monster High: The movie actor Ceci is yet to disclose his net worth and real estate to the world. But based on the rich lifestyle, he displayed, one can say Balagot has some money in his bank account.

Ceci's primary income source is his acting career. Besides this, he has not talked about any other income-generating sources. Dear Evan Hansen, Girl Meets World, and Monster High: The Movie, are some of the commercially and critically accomplished movies of Balagot.

Ceci Balagot Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

At the time of birth, the rising actor Ceci Balagot was assigned the gender of female. Thus, he has the body structure of a female. In fact, Balagot identify himself as transmasculine and non-binary in 2021 only. So before that, he had long hair and a girlish look.

But now, Ceci has cut his hair short. His dressing style has changed and appears more like a boy. Speaking of physical stature, Balagot stands tall with a height of 5 ft i.e. 152 cm. Similarly, he has a lean body.




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