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Wed Mar 22 2023
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Chaneil Kular is a British actor and is one of the fastest-rising names in the entertainment industry. He is known for his role as Anwar Bakshi in the super-popular Netflix series Sex Education. His character is best friends with Mimi Keene's character, Ruby Mathews, in the show. 

The popular Netflix show has amassed a huge fan following, with the Sex Education's success being one of the reasons Netflix increased its UK production to $1 billion some time back. The show's season three gained over 55 Million viewers.

Relationship Status: Kular Is Single

Chaneil Kular is still looking to discover the love of his life, as the Sex Education actor is currently single. It hasn't been long since he started working as an actor, so he is focused on making his career.

Chaniel Kular is sitting on a rock.
Chaneil Kular on a trip to Cyprus (Source: Chaneil Kular Instagram @chaneilkular)

Kular is also a private man, and the records of his previous relationships (if any) are nonexistent. He is also a straight man, unlike Anwar Bakshi's character who plays in Sex Education. When he isn't working, he loves spending time with his friends. For now, the actor is single.

What Is Chaneil Kular's Net Worth?

Sex Education actor Chaneil Kular has an estimated net worth of $100,000 similar earnings as Anna McClung. It might not look much for an actor but bear in mind that he only started getting roles in the industry not too long ago. 

The most commercially successful project he has been involved with is Netflix's Sex Education, whose season 3 saw a viewership of more than 55 Million. The money he gets paid per episode of the show remains to be known, but, considering he is an important character, it's safe to assume he must have been paid well.

Body Measurements

Sex Education's Chaneil is well-built and keeps himself in good shape. He has a chest size of 39 inches (99 cm) and a waist of 29 inches(74 cm). His biceps measure 10 inches (25 cm). He has an average height of 5 Feet 7 Inches (170 cm) and a  body weight of 127 lbs (57 kg). Likewise American social media star, Jake Bentz also stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Chaneil Kular is topless in the picture and is on his swimming trunks.
Chaneil Kular partying in the pool with his friends (Source: Chaneil Kular Instagram @chaneilkular)

His shoe size is 7 (US). Being an actor, he needs to be health-conscious. And he does very hard on his body. But he isn't too strict with it as he also loves partying and having fun with his friends.

What Do We Know About Kular Parents?

Unfortunately, we don't know much about Kular parents as their information remains to be discovered. His parents are Indian, and it is known that they were living in the UK when Kular was born. But, it is yet to be known if they were born in the UK or had migrated to the land.

Kular father and mother live a private life, away from their son's fame. Their whereabouts and what they do for a living are not known yet. The Sex Education actor, Kular, is well-behaved, so it's safe to assume that his parents raised him well and taught him good values.

Loves Traveling

The Sex Education actor, Kular, loves to travel and discover new places. You will find a few pictures of him traveling to different places on his Insta page. He has been to countries like the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates.

Chaneil Kular is looking at the view from his hotel.
Chaneil Kular on a trip to Dubai (Source: Chaneil Kular Instagram @chanelikular)

Besides traveling to different countries, Chaneil loves swimming, jungle safari, and hanging out on beaches with his friends. He also loves nightlife and parties with his friends a lot.

Education Background

Kular, before entering films, was studying Theatre and Films at Bristol University. In an interview with DMY BY DMY, he said that his time at the University didn't last long, but he made some good friends and memories.

Kular is a Brummie, so it's no surprise he studied in Birmingham. He did his basic schooling at King Edward's School. King Edward's is an all-boys school located in Edgbaston, Birmingham. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, founded in 1552 by King Edward VI.

Kular's Role In Sex Education

Chaneil Kular plays the role of Anwar Bakshi in Sex Education and is one of the main characters in the show. The character of Bakshi is not liked by many, as the viewers find him very rude toward others. It shows Kular's acting prowess as he has convinced the viewers of the character he portrays.

But the role wasn't just given to Kular as he earned it. He had to go through the audition process and get the part. He has been involved with the show since season 1. Some of the highlights of his character in the show are his romance with Nick and friendship with Ruby, played by Mimi Keene.

Social Media Presence

Kular is on the internet, and you can find him on Instagram and Twitter. His Insta page and Twitter handle are @chaneilkular and @Chaneil_Kular, respectively. Kular also isn't an active social media user like many celebrities. 

Chaneil hardly posts new pictures on his Insta and tweets on his Twitter. He hardly ever tweets, and most of his Twitter pages are filled with retweets. If you want to learn more about his personal life, then Instagram is the way to go.

A Fan Of Football 

Kular is a huge fan of football, like almost everyone in England. He loves the beautiful game, but it is unclear which football team he supports. If you go through his Insta page, you will find some pictures of him wearing football team jerseys.

Some believe Chaneil could be an Arsenal FC supporter, as he has been spotted wearing an Arsenal jersey. He has also revealed that London is his favorite place to live worldwide, and the club is in the city.

Chaneil Kular is wearing an away kit that is white with some designs in red.
Chaneil Kular in an Arsenal Kit (Source: Chaneil Kular Twitter @Chaneil_Kular)

Others believe Kular could be a Birmingham FC supporter as he was born in West Midlands, but the region is also home to many other football clubs like Aston Villa, West Brom, Coventry City, and much more. 

Career Highlights

Kular has become a household name today thanks to his performance as Anwar Bakshi in Sex Education. But, this wasn't his first ever role. The 2018 show Doctors is his first-ever work, per his IMDb page. 

Kular played the role of Tariq Amiri in the show and acted in 18 episodes. Many didn't receive the BBC show well and had poor ratings on IMDb. Nevertheless, the show helped kickstart his career. 

Besides that, Chaneil has appeared in a few other shows. He had a brief appearance in Informer as the Pizza Delivery Boy and in Black Narcissus as Dilip Rai before landing his biggest-ever role through Sex Education. Learn about another Sex Education actor, George Somner.


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