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Sat Nov 19 2022
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Chaka Azuri has made a name for himself even though he is still a kid. All thanks to her famous mom,  American singer Betty Wright. Wright is one of the most influential musicians of the 70s. 

Not just her but her father also comes from the music field. He is the son of Jamaican DJ King Sporty. Through this article, we will be trying to provide a bit of an insight into the life of the famous kid.

Little Info On His Mother's Illustrious Career

Betty Wright, whose real name is Bessie Regina Norris hails from Miami, Florida. There is a reason everyone calls her Miami's Queen of Soul. She is one of the most influential musicians of all time, which shows in her career.

Betty Wright performing at North Sea Jazz in 2012
Betty Wright performing at North Sea Jazz in 2012 (Source: YouTube)

She was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2021, and it's not surprising to see why. She has been nominated for the same awards six times. And won one in 1976 in Best Rhythm & Blues Song category for Where Is The Love.

How Much Did Betty Wright Make Through Her Career?

Chaka Azuri mother Betty Wright may be long gone, but she did leave a lot of wealth behind. Through her music works, Wright managed to generate a net worth of $5 Million.

Her music has been an enormous hit, with her song Clean Up Woman selling over six million copies globally. That song alone has helped her a lot to amass the money she made, as the song's success only boosted her career.

What Caused The Death Of His Mother

Chaka has to be one of the unluckiest children ever. At such a young age, he is deprived of the love of both his mom and dad. His mother, Betty Wright, lost her life to cancer at age 66. 

As per the 62nd Annual Grammy winner for Best Album notes, Steve Greenberg, who was good friends with Wright, had endometrial cancer for a while before succumbing to the disease.

Betty Wright in one of her photo shoots
Betty Wright in one of her photo shoots (Source: Spotify)

Tears came pouring in for the Let Me Be Your Lovemaker singer after the news of her passing came out. Musicians like Chaka Khan, Skip Marley, and Ledisi sent a lovely tribute to the woman while thanking her for inspiring them. 

As per IMDb, Wright started as a backup vocalist at just thirteen. She soon rose to fame in the 70s, thanks to her song, Clean Up Woman, which helped her massively to improve her career.

Wright Married Three Times

Chaka Azuri's father, King Sporty, is not the only man who has entered his mother's life. She had been married to two men before settling with King Sporty.

Her first marriage came to Jerome Mccray. They tied the knot in 1976 and ended their journey in 1981. She then found love in a man named Patrick Parker Sr. Their marriage didn't last long. The two were married from 1982 to 1983.

Then Chaka's father came into her life. She married him n 1985, and they worked their marriage till King Sporty's death on January 5, 2015. The Babysitter, singer Wright upon asked regarding her three marriages by the Sun-Sentinel, said:

I only intended to be married one time. But marriages are made, they don’t just happen. It takes two. Compassion, not passion, keeps a marriage together. You can’t stay in bed all day.

Chaka Has Lost His Father As Well

Chaka Azuri's father, DJ King Sporty, was one of the most celebrated musicians of his time. The man, apart from music, was also known for being a songwriter with over 400 songs he had written. That includes the iconic Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier.

Chaka Azuri's father DJ King Sporty
Chaka Azuri's father DJ King Sporty (Source: Wikipedia)

The Jamaican lost his life on January 5, 2015. He was 71 years old. He was admitted to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, which pronounced him dead. He is believed to have died of natural causes.

His Brother Was Killed

Chaka Azuri's family, with all the fame, money, and success they have managed to achieve, also has to be one of the most tragic families ever. As if Chaka's father and mother's death wasn't enough, his brother Patrick Parker has lost his life too.

Betty and DJ King Sporty died on the bed, but Patrick's death was far more cruel and disturbing. He was shot and killed on Christmas Day in 2005. 

As per the information Heavy published, which they had accessed from Jerry Mason's The Boogie Report, the death of Wright's son resulted from him getting into an altercation with two young men. This is what it said:

The Miami-Dade police say at some point Parker got into a fight with two men, Niaji Brown, 21, and Derrick Bryant, 18. When it was over, Parker lay dead, across the street from the hall at 1101 Opa-Locka Blvd, where the party was being held.

Wright Has Been Honored With A Street Name

You can tell you are an influential figure who impacted many lives if they named a street after you. Wright has been honored with a street called "Betty Wright Lane."

Betty Wright Lane exists in Liberty City. Its exact location is Northwest 14th Avenue from Northwest 62nd to 67th Street.

As per the news article by Marcine Joseph from NBC Miami on April 5, 2021, many people came for the unveiling of the street name. And it included Shoorah! Shoorah! Singer's daughter Namphuyo McCray. She was all praises for her mother at the event as she said:

For years to come, people will ride by and see Betty Wright Lane. They might ask, ‘Who is that?’ And somebody may answer. And they may look her up and find her life story and what she did. And it’s inspiring. You cannot look at the Betty Wright's story and not be inspired by that.

Betty & Her Problem With Music Sampling

Sampling is a common phenomenon. It is common among many music artists that they take the already existing song and use it as a sample for their songs. The After the Pain singer Wright used to hate that.

While sitting down to talk with Robin Young from Here & Now's, she let everyone know how she used to feel about the sampling and her current opinion. She said:

When it started out I hated it because they were going to the bank without me, and so after the legislature got a little more in order I realized we could all benefit from it.

However, she still hasn't ultimately bought the idea of sampling as she continued to say:

They're turning it into an art form but they're missing the actual picking up a guitar and the feel of the instrument. And putting their hands on a piano, they're going to miss that. So I'm just encouraging them to not only sample but to try writing.

Who Is Wright's Husband King Sporty?

King Sporty, whose real name is Noel George Williams, was born on September 19, 1943, in Portland, Jamaica. He made a big name in America after moving to Miami in the seventies, where he earned a name for himself as the pioneer of the reggae scene in Miami.

The cover of Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier King Sporty version
The cover of Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier King Sporty version (Source: Soundcloud)

The DJ is also known for his writing, as he wrote over 400 songs in his lifetime. His writing includes the iconic Buffalo Soldier. The song from Joshua Marley's grandfather Bob Marley. His famous works include Feel Good All Over, For Your Desire, and Concrete Jungle.


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